Live Feeds Show Schedule for Season 14!

SuperPass live show schedule - chat with former houseguests about BB14!

Live Feeds Show Schedule for Season 14!

I know I don’t have to tell you, but around here we are all excited and anxious for the new season of Big Brother to kick off! The SuperPass team has been hard at work planning some GREAT live shows for you this season which include past Big Brother houseguests. Chat with your favorite houseguests about the very show you cannot get enough of! Got your calendar handy? Because here’s the scoop!

RUMOR CONTROL” with Dani Donato, Rachel Reilly and Janelle Pierzina!

Join Dani Donato, Rachel Reilly and Janelle Pierzina for all the preseason BB rumors, gossip and speculation! If you watched last year, you KNOW that anything can happen on this show. Chat about the new Big Brother 14 house, the twists, and the new houseguests with three amazing ladies who have lived it – and kicked ass at it!

Big Brother Rumor Control with Daniele and Rachel on SuperPass


Monday, July 2nd at 3pm PST/6pm EST (Dani & Rach)

Tuesday, July 10th at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST (Dani & Rach)


Big Brother Rumor Control with Janelle and Rachel on SuperPass



Friday, July 6th at 3pm PST/6pm EST (Rach & Janelle)



“RANTS & ROARS” with Matt Hoffman and Adam Poch

This show has the best of both worlds!
The smartass Mr. Matt Hoffman of Big Brother 12 will begin the show with a “rant” and will take on fans who want to debate him. In true HeadofHOFF form, he’ll have the ability to dump your ass off the show if you’re snarky enough or stray off the topic, so be prepared to talk Big Brother strategy! Bring your A-game!
After Matt’s has gotten his latest rant off his chest, Big Brother 13′s Adam Poch will join in the show. The two will duke it out for a few minutes before Heavy Metal Teddy takes over and discusses (roars!) about the latest Big Brother drama with fans for the duration of the show.

Big Brother Rants and Roars with Adam and Matt on SuperPass



Tuesdays starting on July 17th at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST



“HAPPY HOUR” with Ellen, Missy & Spicy

Join Missy, Spicy and new SuperPass host Ellen, for this laid back show where we throw back cocktails while talking everything Big Brother! This fun, high energy, and sometimes catty show is where we discuss current happenings, controversies, and all the hot topics happening on the Big Brother live feeds. So grab your Happy Hour cocktail or umbrella drink and belly up to the bar!

Big Brother Happy Hour on SuperPass



Thursdays at 3pm PST/6pm EST starting July 12th




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  • Paco G

    can’t wait for Rumor Control on Monday

    • Irishgemmm

      My guess is Chelsia is going Back in the house!!!!!!! Since she works for superpass, she could keep mentioning the feeds and bring in a lot of exposure. I see her being a mentor.

  • Michelle Jones

    My schedule has been cleared accordingly. Now please make Monday hurry up and get here.

  • Corndogger

    Your times for the east coast are all one hour too early. There’s a *3* hour difference between PT and ET.

  • Corndogger

    Also, is there not supposed to be a Rumor Control with Rachel and Janelle on July 6?

  • Nicole

    what happend to Chelsia on happy hour

    • Heather

      whats up with that

      • Naomi

        i think she said last year that she was going to do more behind the scenes stuff instead of in front of the camera

    • Chelsia Hart

      I’ll come on some of the shows! I’m going to host the Rumor Control with Janelle & Rachel on July 6.

  • Ryan

    no chelsia?? :(

    • Tony Robinson

      yep that what I was thinking too =(

  • Weston

    Will Chelsia not be hosting this season?

    • Ermagirl

      I hope not she sucked

  • Andrew Sloan

    If the mentor twist is actually true, Janelle, Rachel and Daniele should be in the house, but I guess they’re not :O

  • Dee

    Will BB 14 new cast be revealed before premiere show?

  • Jaym

    I just wanna point out…. The whole “mentor twist” that everyone is talking about, while I don’t necessarily believe that it is true, the source seems to have Janelle 100% confirmed as a mentor but Superpass has her hosting an episode of “Rumor Control” a few days after she would have been sequestered….
    BUT I just want to remind everyone that IF she does appear on Rumor Control on July 6th, that doesnt necessarily prove the mentor rumer wrong… Dani hosted an episode (or maybe two?) from sequester last season to try to keep the Dynamic Duo a secret.

    On another note… if these “mentors” are in fact just mentors and not actual players, they may not necessarily need to be sequestered 10-12 days early like the other players, they may not even be needed until the HG’s actually enter the house…. just food for thought.

    Again, I don’t completely believe these rumors, I’m just saying it’s hard to completely rule them out yet. Esp coming from a very reputable Survivor spoiler… but.. who knows!!

    • Skyler

      House guests move into the BB house on the 7th so I could see her doing that from sequester. But if we hear or see her baby then we know it’s false… (But I really want it to be true!)

    • Mike

      The “mentor’s” don’t need to go into sequester since they won’t actually be competing to win (but the house guests won’t know that part)

  • Kelvin

    what exactly is the “mentor twist”?

