Press Day in The BB14 House

Spicy goes inside the BB14 house to play against members of the media

Press Day in The BB14 House

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to actually play the Big Brother game against other houseguests and CBS and SuperPass gave me the unbelievable opportunity to do just that. In mock game played by other members of the media, I was able to compete as a houseguest before the Big Brother 14 cast ever set foot inside the house. It was exciting and surreal.

Here’s what went down:

Just like with the real houseguests, a group of 11 of us were all brought to the steps just outside of the Big Brother front door. Our photos were taken and we were selected, four people at a time, to enter the house and pick out our beds. I was in the second group and chose the large bed in the Sonic Flow bedroom.

Big Brother 14 media game

My competition was fierce, the men all seemed to know each other and a couple had played the media Big Brother game for one, two or even three years. Immediately I could tell it would be the men versus the women. The problem was, the women weren’t really into being devious, or strategic, and I found myself feeling as though I might find it difficult to find a strong alliance.

There was a ton of food in the kitchen which included fresh fruits, Krispy Kreme donuts, bagels, sandwich fixings, coffee, snacks, you name it. It was pretty early still and I had just finished a venti Starbuck’s coffee, so I wasn’t that hungry. I did manage to put down one donut though. Hello?! Krispy Kreme!

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Big Brother calls us into the living room. We are informed that we will be playing the game with TWO former houseguests! Brendon and Rachel. I’m thinking, this is awesome because I have met and hung out with Brenchel numerous times and we’ve had some good times together. Hell YES I will align with them. Are you kidding me? (Apparently that makes me “up Rachel’s ass” according to one Sir Snidely Super Hipster.)

Big Brother 14 media game day 2012

Julie then calls us into the living room. We all sit down on the curved couches and eviction seats and focus on the big screen. Julie welcomes us into the house then tells us to look under our seats. I see a golden ticket! Unfortunately for me and a handful of other houseguests, it says “SLOP”. So much for all the delicious food in the house, it looks like I won’t be enjoying any of it.

Spicy Big Brother 14 in 2012

A short while later we are called into the storage room where the slop is on the counter in a huge steel vat. It’s overflowing over the top and the presentation itself is disgusting. Of course I had to taste it though, right?!

I would describe slop as a sort of oatmeal, with a slightly “snotty” texture. I know, gross, right? It also has something added for nutritional content, but I couldn’t tell you what it was. By itself slop is bland, but when adding brown sugar, honey and milk, it just tastes like oatmeal. Once our slop cooled off, it was straight up cold slop for the rest of the day as none of the appliances had been turned on.

Time for the HOH competition. I wanted this and I wanted it BAD. We were set to play “Majority Rules” and the questions were about each other. Of course there were three guys named “Matt” there so it was ridiculously difficult! I thought I did pretty good though, beating out 7 houseguests, but it didn’t win me the HOH.

Big Brother 14 media day HOH comp

One of the guys (who I knew was one of the biggest threats) won HOH and I knew immediately the POV competition was going to be vital. And just like I mention in the Diary Room, I hid his bag. Twice. Sadly I couldn’t hide it somewhere he couldn’t find it, it was hard to go off by yourself without others noticing, especially with someone’s bag in your hand. I had to resort to hiding it in a nearby locker or drawer. But hey, I made him look, and when you’re in the BB house, it’s just fun to f*ck with people.

It was about this time that I realized that with the men in control of the game there were only a few targets. Brendon, Rachel and myself. The rest of the ladies were all super nice but just weren’t enough of a threat to them. They weren’t making any waves or making themselves targets. I wanted to make waves and didn’t mind being a target, at least that way I’d be remembered.

Big Brother calls us into the storage room, a few at a time. The first group of people emerge wearing overalls, team colored t-shirts, gloves and goggles. Yes, goggles. You know on Big Brother if goggles are involved it is going to get messy, my friends. And it did.

We get dressed and some of our overalls were huge on us while others were literally riding up their asses. That in itself was hilarious.

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We enter the backyard and I couldn’t believe me eyes – or my nose. The smell was horrendous. It smelled like a cow pasture. The backyard had hay, stuffed chickens, a fence and a massive disgusting, stinky pit of lawd knows what. All I know is after we were done with the competition we smelled like it, even after washing up multiple times. I had to wrap my shoes in a plastic bag before traveling home and the first thing I did when I got there was wash and bleach those stinky things.

The competition was immensely harder than it looks from where you’re sitting right now. Digging through the hay was extremely tiring and you’re also breathing in all that crap from the hay as your flinging it around. Rolling through the stinky mud pit was a piece of cake compared to the hay pit.

Big Brother media day HOH

Sadly our team did not come up with the POV and once again the boys were in control. But Brendon did find the pig in the hay, meaning he got to choose someone to wear a pig costume for the rest of the day. He chose the guy who won POV. Well played, B.

It was time for the POV ceremony and I knew my ass was on the line, so I wasn’t a least bit surprised when the POV was used on Brendon and the HOH replaced him with me. Oh, to be taken down by a pig. *sigh*

Big Brother media game day 2012

I asked my fellow houseguests, who would you rather be known for ousting from the Big Brother house, some unknown chick (me), or one half of Brenchel (Rachel)? Sorry Rachel, but I had to throw you under the bus. This is Big Brother…

Spicy plays Big Brother 14 in 2012

In the end Rachel was evicted from our game and I thankfully didn’t have to return to Seattle as the lone person to be evicted. Whew!

YouTube Preview Image

All in all, I had a blast in the Big Brother house and got to experience truly what the game of Big Brother is all about. And hot damn, was it a kick! It was great playing with everyone and we had a house full of really cool people, all of whom I would love to see again someday. Of course there was some drama I didn’t mention here, but we’ll save that for another time. Preferably over a cocktail or two…

Hope you enjoy this special episode of Big Brother: Media Day 2012 as much as I did shooting it.

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Here comes Big Brother 14 everyone! Are you ready?


  • Michele Noonan

    Glad you had a great time Spicy!

  • Jun Song

    You had me at Krispy Kreme.

  • Alex C

    Well Spicy you got the ultimate experience! You were on slop and nominated!

  • Rickjohnson75

    Is the Diary Room as scripted as it seems? The first several seasons were great–very natural, emotional, and spontaneous… but something happened along the line, and now it sounds like everyone is reading from a script.

  • Andrew Sloan

    SPICY! You need to be on the real Big Brother!!

  • Emeraldtex

    Well written! You crack me up!

  • Bob Brown

    What a nice (compressed) BB experience you got to have…jealous is only word that comes to mind :-)