Never Before Seen BB13 Footage!

Hear what some of last season's contestants had to say ... to themselves!

Never Before Seen BB13 Footage!

It's summer. It's mid-June. And we've got only one thing on our minds: BIG BROTHER!

Yes, Big Brother 14 is officially LESS than one month away now and we're all amped and we know you're all amped, so let's keep that excitement up! For the next month, SuperPass will be featuring exclusive content ahead of the Big Brother 14 premiere.

Up first is an exclusive look at some of last season's houseguests from pre-season interviews. In this installment they were asked to leave themselves a message in the bottle, of sorts. A message that would be delivered after their evictions from the Big Brother house.

Spicy has the inside scoop on what Keith, Cassi, Dom, Shelly and Adam had to say to themselves about their time in the Big Brother 13 house. Which one of them congratulated themselves on not showing their badonkadonk on national TV? FInd out now!

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