Video: Who Wore It Better, Frank or Ian?

Which HG looked best rocking their punishment attire?

Video: Who Wore It Better, Frank or Ian?

This week on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds, you probably saw some unusual business going down. And I’m not talking about Danielle’s delusions or a shocking blindside. You may have noticed Ian dressed as a dog and drinking out of a dog bowl while frank has been walking around in a lavender unitard with his “junk hanging out,” as he likes to say.

But which one wore it better? Was it Ian in his cute little dog costume or Frank in his ill-fitted “spirt-tard” fully-equipped with a cheerleading skirt and pom pons? Ian only had to wear his costume for 24 hours but Frank is stuck with it for the week. And he’s going to be sitting in the nominee chairs on Thursday’s eviction episode.

Ian embraced his dog costume but Frank has done nothing but complain about it and he’s only half-wearing it now. So this shouldn’t be a hard poll to take, unless you’re hot for Frank is his purple tights.

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  • CarterMorgan

    This was absolutely hilarious I can’t believe Ian actually gave up a vacation for a dog suit! I just signed up for the live feeds last weekend after a coworker at Dish told me about how much better they are and it was just in time! At this point I’m only watching the CBS broadcasts the day after they air with the Auto Hop on my Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime so that I can skip the commercials and get back to the live feeds as quickly as possible. This was probably one of the most entertaining weeks I’ve seen or read about and I can’t wait to see what else might happen!