Mistaken Vote Determines Big Brother Canada Winner

Did Emmett, Jillian or Gary take home the grand prize?

Mistaken Vote Determines Big Brother Canada Winner

The very first winner of Big Brother Canada was decided Thursday night by a jury member’s horrible blunder.

Jillian MacLaughlin takes home the $100,000 grand prize after jury member Topaz Brady mistakenly voted for Jillian over Gary Levy. Gary does take home the $20,000 runner-up prize, at least. Because of Topaz’s mistake, Jillian won by a vote of 4-3. So had Topaz made the right choice, Gary would have won the game.

And according to host Arisa Cox, there’s nothing that can be done. Topaz cried foul and even suggested that someone changed the vote on her to no avail. They played the tape back and we could all see Topaz pick up Jillian’s key instead of Gary’s.

Earlier in the night we learned how the final Head of Household competitions played out.

Emmett easily won the first part of the Head of Household competition and Gary won part two. Jillian, feeling defeated was ready to just get home. And look what happened. She won Big Brother Canada.

But anyway, for the final Head of Household it came down to Gary and Emmett.

Final HOH round results (it was a true or false game on fellow players’ strategy going into the game)

  • Gary: 4 points
  • Emmett: 3 points

And of course as you have figured out, Gary won the final HOH and evicted Emmett. So the final two next faced off with the jury. And most of the jury questions were bogus, except for Peter’s. He was a little bitter, but he nailed Jillian by asking her why she made it to the final two. And he coined her “Villian.” Love it. Oh, and her answer was horrible. And she couldn’t stop fluffing her hair.

The Votes

  • Emmett voted for Jillian
  • AJ voted for Gary
  • Talla voted for Jillian
  • Alec voted for Gary
  • Topaz voted for Jillian (by mistake)
  • Peter voted for Gary
  • Andrew voted for Jillian
So Jillian wins Big Brother Canada by a vote of 4-3.

OK, now that the news is out of the way, let me throw in my thoughts. Wow. Just wow. Big Brother Canada has been under scrutiny from fans the entire season for its mishaps and blunders, so it seems only fitting that the ultimate outcome be completely wretched in the eyes of the majority of fans.

I understand the Jillian fans are happy, and truthfully, Jillian played a good game and deserved the three votes she received by jury members who actually intended to give her their votes. But celebrating a win resulted from a ridiculous mistake is something I wouldn’t be able to do. I mean, I don’t even know if congratulating her on winning is appropriate. I will say congratulations on playing a great game, though. That she deserves for sure.

In the end, it’s just a sad situation for all three people involved in this mess. Jillian’s win is tarnished. Gary was robbed of the grand prize and Topaz made a mistake that cost her best friend the game. And she’s sure to face public scrutiny for her mistake. It’s just a very sloppy ending overall.

I hope if Big Brother Canada returns for a second season, they adjust some of the issues that left fans frustrated during this inaugural season.

What are your thoughts on the Big Brother Canada results and Topaz’s blunder? Chime in below in our comments section and with our poll below.


  • tRav

    Something just does not seem right with all of this. For me the confusion started when Emmett decided to take Gary to the final 3 instead of Talla. Why in the world would such a smart, capable competitor like Emmett choose to bring to the final 3 someone who could destroy him, Gary, and he did just that. Then to make matters worse, the winner is anounced based on a mistake? and theres no rectifying it with a revote because that would be justice which isnt allowed?

    • tin

      another sore loser bully- Jill deserved to win

      • http://www.facebook.com/awrighton1234 Ann Wright

        no Jill didn’t deserve to win Gary would’ve been the winner if some air head didn’t FU every one knew who she was going to vote for she yelled it from the rooftops. Jill: if she has any conscious would know she didn’t really win the prize, and step down and let Gary get what should have been his. Hopefully she does the right thing and gives the prize to the right person.

        • TruthTeller

          “step down” ??

          After going through the entire process and getting to the final 2, she should step down because of the actions of someone else??

          That’s just absurd!

          The only “right thing” Jill, and everyone else can do at this point is go about their lives, enjoy the “entertainment value” of this type of show, and learn from their actions.

          The end!


