Rumor Control Episode 3 with Rachel and Dani

Fantasy Draft Spectacular, plus: Who do they pick to win it all on BB14?

Rumor Control Episode 3 with Rachel and Dani

One day to go until the BB14 premiere!  That means LOTS of speculation and dish going on in this week’s Rumor Control with Rachel Reilly and Dani Donato! Intrigued? Read on…

Rachel Dani Rumor Control Ep 3

This week, Rachel and Dani joined hosts Ellen and Spicy to share their initial impressions of the BB14 cast, make their picks for the BB Fantasy Draft and who they would pick to WIN IT ALL! Plus:

  • What are the pros and cons of being the first HOH in the house?
  • Which guys do Rachel and Dani think are cute?
  • Which female HG is being compared to Jordan?
  • Which female HG is most likely to be the Mean Girl?
  • Which two HGs are most likely to have a showmance this season?
  • Does the chef have an advantage in the house because he can cook?
  • Who picked Unemployed Frank, the pro wrestler’s son, first in the Draft?

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  • Andrew Sloan

    I agreed with Rachel and Dani that winning the first HOH is actually good, as long as you play it well. People will come to you for alliances and nominations can be easily justified (ie, “i know anyone really” “you came in last in the HOH comp”). As long as you don’t play too hard too fast, winning the first HOH is a great opportunity to get you far. HOWEVER, I don’t believe that to be the case this season. With the mentors having a team of 3 people, this season is going to be similar to BB11′s cliques. Your mentor will not want you to nominate other members in your group and you are in an automatic alliance with them. Winning first HOH will put a target on your whole team and the whole team will become a target the following week

    • Tony Robinson

      I think it just depends on who wins it. I think the first HOH curse returns this season.

  • JustMeBB

    How do we go back and look at the Rumor Control or can you only watch it while it is live?