JoJo Gives Shane a Makeover

Watch Shane become Shana in this live feed highlight

JoJo Gives Shane a Makeover

Things on the Big Brother Live Feeds have definitely mellowed out compared to last week.

Willie is out of the house, Frank is the HOH, two non-threats are up for eviction and the HGs are bored. So bored in fact, that JoJo convinced Shane to let her put make up on him. And do his hair.

Shane claims this the first time he’s ever had makeup on even though he did seem to know what to do with his lips and cheeks when JoJo was applying the blush.

“I feel like my testosterone levels are weakening minute by minute,” Shane said.

Don’t worry, Shane. JoJo’s man-painting skills aren’t that great. You ended up looking more glam rock than girl. Oh, and if you’re worried about using your man card, you might reconsider plucking your chest hair.

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  • Wendyeyes

    he waxes, not plucks