Fan Recap Week Four Episode Three

Janelle is on the block and it's a game-changer! Missy and Austin are here for you.

Fan Recap Week Four Episode Three

Happy Hump Day, Big Brother fans! There is a major game-changer that Missy and Austin can’t wait to talk about today — so let’s get to it!

What We’ve Learned

  • Danielle used the veto and removed Wil from the block and replaced him with Janelle
  • Did Danielle get bullied by Janelle?
  • Why does Frank keep getting nominated?
  • Boogie has gone on the record saying Frank is filling his Dr. Will void. Hmmm…
  • The HGs are getting sick of Joe. His cooking is getting on their nerves!
  • Big Brother seems to be plying the HGs with plenty of alcohol this season. What is this, The Bachelor?!

Moving on:

FB1 080812

Flashback #1: Danielle explains to Wil the plan to use the veto to save him. He’s a little surprised she’s going to use that on him.

FB2 080812

Flashback #2: Danielle and Ashley talking about voting out Janelle, and the different scenarios that might happen. Are we surprised to see Ashley turn on her coach?

FB3 080812

Flashback #3: Joe suggests yet another alliance to Ashley. He wanted it to be Joe, Ian, Ashley and Jenn.

FB4 080812

Flashback #4: Shane is lying to Janelle, telling her the house is voting to keep her, and that he is as well. LIE.

Needs Improvement

Janelle is Austin’s pick for improvement. She played the game a little too hard while coaching. Her fakeness and transparency has been a turn-off for people. If she survives eviction, she needs to work on loyalty.

Will we ever get the old Janelle back, the one America knows and loves? What do you thinkl

Most Valuable Player

Finally, Danielle is living up to Austin’s early expectations! “She’s really impressing me. She impressed me during the endurance competition. She is rocking it right now.”

However, Missy feels Danielle is still not playing her own game, and that may be her downfall. She needs to cool it with the Shane-chasing and grow up!

One Bold Prediction

Austin: “My gut is telling me Janelle is going to survive the eviction. I don’t see her getting out this easily.”

What do you think, BB fans? Do you agree that Janelle has some life left in her yet?

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  • Jim Fowler

    I stopped watching the feeds this week. I have become entirely disappointed by Dan and his actions. I also have turned my impression of Danielle to one of dislike. And according to a lot of the blogs I am not alone. Her unnecessary lies have surprised many. Even having lied to Dan. As I say I see on a lot of the blogs the same changed attitude as I have about Danielle. She has gone beyond the HOHitis that is common.

    I dont really understand the most recent change in attitude about the person to vote out. They seem to have forgotten the reason they initially changed from voting Janielle out to going back to voting Frank out. Janielle has never gone against them, and Boogie/Frank has. Janelle has lied true, but let the first person who hasnt step forward (Oh, Ian is standing all by himself.) And the person behind the change has been Dan. Boogie has snowed him completely. I thought Dan was smart enough to realize he needed to keep both Boogie and Janelle in the game to provide a buffer for him. I sense he has signed his own eviction notice.

    And I dont even want to see the DR’s on the show this week. Boogie is going to be unbearable. I never liked the Chilltown DR’s, and this is going to be so much moreso.

    • laura

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. The only exception is that I am still sticking it out, watching the feeds…..hoping something, ANYTHING will happen. (Danielle has annoyed the hell out of me ALL week..ugh.)

    • Larry Daley

      Yeah, that was the part I picked up on too, why did Dan say that he wanted the buffer, but then go after Janelle. What a crock. The way he’s acting, he’s either in love or afraid of Boogie. But who knows, this might be good for his game. We’ll see.

  • Larry Daley

    I thought your “void hmmm” was funny, but you never know…

    HA, BB’s gonna need a hell of a lot of alcohol for this cast. What they should do is tell Joe to stop putting the Ambien in their meals.