Season 14 Cast: Ask Them Anything!

Let us know what the FANS want to ask 2012's HGs!

Season 14 Cast: Ask Them Anything!

It’s almost time for the Big Brother houseguests to enter the house and begin the next 3 months of their lives in the house. It’s also almost time for our preseason interviews, while the HGs are still wet behind the ears.

This is where YOU the fans step in and make these interviews your OWN!

We would love to know, if you could ask the Big Brother 14 houseguests anything, what would it be? Would you ask about the prize money? Their strategy? Life advice? (I hope you don’t go there) Let us know in the comments below and YOUR question might be selected to appear in an upcoming pre-season interview with this season’s cast members. We want to know what the fans want to hear, so sound off and be a part of it!

We’re pretty sure you have something to say, Big Brother fans are not exactly known for being silent, or shy, are they?

Submit your epic questions below!

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  • Danielle Kelley

    What past houseguests gameplay did you like the most and is your gameplay going to be similar to theirs.

  • rhonda johnson

    I REALLY hope that the winner of HOH will get to play in the next comp! May the BEST woman or man win this w/o being made to sit this one out! :)

  • Judygraves

    I wonder how many HGs there are going to be? Will they be previous HG or are new? Will they know or have known other HG?

  • DaBa

    Question: Did you watch the show before getting cast? If so how many seasons and which one(s) were your favourites?

  • alex12

    How are you going to make yourself a fan favorite?

  • Richard D.

    Do you know that if you sing, talk about people not on your list or talk about production, that the live feeds get cut off and therefore the live feed watchers will not like you and will talk poorly about you in the chatrooms ?

  • lamfun

    We feed watchers need someone to talk to us when your alone so we can really know what is happening. can you do that?

  • zbanks

    Would rather be known for getting far by doing nothing or making the bold move any chance you get and impacting the game?

  • Donnahetzel

    Out of all the former HG’s, which one would you like to have back on for this season?

  • TG

    My question is: What new “never before used strategy” do you plan to bring to BB14?

  • froggylass

    When looking back at the former HG’s, which one do you identify with the most and why?

  • Al

    Can you lie,conive, and back stab and
    come across totally the opposite?

  • Gaborrr

    Do you think its a necessary prerequisite for your strategy in the house to have seen the Show before? And is this necessary to get on the Show??

  • Linda Knout Ouimette Blackwell

    say something now that you know will still be the same or true, when they show your first interview at the end of big brother.

  • Linda Knout Ouimette Blackwell

    will you be angry if you find out any time before or during the show that a previous houseguest will be a member of the show?

  • Mike CTJulietSnakey

    Are you a fan of mythology?

  • Rascal Jags

    Are any of you going to start a romance in this season. If so will it last like Jeff and Jorden and also like Brendon and Rach. If so which 1 of the 2 couples would u like it to b like

  • Janni

    Why would you form a partnership early on in the house when you know you have to deceive everyone at some point. Lie from day one and remember who you tell the lies to. Never ever tell anyone a “real” secret about your personal life again…lie, but remember it.

  • Joycee

    Are you aware of superpass and the Live Feeds? If so do you plan on trying extra hard to keep us entertained… We Love Drama and Private midnight tricks (like evil Dick did everynight) Do you relize your fan base can be huge when you leave the house if you keep Live Feed viewers well entertained?

  • Deb P.

    Do you feel that if a past house guest were to come into this season to play the game with you, it is smarter to make them a friend, or a foe?

  • Deb P.

    ALWAYS open Pandora’s Box!!! WE live feeders LOVE THE FALLOUT!! we want DRAMA :)

  • Adam pinks

    When you leave the house, how do you wish to be remembered by the fans?

  • haleyy

    do you plan on having a showmance?

    • Janet Costa Vitale

      I am wondering the same thing, I wrote that too, if it is a good one would love to watch it, there have been good and bad!!

  • haleyy

    what big brother player do you wanna play like?

  • haleyy

    if you could play with any 3 past season houseguests who would it be

  • Jess

    Who is your favorite previous big brother player and whowill you try emulate?

  • Ryan

    Who would you align with, nominate, and evict from past seasons of BB?