          • honestJo

            truth, yes Jill should get it but it won’t be that’s it end of story, not for her because she will always have a asterisk saying Canada bb 1 winner by default by ding bat voter. I am sorry but it is true. she will never have the winner like all the others have after they have one outright and that is bad. Everyone will know how it went down and she will not get the prestige that goes with winning it and shouldn’t. I actually feel bad for her if I didn’t think gary deserved it so much more

        • honestJo

          Your right Ann! She did not deserve to win. Topaz really messed up and you Jill fans which I don’t know why there are any when I never seen anyone backstab so much and not play the jury game right at all should win. We all know she got the prize but she isn’t a very nice person and won’t give the real winner the prize money. she back stabbed everyone I have a feeling like she might be like that outside the house too. I did not see any conscience on her at all about anyone she did things too. yes gary was the winner, I hate to be known as Jill the messed up vote winner of Canada bb one

  • http://twitter.com/MichaelOKeefe Michael O’Keefe

    Players make mistakes all the time in the game, but production doesn’t allow them to have redos then. What Topaz did was make a mistake, although it was a very big one, production can’t decide to grant her the one redo of the entire season. Even if they wanted to allow Topaz to revote, I think there are contracts and laws involved which wouldn’t allow it. Rules are rules and a win is a win.

    • hernandayoleary

      The only in the contract in big brother is they can change the rules whenever they want.

      Actually BB allows redos alot more than you might think. You remember when emmet cheated in the hoh, what did they do, an hoh redo, they didn’t say o well so swell. In bbUS redos are VERY COMMON. If a plane flies by overhead when they are doing a question challenege and people didn’t hear, they redo.

      • TruthTeller

        Emmett’s redos were done without Emmett allowed to participate. Big difference!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=570605532 Matt Barter

    I am still in absolute shock at what transpired at the Big Brother Canada finale. But I think the rules are rules it was Topaz’s mistake, unfortunately for her she has to own up to it. Here’s the thing Talla of all people noticeably looked down and said ‘Ooh’ as if she almost grabbed the wrong one. I think Topaz was a bit pre-occupied with making that “150%” comment that she grabbed the wrong one. I have no Idea, if there was a better way to handle it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/katrina.renton Katrina Renton

      I totally agree with what ur saying about Talla!

  • hallie

    I think the ending was awsome how stupid is she but i also think this is carma bb thought the could manipulate the game so that gary won but topez stupidity bit then in the ass. Gary didn’t deserve to win and the only time he does is when bb paractically hands it to him.

    • tin

      actually I agree with you. It was a game not a popularity contest

    • http://www.facebook.com/laura.pieroni.353 Laura Pieroni

      karma is spelled with a K … and it bit THEM not then in the ass! if your going to put in your worthless 2 cents at least spell your shit right dumb ass!

      • Branden Barker

        Laura, the Grammar police has not jurisdiction here. This is your one and only warning!

  • Metalfan

    Whatever a Topaz is (besides a stripper name and a stone) she made her decision and is stuck with it. If she cared enough she would have paid more attention to it. She chose to not care or not listen. Heck for all we know she wanted to vote for the person she did and then did all this. I haven’t watched it nor do I care ultimately who wins, but the results are the results. Get over it and move on. She voted the way she did and it’s over. It wasn’t a “mistaken vote”. It was a vote. She made her choice.

    • Branden Barker

      It was a “mistaken vote” so chill with the condescension.

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      Yeah, it kind of was a “mistaken vote.” Or misdirected or something. What it wasn’t was intentional.

    • tin

      that is why Topaz was not sitting in the winner side , she couldn’t play the game. Neither could Peter or Alec. They were the biggest sore losers and didn’t deserve to win. Jill did deserve to win ,she kicked it the whole way. Still love Gary but 2nd place was right since it was not suppose to be a popularity contest.

      • RubberMonkeyButt

        It was kind of hard for Topaz to play the game when production completely f’cked her at ever turn.

        • tin

          I didn’t actually watch most of the episodes I just caught up with the after hours and figured out what was happening.

      • awiski

        I really in the begining thought Peter and Alec would of been better. At least Peter but they let me down. They played the game awful. Why did Alec tell Emmett he was not going to take him to the final 2? And Peter why wouldn t you keep Topaz no I am not a fan of hers I guess t was Emmett just playing all of them.

