Live Shows on SuperPass

Live Shows on SuperPass

Just because Big Brother is over, doesn’t mean SuperPass is! We have a bunch of fun live chats and live shows planned post-Big Brother.

Here’s our schedule so far:

9/29 at 3p.m. PT Survivor: Redemption Recap with David Murphy from Survivor 22!

9/29 at 6p.m. PT Live Chat with Daniele and Kalia from Big Brother 13!


10/5 at 3p.m. PT Weighing In with Suzy Hoover & Courtney Crozier along with the first evicted BL12 contestant!

10/5 at 5p.m. PT Live Chat with Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan

10/6 at 3p.m. PT Survivor: Redemption Recap with TBA

10/6 at 6p.m. PT Live Chat with Jeff and Jordan

10/7 at 3p.m. PT Live Chat with Brendon and Rachel

10/8 at 12p.m. Meet & Greet with Brenchel & JeJo in Seattle *Waiting to confirm* 

10/12 at 3p.m. PT Weighing In with Suzy Hoover & TBA

10/13 at 3p.m. PT Survivor: Redemption Recap with Yau-Man!

10/14 Live from the Reality Rescue in Glen Allen, VA!

Check out our video for Couples Week on SuperPass:




  • Jenerrific713

    I thought you were doing some type of game show thing with JJ/Brenchel? Any date on that? TIA ❤

    • Hallcasey2370

      have u heard anything reguarding this. i extended my superpass cuz they told me they were having the same thing and that they were gonna have a week of couples in the house brenchal and j/j so just wondering why ive never seen this or gotten any info about it thnx

      • Jenerrific713

        Chelsia mentioned in the Brenchel interview yesterday that JJ/Brenchel taped something while in Seattle that will be put up on Superpass next week. I think it might have been a touch football game or something… not exactly sure. Check back sometime after 10/10/11. Hopefully they’ll announce it on Twitter too. Should be good and Chels said it was a very close competition.

        • Harrison1116

          can you please tell me, Jenerrific713, how you got to the post season interviews that were held previously with JJ/Brenchel, etc. I logged into Superpass and went to the same screen I
          went to to watch the BB live feeds, but when I went there to try to watch the interview(s), there was just a list of the upcoming events and I couldn’t figure out how to actually get to the event itself. Can you email me at pleazzz…… I have been trying to figure this out since early October. :(

  • glenda

    Please be sure to have “separate” interviews with J/J and R/B…

  • Klpritchet

    I was really looking forward to this event, but seeing how you have allowed other previous HG to trash talk J/J in your interviews with no back up from you (they did win your poll of who people wanted to see), now not so much, may cancel the feeds after two years.

  • MakeTheBed

    Klpritchet: You sound like a whiny little bitch. “Nobody talks badly about Jeff & Jordan and gets away with it! I’m cancelling my subscription! WAH!” Well guess what… not everyone likes Jeff & Jordan. Superpass is NOT ALL ABOUT THEM.

    • Jenerrific713

      It’s not? :)

      • Harrison1116

        I thought it was too.

  • MakeTheBed

    What I would REALLY like to see is Jeff being called out about how disloyal he was to Brendan & Rachel. He threw the veto comp. that sent Brendan home. They didn’t vote for Brendan to stay. Rachel said in the backyard, “Worst alliance ever” and Brendan agreed. There doesn’t need to be any fighting, but I would really like to hear what Brenchal think now that they know the truth, and if Jeff is willing to apologize and concede that all his chest pounding, talking about “honor and loyalty” and all that shit, was no better than anyone else’s gameplay.


      Jeff did try 2 get Adam 2 vote for Brendon over shelly

    • AL

      just because someone throws a competition, it does NOT mean that they would have won. that is just ridiculous to assume that he would have won that comp.

    • Jenerrific713

      Brenden and Rachel had already toyed with the idea of backdooring Jeff the week Dom left so both sides exhibited little signs of disloyalty. It took Brenda and Jordo to calm them down and reigned them in. I’m sure they’ve all moved on…if things had gone any differently, Rachel probably wouldn’t have won so I doubt Brenchel are hurting over it. lol

    • Cubbi

      if jeff would have won the veto and took brenden off they would have put jordan up and she would have went home. so why would he have used the veto on him?