  • Jon R

    Do you have a former houseguest that you will model your game play after?
    If a former houseguest comes back, will you try to build an alliance with them or target them first for eviction?
    One of the best strategies is to build an alliance like the brigade team in season 12 of Big Brother. Do you think you would try to join an alliance that might take you to the final 4? Would you target a specific house guest and take them to the final 4 then evict them so that you could advance to the final 3?
    Do you think that floaters are vital to the winning of Big Brother?

  • XXNiceTaTasXX

    well they all have probably watch BB and my question is what have you learned from previous seasons that you wont be useing in the BB house this year

  • Pljgmzze

    Do you think that America should have a choice as a seventh juror vote for the winner of Big Brother? If it came down to your values or money which would you choose to win Big Brother? Dan of BB 10 managed to keep his integrity and still won the game.
    Do you think that sometimes integrity and hard work wins the game or backstabbing and lying?
    Do you think that your looks is vital in Big Brother?

  • Jgpg05

    If you had to choose between a former houseguest like Evel Dick or Jordan to return to the game. Which one would you choose and why?

  • RonAlbright

    Why don’t the HouseGuests go about making their very OWN songs to sing??? Some could really catch on.

  • Burning_bridges

    Will you be a sheeple and just go along with what others vote…or will you do the unexpected and vote the way you want to? (Please, please, please!!)
    What is it going to feel like sharing a common bathroom and shower with 14 (?) other people that you don’t know. Will you be OK with getting dressed, carrying out personal hygiene with strangers milling around?
    What do you think is the biggest mistake that most houseguests make with their “strategy”?
    Will you try to bust up “couples” ? Evict the “leader” who runs an alliance? Or cozy up? (Keep friends close and enemies closer?)

  • Joe

    Dear BB14 HG’s:

    In a perfect world, all of you would win. But this is Big Brother and sooner more than later you will be evicted. Only one house guest will win the 500K. So my question(s) is(are), what do you think you’re fatal flaw will be in this game? Can you predict your demise? By thinking about this scenario, how do you think you can avoid you’re inevitable fate?

  • Joseph Bush

    Big Brother is notorious for having costume punishments (Unitard, elf suit, penguin, etc). What costume are you afraid you’ll have to wear?

  • honestjo

    Will you stay as honest as you can or it doesn’t bother you to be a backstabber type and whatever it takes to get the money? Even lying about diseases etc.

  • Lori

    Which past houseguest will you try to emulate while in the house and why and how will you try to be that past houseguest?

  • lesbodojo

    Would you fake a showmance to help you get to the final 2 – even if it meant deceiving the person who felt closest to you in the BB house? If your lies manifested haters in the BB fanbase, would any money won outweigh the degradation of character?

  • wowahmedo

    How would your strategy and gameplay be different and unique from other previous houseguests?


  • wowahmedo

    How would your strategy and gameplay be different and unique from other previous houseguests?


  • Daar

    How would you handle being in the house with a dominant threat who most of the other house guests are afraid to target.

  • Andrew Sloan

    There are already a lot of questions, so I’m sorry if there are any repeats, but here’s my questions:

    1. Who’s your favorite/least favorite houseguest, based on STRATEGY? Why? Do you plan to model your gameplay after theirs?
    - No lame answers like “Rachel’s my least favorite because I couldn’t be able to live with that laugh”

    2. How have you prepared for the show? (Watched past seasons, worked out, lived on oatmeal for a month and whatever else…)

    3. Why do you feel you were cast for the show? Can you bring the excitement and drama the fans want to see?

    4. What type of person can you see yourself aligning with? (Older, younger, athletic, nerdy, etc.)

    5. What part of the game do you think you can excel at? What part might be you downfall? (competitions, strategizing, ability to deal with harsh conditions/being a have not, etc.)

  • Maven

    What are you willing to do to make this years feeds watchable and enjoyable?

  • RazorSkate

    What single quality of yours that you believe will help you in the game?

  • RazorSkate

    Can you describe your best and worst type of houseguest that you could find yourself living with in the BB house?

  • Operatorgirl1

    Are you looking for any shomances?? or past guests coming back?? What would make you more excited??

