Fan Recap Week Four Episode Two

Will Janelle get backdoored? Will fans revolt? Missy and Julie have some thoughts!

Fan Recap Week Four Episode Two

It’s Monday, and Missy and Julie are here to dish about all the weekend shenanigans in the Big Brother house!

First off, let’s talk about the newer, softer Janelle. What’s up with her game?

Julie says: “Janelle is not playing the game that she played in the first two seasons. She’s never been a flip-flopper. She’s never been so wishy-washy and turning on her new alliance. This is not the same Janelle that we’ve had in the Big Brother house in seasons 6 and 7.”

What do you think, Big Brother fans? Will Janelle get backdoored, or does she have the support to stay in the house?

On a lighter note, please discuss amongst yourselves:

  • Ian as a dog. (Degrading? Missy thinks so.)
  • Frank in the purple Spirit-tard. (Speechless!)
Now, let’s get to the Flashback times!
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 Flashback #1: Dan tells Danielle that he will sacrifice himself to go on the block to save her. Julie calls B.S. on this line! Dan is feeding Danielle’s insecurities and manipulating her to do what he wants. Is Dan the father figure Danielle is looking for in the house? Missy thinks it’s time for her to start playing the game for herself!

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Flashback #2: The original conversation when Boogie talks to Danielle about backdooring Janelle and forming the Avengers Alliance.

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Flashback #3: Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle discuss becoming Avengers with Boogie. Should they do it, should they not? They weigh the pros and cons.

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 Flashback #4: The would-be Avengers bring Ian on board to be the 5th member of their alliance. Julie’s not sure why they think they need Ian at this point, or if this would be a good move for him.

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Flashback #5: Britney and Dan sneak downstairs and talk about how to talk Danielle out of backdooring Janelle because they want to protect the coaches and keep them in the game — for now.

Needs Improvement

Danielle needs to wake up and smell the coffee! “Literally all weekend long I have wanted to reach through my TV and smack her!” says Julie. Missy points out that she DID just win HOH, so fans might not agree with Julie’s assessment.

 Most Valuable Player

Julie gives the MVP to Boogie this week. He pulled off some brilliant moves in the BB house this week — he did Dr. Will proud!

Missy thinks Jenn is the MVP this week because she’s not part of any alliance and doesn’t have a target on her back. Float on, Jenn, float on!

One Bold Prediction

If Frank stays on the block, Boogie‘s going to turn to the newbies.

If Frank goes up against Janelle, who goes home?

Julie says JANELLE.

Do you agree?


  • Larry Daley

    Did Dan have a big influence into letting Boogie con his way into the group? He acts pretty sketchy sometime, so this is why I ask. If it was all Boogie, then okay, I hate to admit it, he deserves the MVP. Because now, if he plays this right, all he has to do is just lay low and quietly manipulate both the Avengers and the non-Avengers.

    I just checked and Janelle has replaced Wil on the block. Britney, Danielle and Shane have made a big mistake by not taking out either Boogie or Frank. A perfect scenario for them now would be for Janelle, a non-Avenger, to go home, and then have one of her ex-players win HOH and take out an Avenger.

    If this isn’t all a hokes by Britney and Shane, then my pick to win, Frank, has squeaked by again. Yay!

    • Corndogger

      Dan and Brit tried to get the coaches to align for their own safety. Boogie came around and was willing to make a few sacrifices but Janelle would not give up anything. Boogie totally exposed Janelle for being a liar (her unnecessary lies have killed her this season) and Dan and Brit were left with no option but to work with Boogie. Amazingly, at the moment Boogie is more trustworthy than Janelle.

      • Larry Daley

        Thanks for the scoop. So it looks like Janelle has learned how to play Boogie’s game (LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE), but then she didn’t know when to pull back. Whatta NOOB!

      • Wildinvegas

        Yeah, looks like Janelle’s smear campaign strategy backfired. Even though i was kinda miffed by her technique this year, i thought she did a good job keeping all her players in the game. However, it now seems cutting ties down to 1 with ‘sub alliances’ is the popular choice.

  • DaBa

    Maybe Ian’s dog costume was inspired by Robin’s outfit in The Glass House:

  • Corndogger

    Dani needs improvement?! Wow, “needs improvement” is Janelle. Dani has been doing a good job of implementing Dan’s lessons. She’s not perfect but she definitely doesn’t deserve the abuse and hatred being thrown at her.

    She also shouldn’t be blamed for Janelle being on the block. Anyone with the feeds knows that she wasn’t even in the room when the major deal making was going down. She would have had to screw Dan big time to nix the deal he made with Boogie and Frank.

    People are also misreading Dan’s intentions concerning Dani as far as I’m concerned. When he made the deal with Boogie and Frank he clearly told them not to touch Dani, Brit or Shane. Dan will protect her. Dani is Dan’s Memphis not Keesha.

  • Davidmrgn155

    Classic boogie and Dan showing why they are in a class of their own gameplay wise. True all stars. How is chill town still working!?! I wish they would take these weeks to get out the jen, joes, and Ashley’s of the game though that offer virtually nothing. I would hate to see Janelle go out like this but I enjoy seeing great gameplay. It’s just to early, I don’t want it to end up like last season were all the good players get taken out early and it gets boring at the end