  • tin

    Jill deserved to win and anyone saying a re-vote is a cheater. I am ashamed at then sore losers that have been showed around the country tonight. I love Gary but she won and deserved to and I hope anyone saying terrible things about her will take some time to realize they are being a bully. No one deserved it more than her. She didn’t make the rules or break them . BB made them and Topaz broke it. I am embarrassed of Topaz,she made a seen and a fool of herself and should not have been allowed. Peter is the worst sore loser I have ever seen. Gary and Jillian have been the best sports tonight. Congratulations Jill

  • RubberMonkeyButt

    Ah, one of those “If you disagree you’re a big bad BULLY!!” people. You always have such creditability and wonderful debating skills. Congrats! :)

    • tin

      I was agreeing with you.

  • The Knight

    I’m going to post a massive essay on my opinion… The final 3 consisted of the best players of the season BY FAR.

    Emmett: Who IMO played the best game. He was on the block on week 1 and he controlled the house for most of the game. Almost every HOH run he controlled. He got Jil to put up Aneal, Tom to double backdoor Aneal, Gary to put up Tom and Liza, which lead the charge to get out Liza. He convinced everybody that he was useful to their game. Nobody wanted him out. Topaz did so that’s why she went out. He controlled Jill’s HOH and almost everybody’s. His social game was impeccable and same with his strategic game.

    Gary: Despite Gary getting the chance to come back he played a marvelous game. He got out the biggest players this season. Emmett and Tom. His social game was very great as well. He walked in with a massive target on his back with everybody hating him early in the game and he still made it far. He’s won comps when he needed to and played a heck of a game. He would have been the first African Canadian, African North American (doubt it’s a term) to win and the first gay to win BB. He was the first gay to make F2.

    Jill: If it wasn’t for Gary getting a chance to return she’d be 3rd most deserving. She’s second in my opinion. She was one of the earlier HOH’s and she wasn’t targeted. Despite her lies she played a strong social game. She was never put up on the block once and she won the game. Something that has never happened before. She won comps and got blood on her hands. She played an excellent game as well. She is the first girl (despite the controversy) to beat a guy in the F2 to win the game.

    The F3 was reflective on the best players of the season. Nobody should fault Gary despite returning to the house. Yes he returned but he played a great game and he couldn’t control his return. Despite the twists this was a great season of BB. Can’t wait for BB15 and BBCAN 2 (I’m signing up :) ). This season and the events of this season has made BB history.

    • tin

      liked your well thought out and true opinion. Totally agree

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      thanks for sharing! Great analysis.

    • Awiski

      Great essay. So glad you brought up her having a perfect game ( in the sence of never being nom.) and the fact that she beat a guy. I hadn’t even thought about that. Although it was not Gary’s fault he got put in so late will never agree wth it.

  • Shea

    Well put. Tainted win, which is shitty for her because she played a hell of a game. Shitty for Gary because he fairly won — ask Dan Gheesling about a bitter jury. Working the jury is part of the game (which is why Emmett should have won and why Gary’s evicting Emmett made him deserve the win). Shitty for Canada – because in our first season we were going to award BB in all its decades and countries the first Gay winner. The one we voted in and cheered for the most during the finale. That says something about my country that I take pride in and it sucks for us that instead of Canada going down as the First Gay BB Winner, we go down as the Fucked Up Jury Vote Win.

    Add that to the season’s blunders and excess of twists, and ugh. Ugh.

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      Well here’s to hoping it will be a learning experience and BBCAN 2 will be as awesome as BBUSA2 was… Because BBUSA1 wasn’t great…

    • http://twitter.com/glamatronic Sosha – Glamatronic

      Big Brother Australia had a gay winner last year, Benjamin. He even proposed to his boyfriend at the finale.

    • http://www.facebook.com/awrighton1234 Ann Wright

      Well said

    • Matheus

      Here in Brazil we had a gay winner in 2005, Jean Willis in BBBrazil5

    • Jaym

      BBUK has had at least one gay winner (Brian) he won BBUK2 and Ultimate BB a few years back.

      • Jaym

        Brian’s win was way back in 2001 or 2002 i believe

  • spicy_pants

    I swear she was drunk.

  • Dan

    Gary should of Won Big Brother. Jillian only won by default she is not the real winner of big brother Canada. Slice you suck you ruined big brother. Gary should of been the REAL WINNER.