    • BitterBananasRfunny

      I hope you saw the interviews Thursday and Friday night with Brenchel and JJ, they talked about it. Brennen has a very good attitude about everything. He knows if things hadn’t played out exactly as they did, Rachel probably wouldn’t have won. Jeff explained it all during JJ’s interview too. It’s nice to see JJ/Brenchel have such a healthy attitude about the game and the players. As opposed to the bitter bananas on the other side of the house that are STILL bashing HG’s in interviews a month after the game ended. Sad, really.. I hope they’re able to move on eventually. All that bitterness and resentment will cause premature wrinkles. :)

  • Mar00601

    i hope each couple have there own day to chat, cuz i only want to see JEJO chat, dont want to see brenchal

  • Missy

    Ask Jeff for his response to Rachel trying to get Brendon upset by telling him Jeff said sexually inappropriate things to her when in shower… we all know that Rachel was being ridiculous (said to brendon on 8/13).

    Ask Jordan if she has called Porsch out regarding the muscle milk issue. We all know it took a day or so for production to actual have Porsch throw it away. Maybe since boards were lit up over it; and that if it happened in any workplace …. legal issues would follow.

    Ask Jeff; what’s he waiting for; the heavens to open up and pour easy on him; PROPOSE already.

  • Joanie

    When and where can we see the Shelly/Adam after season interviews?

  • ThinkB4USpeak

    J/J & B/R are not everyone’s favorite. They were saved on numerous occasions throughout the season. Enough is enough, it is overkill already. If you want the rest of us to continue to be SuperPass subscribers, include various house guests.

    • Brian

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m very disappointed that you guys did not invite Porsche to Seattle for a live interview and continuely refuse to say why not. If she’s on your shit list at least tell us and stop making us wonder if she might be on at some point. I’ve kept my SuperPass subscription year round since BB8 but I’m seriously considering cancelling because BB-related material now seems to be dictated by who is in favor with Jeff and Jordan.

  • Honeywoodu

    Ask Jordan why she didn’t pursue asking Porsche about her taking her new clothes from Tori visit? Porsche should give the clothes back to Jordan! Porsche is not a very good person, she puts that muscle mix in the milk and than she steals from Jordan! If I were someone to hire her she would not be working for me because of the dishonesty and stealing from someone is a crime and you can be arrested for it!

  • Hallcasey2370

    i was cancelling my superpass vip and yall talked me into keeping also giving me another month free so i have it until oct 23rd 2011 but ive yet to see anything yall said was gonna b on here…hmm no wonder ppl are cancelling their passes. Also as i love bb i would really like to have a regular bb without past hg’s so i can see new ppl in the house. when can we expect to see a bb season without past hg’s????? as for this season, it was not 1 of my favs tho i was team rachel after awhile due to not being able to pick a fav that hasnt won or i just really like this season. i know u have to do the lying and goin against ur allies but some hg’s take that to extreme, shelly 4 instance i liked her at 1st but holy cow even her own fam including her lil girl was ashamed of her. so plz let us have the things and shows u say since were the ones paying extra to see the shows we love the most

  • Seth

    can’t wait to see brenchel and jejo! they’re the most popular house guests in big brother history w/ the most fans along w/ evel dick…can’t wait!

  • Mar00601

    the only reason i am gonna watch the live chat is because of Jeff & Jordan, love’em

  • Curington03

    This will be great!! I miss watching Big Brother :( Thanks Superpass for keeping the fans updated. I want to see a cooking show with jeff!!!

  • hb

    where the heck do you find the shows with Adam/Shelly, Dani/Kalia? I can’t find them anywhere!

    • Jenerrific713

      Go to Superpass, click on the Big Brother link at the top, then click on Finale Coverage. All the Seattle interviews are there. Shame on Superpass or Reality Nation for making it SO CONFUSING!! I couldn’t find it either at first. They initially had some of the stuff under September Highlights also.

      This isn’t FINALE COVERAGE so of course, nobody would think to look there. Come on Superpass, don’t make it so difficult. Just make a link called POST-SEASON SEATTLE INTERVIEWS so we can all find it. Thank you!

  • Harrison1116

    how in the heck do you watch the ‘post season events’ of BB13 ? i’ve logged into SuperPass and went to the screen where all the post season interviews are listed -
    (of course they are over now), but does anyone know how to access them (for future
    events) ?????