Remembering 9/11

How Big Brother Season 2 dealt with the attacks

Remembering 9/11

Eleven years ago today, while America was under attack, three final houseguests were in the Big Brother 2 house preparing for Part One of the final Head of Household competitions.

When Big Brother producers contacted the family members of the final three, they learned that contestant Monica Bailey’s cousin was among those missing from the World Trade Center. The producers broke their own rules to inform Monica and the other houseguests of what happened that unforgettable Tuesday morning. The show paused for the week, and of course when resumed, Dr. Will Kirby was crowned the winner of Big Brother 2.

It was revealed at the finale that Monica’s cousin had passed away in the attacks.

The scope of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 is still hard to grasp. Everyone at Reality Nation is thinking of all those affected by that day.

Below is the segment Big Brother 2 aired on how the houseguests reacted to the attacks.


  • Nleslie75

    I remember this as if it were yesterday, just as heartbreaking ! God Bless America!

  • Richard H. Shores

    It was so surreal the day and weeks after 9/11. Today was a bit melancholy for me and remembering the terrible event. My thoughts and prayers go out to those lost that fateful day and their families. We will never forget.

  • Gwennylou

    So heartbreaking.