  • Glenll

    this will be my last year of live feeds and show aftr dark if it is the same bore show as the last two years. it has not been the same since james and chesea where are the fights wild naked hot tub partys. that is why we pay extra for what we cant get on tv.

  • Robinpickles

    What is the one thing that made you think twice about being on Big Brother? What about it concerns you, and what did you do to overcome it?

  • Daniellerkelley88

    Are you going to backstab people or are you somebody that thinks you can go through the game being honest?

    What is going to be your strategy when it comes to alliance’s? Are you going to try and make on right away? wait a few weeks or play both sides?

  • Phyllis

    Why do you whisper??? It drives me crazy. Would you consider putting the mic up to your ear so we your audience can hear? I can hear it now. “Please do not whisper unless your mic is at your ear…. :-)

    • Cha Cha

      Thank you for bringing that up Phyllis, I know its necessary, but after awhile, if I can’t understand what you are whispering about I usually move on to another camera.

  • Kory

    From moviedude18.

    How much knowledge of previous big brother players are you going to utilize in the house this season.

  • Ronnie Heikkinen

    Do you think it is a wise stratagy to confess to another houseguest that you voted for them, and why?

  • Ronnie Heikkinen

    Would you be excited or horrified if Colton from Survivor entered as a houseguest?

  • alex~

    What is your view on showmances and would you want to have one?

  • Tangie Renee

    I would ask…”Of all the prior BB houseguests, whose personality and strategy would you compare yourself to as far as being the most like yours?”

  • vegasbozo

    Are you afraid of the slop and how many days do you think you could go on slop?
    Will you align with the same sex or opposite sex?

  • Skyler

    Are you planning to play like any past competitors?

  • Skyler

    Are you gonna try and be a villain?

  • TomTheStar

    How will you personally try to make the show more entertaining? Will you play to the cameras, or does it come natural to you?

  • Daniellefan3322

    How well do you think you will do in competitions? What kind of competitions will you be good at and what kind will you be bad at?

  • Scawley85

    Are you ready for a romance this summer? =) I have always wanted to be on BB. It is my dream! Hopefully I will be able to turn in an application next year. I did an open call last year and wanted to apply again this year but never got the chance…. so Hopefully there is next year!

  • Chris

    Do you plan on making big, bold moves in order to win the game? Or are you planning on sliding under the radar until you reach the final 2 and hope to win that way?

  • Nannicarol

    What are the most important things you can do to gain support in the house? Being likeable or someone others hate? Being competitive or non threatening? Hanging out with everyone or picking a clique? Gossiping or avoiding talking badly about others? Keep your opinions to yourself or not? Being honest even if it is not comfortable or telling white lies to keep the peace?

    If you were in the final two and you had to pick one of the following routes to get there, which would it be? #1) That you were fully engaged in the game the whole way through, competing hard in all the challenges and influencing other people, but you’d gained some enemies along the way because of this, or #2) Everyone on the jury likes you because you were very careful not to do anything to make waves and you often just followed others and let other people do all the dirty work.

  • Bdogg252

    Do you see yourself playing the game as a hero or a villian? Are you worried that you will not be liked by your fellow houseguest because of it?

  • Kelwin

    will you try and throw competitions, float, or actually try and strategize alliances, and form friendships, or maybe a showmance.

  • Kelwin

    Do you agree, that religious beliefs , belong in church, not on the big brother feeds.

  • Sara

    Probably been asked already but is there a showmance. are you going to try another all male/female alliance?. don’t play the game because they are so nice i cannot hurt them. and no star stuck house guest, they ruined the BB13 house. good old I wanna win this game season


    Winning aside, what do you hope to achieve or gain from your experience on Big Brother?

  • TruthTeller

    cats or dogs? boxers or briefs? up or down? red or green? beer or wine? slop or peanut butter? Janelle or Jordan? Dr. Will or Evel Dick? HOH or POV? coup d’etat or saboteur? Chenbot or zingbot?

  • Ndsisuv

    What is THE STUPIDEST MOVE ever made in BB history and what are you going to do to avoid one of those moves?