    • Brittany

      I agree with you yay topaz made a mistake be Gary did win, like just give him the title but let Jill keep the prize. then its both fair.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jack.edginton.3 Jack Edginton

    Peter and Alec’s alliance was a joke, they won one hoh!! Give them a fricken medal eh? Biggest sore losers ever, Peter is always talking about being bullied as a kid and being a loser. News flash buddy you are!! Stop walking around thinking your all that. Peter was so scared of Tom tonight holy. As for the topaz thing, she’s an idiot plain and simple.

    • Sue

      Totally agree, Peter is a sore looser!

  • http://twitter.com/DeanoBrown2010 Dean Brown

    I wanted Gary to win all season, yet I’m with the show… No re-vote, your vote is final…
    Arisa’s words to the jury were: “You’ll each cast your vote for the winner. I repeat, you are voting for who you want to WIN”!!
    It’s not like they do it EVERY SEASON on BB in the USA too!! And from all the talk in the house this season it’s pretty obvious all of them watch the American version!!
    From watching it anyways, Topaz is looking into the camera talking the entire time she’s casting her vote… If she decided to put her vote into the box without simply reading the name on the key, then that’s her mistake and she has to live with it…
    Cruel as it may seem, but if she had gone into the DR one week and voted to evict Gary instead of someone else, then decided she made a mistake, there would be no re-vote. So the same theory should apply for the winning vote too.
    All the drama aside I’ve actually really enjoyed the season. It’s bound to have some teething problems and i’m sure they’ll get better in time.

    • April

      Well said!

  • kitty

    It doesnt matter , Jill took home the money but Gary won!!!

  • Charlie Toft

    Not saying this “mistake” wasn’t really a mistake, but they are certainly getting way more publicity than if there had been no controversy at all.

  • RJ

    Show needs a new host

  • http://twitter.com/onterrioh Terri

    Talla admitted on the Morning Show in Toronto that she totally understood the instructions, she couldn’t explain her mistake, she’s dumb (or drunk like Spicey stated)

    • http://twitter.com/JoyGrenade Michelle

      You mean Topaz not Talla don’t you? Was Topaz at least contrite? I asked a guest that was in the back yard attending the after party if Topaz was in a fetal position with snot bubbles in both nostrils begging for forgiveness and he said “pretty much.”

      • http://twitter.com/onterrioh Terri

        Yes, I meant Topaz!!! Contrite? Hmm… she didn’t seem to be much of anything lol

  • TED

    This sure fills the saying that “Expect the Unexpected” lol

    IMO, I think the best player is Emmett, though I like Peter better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

    Gary shouldn’t have been brought back into the house so late into the game anyways. Jillian played the game hard throughout the season and deserved to win… I think it’s just a little bit of good karma going her way

  • honestJo

    gary should of one. oh my god I am glad that didn’t happen in the states
    and someone like Tom won ugh! There would be picket people everywhere
    and people wearing shirts for homophobia pride? I would be so upset that
    someone like that won and didn’t deserve it

  • http://twitter.com/gaborrr gaborrr

    Here’s the story of a boozy lady
    who was bringing up a very boozy vote
    No one knew that Gary was her choicer.
    the fiercest one in glitter.

    Here’s the story of a lamb named Brady
    Who was battling with 2 votes of her own.
    They were seven lambs voting all together
    yet she was all alone

    Till the one day when the lady met this feline.
    And he kissed her and she melted on the floor,
    That this group must somehow form a travesty,

    That’s the way Gary became the Brady pond.

    The Brady pond, the Brady pond.
    That’s the way Glitter Gary became the Brady Pond!!!

  • http://twitter.com/vicked914 I luv Queen Sandra

    Even though I wanted Gary to win, this was the fairest decision. You just can’t revote once you have voted. Topaz’s only job that night was to cast a vote, and she did it wrong. lol

  • awiski

    Okay I really wanna play ths game. I do not care at all about the cameras it’s just an awsome game. I would love to get some people together and play it like Dan did last year kind of like a long weekend. Any ideas I am open.




  • Shaz

    How do you really even know Topaz made a mistake? Maybe she purposely voted for Jillian and protested the vote so she would look good to Gary? Thats why they can’t ever change anything, and for such a critical event you need to make sure of what you are doing. I really think she probably wanted Gary, but I am not 100% sure. More like 80/20.