Meet Joe From BB14

Kentucky chef missed first interviews so check him out now

Meet Joe From BB14

You might have noticed that Joe Arvin was missing from the Big Brother 14 pre-season interviews at SuperPass. That’s because he was picked for the game late after one of the original 12 dropped out.

Well now it’s time to play catch-up. Here’s Joe’s interview from CBS and we have to admit, we’re sad he didn’t get to sit down for an interview with SuperPass. He’s a BUNDLE OF ENERGY. After watching this short interview, I felt like I needed to catch my breath and wipe my forehead. He’s kind of a complete spaz. And I think that’s going to be pretty awesome. Nothing like a complete spaz in the Big Brother house.

Joe plans to play the chef card a lot in the house. Hey, BB12 kept Kathy around to clean (I kid!), so why not keep Joe around to cook. Smart man.

“I’m going to try to take the Have-nots and make them Haves,” Joe says. “I’m going to create food for them. I want to cook for them. I’m going to saute my way to the top.”

Find out what else the Kentucky chef has to say about his game plan:

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  • Kimberly

    Really sucks that Canadians can’t watch.

    • Joe

      You can watch the live feeds no problem. its the live shows that you can’t. You can watch the shows if u can trick CBS into thinking you computer is i the US. That can be done several ways if you look into it further.

      • lisakn

        No one really watches anything other than live feeds anyway. I watch live feeds 99.9% of the time, the only other thing I watch is that one live show. If you watch live feeds you don’t miss anything really.

        • MJ

          wrong again….NO ONE watches anything other than the live show???……hheellloooo I watch EVERY show……

          • lisakn

            I only watch feeds and the live show, but it really depends on what is going on with the pre-taped shows. If I already know who won Veto, why would I watch the comp? Just don’t have a lot of time to watch it all. I’m not glued to my chair or things to do.

      • Corndogger

        Canadians can watch the live shows no problem. Most of us get CBS and BB is shown on a Canadian network at the exact same time. It’s the “bonus” clips we can’t watch unless we do what you’re suggesting or some kind people record and post the clips for us.

  • BBFan4Ever

    his cooking is gonna get him evicted, he’s gonna talk constantly about being a chef and/or cooking, i say it’ll come off as bragging to the other HG’s and it will get him nominated in a week or 2.

    • lisakn

      Yea, I don’t think he’ll last too long either. I think he will get on people’s nerves after a while. Don’t think he’ll be first to go, but shortly afterwards.

      • MIMI

        how can you judge when you know NOTHING about him but a 30 second video clip…..dont ever under estimate the power of Kentucky Joe…..

        • lisakn

          Just my opinion but I don’t think he will be there that long. I think he will be the floater.

    • Uarvink

      Ok so I’m defensive but Joe is my brother and I don’t see him overplaying the chef angle. He’s the life of the party!

      • Kimmig68

        I think he will surprise you all and last longer then you think. We will see. Gonna be fun to watch.
        Ps I am biased too. He’s little brother going big time!

        • lisakn

          I’m trying not to judge them all until I see them in that house, but sometimes it’s hard not to..

  • haleyy

    dont like these houseguests i want dani donato!!

    • lisakn

      I’m HOPING she is one of the mentors. I really don’t think she is, but who better to be a mentor than Dani Donato???

  • lisakn

    I think he’s likable, but don’t think he’ll be there very long.

  • Uarvink

    Joe is a great guy and the houseguest will have a blast with him!

    • MIMI

      that is a total understatement……. Joe will make an AWESOME HG !!!!

  • MJ

    THE CHEF IS HOT HOT HOT !!! easy on the eyes & he can cook….what more do you need in a man ???

  • Sandy3cats

    You can see more of him at Mad Love it’s his
    YouTube cooking show. He’s a wild one and
    I know I’ll have to lower my volume on the feeds when he speaks.

  • lisakn

    Joe’s video sounds like an audition for Iron Chef, or Hells Kitchen. Hey Joe..this is the Big Brother show, lol. Btw, Jeff did not leave with his integrity…he left kicking and screaming like a little boy.

  • Southwestrep808

    why was he sayig il give u memorabilia to jojo. WTf does he have that anyone would ever want?