Live FeedsT-Shirts Are In!

New Live Feed T-shirts plus Giveaway

Live FeedsT-Shirts Are In!

Good news BB fans, WE’RE GIVING AWAY T-SHIRTS! That’s right, our new Big Brother Live Feeds t-shirts are in, and we want you to have one!

How do you win a t-shirt, you ask? It’s easy – all you have to do is follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or call-in during one of our live shows on SuperPass!

Here are your choices:

Big Brother Live Feed Shirts on SuperPass






Big Brother Live Feeds on SuperPass in blue, pink, and black!


Reality Nation T-shirt









Reality Nation presented by SuperPass in purple!


  • Launa

    I want one!! I got my green one signed in Vegas!!

  • Becca aka G~Boooo

    Love the pink!! Can’t wait to get one!!

  • Margaret

    Alot of great colors I hope to win a purple one!!!

  • Val

    I’m dig’n the black! Great job!

  • Kassie

    Love it cant wait. Purple and the black one are the ones I like.

  • liz bocchetti

    hey guys love the new t-shirt i only hope i cant win one this year …great colors you picked chelsia …..i would love a blue one to go with my superpass mug i got you guys on happy hour great job …

  • Alicia

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pinkone!!!!

  • Kim Martin

    Love the new shirts…hope I can wn one!!!

  • Supermom

    I like the HOT PINK t shirts for the HOT BB GIRLS.
    And the BLUE t shirts for the boys, for the BLUE BALLS guys get watching the HOT BB GIRLS ……lol
    ***Please send me 1 too…….xoxo********

  • Renee Textor (my_tweet)

    Would LOVE a new shirt! Can’t wait for BB to start, thanks for all you do!

  • Michele from da Bronx

    They are sweeeeet!!

  • http://FaceBook Kim Kamensky

    I love the blue one! 13 more days!!!!!!

  • http://bigbrotherfacebook cheryl duke

    i like the blue one hope to get one cant wait to show off my shirt to everyone

  • Jaym

    Yay! They look great… can’t wait for contests to win them!! :)

  • Tracy

    i love the pink and blue ones. Great job!

  • Vickie

    I would take any Color at All. But black is least of my fav. I have Live Feeds woohoo. I gave Questions For the Houseguest Tooo.. So hurry up July 7th…

  •!/89razorskate20 o8kawasaki20

    Kickass The T-shirts!
    This Is Going To Be A Great Season on Superpass!

  • http://Facebook Denise Hoyle

    I like the blue ones . I can not wait till Thursday.