    • TruthTeller

      there is no such thing as a “mentor twist” since the show hasn’t started yet.

  • chellelynn2

    What ever the Twist is …. We cant wait till the show starts!

  • Paco G

    Did anyone see the leaked photos of the BB house?

  • Zetuff


  • Mike Perry

    I don’t believe the Janelle rumor being a New mom no way shes leaving the baby

  • Kaytee Young ♥bbfan♥

    After July 9th all the shows start like right when i get out of school. looks like im chillin at school after class haha. I’m pumped, let’s go already! :D

  • KimG805

    What? No Regan, Chelsia or Kevin this year? Bummer. Love Matt ,but Adam sucks. Why not Matt and Regan? That’s something I would look forward to. Adam not so much. Just keeping my fingers crossed that the Rachel mentor rumor is false. What is she the new Jessie for Alison?

  • Paco G

    less than 6 hours till Rumor Control, can’t wait

  • Rnawilliams

    Never having watched the big borther show, just wondering how I seem to know all the contestants from this season?? Do you never cast anyone else and aren’t your viewers tired of the same old same old??

    • HoH8

      OMG..are u a mind reader???….the BB14 cast Has Not been Revealed yet…it will be revealed in 2 days on July 5th….☺….

  • Hannah Abbott

    Why would YOU have the STD pig rachell be part of these feeds? She’s nothing but a street walking ho and should not be forced upon us. . . .thanks

  • Maria

    I have a Big Brother fan from the get go, but this is my first season with the live feeds!!! Any tips or suggestions for getting the most out of the experience?????

    • Maria


    • HoH8

      First of all…the Live Feeds are NOT 24 hrs a day….you will see more non-feeds then the feeds itself… whenever there is a comp, a cerm and especially on Thurs with the Live show there will NO feeds at all…..u gonna see lots of Fish and Trivia games…..

      now for the good part of the Feeds…they have a feature called the “FlashBack”…where u can go back to anything that happened good that u missed….just find the day and time and camera and ur good to see it and not miss anything great….good luck maria with the feeds…☺…

    • TruthTeller

      I would suggest jumping around the chat rooms and don’t be afraid to share any and all of your opinions about everything bb related, in the chat rooms. That’s what they are for. Some of them can get really ‘heated’ but its still a lot of fun, especially during the black outs. A little tip; on the nights of a live show, log into supperpass several hours before the start of the live show on the east cost, to insure you can get in and stay in. Those times when the HOH competition continues after the live show ends, causes a big rush to get on which jam up the process and can delay you getting in. So to make sure you get a good seat, log in early.

      As for superpass’s “original” content… Don’t put a lot of stock into any of them. No matter which show it is (they’re all the same thing), you can count on lots of technical problems, lots of sound issues, lots of lost skype feeds, and lots of begging from the host for people to call in. Plus, listing to strategic game-play commentary from past players like Keith, Lawon, Adam, Andrew, Annie, Kristen, Lydia, Chima, Jessie, Steven, April, Michelle C., Sheila, Jen, Parker, Kail, or Zack is about as exciting as a root canal. Don’t waist your time.

      • Realitynation

        Eeek do you remember our live shows three years ago? We know the shows are not perfect, but damn!

    • Reality Nation

      Clear your calendar… lol

  • BBluverlady

    Not happy to see Spicy Pants hosting with Missy. I thought she did a terrible job with the backyard interviews. Her questions or lack of were disappointing to say the least. Doesn’t look like I’ll be watching any of the shows…just live feeds.

    • Reality Nation

      Sorry you feel that way.

    • Tony Robinson

      I like Spicy, but don’t think she a good interviewer as well.

    • bernie

      i agree. spicy is bland

  • LanieLou

    Anyone know if these shows will be available on playback? 3 & 6pm don’t work for me.

    • joanne

      check Hulu they might have the shows you will miss

  • LisaLu

    Are you guys dropping the guest host contest you were doing? You said you’d announce the winners on Reality Nation but still nothing?? I have a friend who applied who I know would be great… Just waiting to see who the chosen are, if there are any? I love your live shows, btw!

  • Sand

    Is anyone/anywhere going to post the video of the Rumor Control from Friday July 6, 2012 with Janelle and Rachele? If so…when?

  • Tony Robinson

    I will miss seeing Chelsia, because she gave a inside look on what some of the house guest might be thinking while in the house. They really need to get another past Big Brother guest to be a part of this show, because that really the only way we can get the true insider of what the house guest might be feeling or thinking.

  • Princessda

    Nasty Mike Bogey? Really? ughhhhh. We here refer to him as “Jack in the Box”. And he knows why. And true bb fans will know why too. ick ick ick

  • Krolljanice4

    when do the live feeds start? i am patiently waiting

  • otta

    Where is Chelsia?

  • coach

    does anyone know when the live feeds will start???

  • Joseph M Castille

    is live feed working

  • Jeanine

    Is anyone watching the Live Feed on a Mac or phone???

  • Joseph M Castille

    whats up with live feed

  • joycee

    yeah when>?????????????????????????

  • Aliyah nasser

    Is anyone getting the live feed yet??? It’s 1:13 am