  • Rebecca Ann Powers

    Have you ever watched Big Brother Live Feeds before? If so, what was one of the most annoying things you hated about the feeds and what will you do to prevent yourself from making those same mistakes?

  • Phillip

    Why will america like you over the other houseguests? Why would america hate you? Do you think america will loveyou, or love to hate you?

  • Al23ien

    Would you and your alliance please talk to us “the loyal feedsters” about what you are going to do everynight in the hammock.You will earn huge bonus points and maybe will win the 25,000.Tell us everything such as ,who in the house you trust or don’t trust and who in your alliance you trust and don’t trust as much.

  • deronishere

    Other than being evicted, what is your biggest fear about being on Big Brother?

  • Naneen

    who do you think just by the first meet do you think will break down an cry first?

  • Scott Walker

    Are you willing to backstab your alliance and make a big move if need be?

  • Scott Walker

    Are you willing to backstab your alliance and make a big move if need be?

  • Stana Laughter

    Do you plan on creating any chaos? What, if any, unique and creative ideas do you have planned to surprise the other house guests and super pass guests with?

  • Marquita Baker

    Are you planning on having a showmance?

  • Passgo

    What type of humliatard do you think you or your house guests are going to have to ware this season?

  • Joan

    We love HG that keep after hours fun and interesting. Do you plan on just going to bed with no action for us or will you be active during live feeds. It will help build your fan base too. Give us all you got.

  • myrtlebeachlady

    If a houseguest’s behavior is offensive (or ignorant), would you call that person aside and inform them of your observations as a friend.

  • …The Tweet Sheet..

    Do you think Big Brother will assign a saboteur this season? If you had to chose who you think it is right now based on appearance, who do you think looks suspicious?

  • Girln2golf

    If/When you’re on the block, are you going to cry in a bedroom for four days and isolate yourself or work the crowd and try and flip the house to your favor to stay? Or are you going to not campaign against your new “friend” who’s on the block with you, and just give up so easily?

  • Pandacutie28

    Do you plan on “floating” your way to the top or actually playing the game as hard as you can? How do you feel about “floaters”?

  • Pandacutie28

    Are you basing any of your game plan strategies from a former house guests? or do you plan on playing the game your own way?

  • Adrianne Wentworth

    who is your favorite past Big Brother contestant and will you try to emulate their game play??

  • Mariah Lincoln

    If you were to combine two previous houseguests, to make a ultimate houseguest to model your game play strategy after, who would they be?

  • Mariah Lincoln

    How do you feel about Jeff an Jordan not being a part in this years game? I myself am pretty upset. They should be designated houseguests ;)

    • TruthTeller

      i just threw up in my mouth — said all big brother fans everywhere

  • David Bonilla

    What made you try out for big brother? Do you have a strategy coming into the house?

  • J Carig Parsons_14

    who will be in the house this year and will last years house guest be in this year big brother house

  • indigoprince32

    What is your idea of the perfect houseguest for Big Brother? Do you think that you will be the one to watch this summer and why?

  • BBFan

    How many season of big brother have you watched? Are you planning on laying low or going all out the first few weeks?

  • BBFan

    What is the main reason you decided to be on this show?

  • Skai B

    Describe yourself in one word

  • Liz2611

    If production allowed you to choose a game changing twist to the BB House, what would this be and how would it be different from other seasons?

  • Terra_firma106

    If you could select a past HG to play with you, who would you choose?

  • Trinadoo

    if you are put up on the block what or how far are you willing to go to stay?

  • Mordylty

    Many past guest made huge mistakes aligning with the wrong people, most likely from misjudgment of characters; do you see yourself jumping in to an alignment quickly or sitting back to see which alliance is best for you?

  • Waywardirish

    Do you realize playing Big Brother is a privilege only a select few will ever get in their lifetime? With this knowledge will you give it your all, every day, no matter the circumstances? Can’t stand those that roll over and die when the odds aren’t in their favor…or worse yet volunteer to leave the game!

  • Pugsley205

    I have not watched the live feeds for 3 years I am so exicted to be in the house 24/7 again it is the only way to watch the show.

  • Alicia Sali

    if any past houseguests could come into the house and spend the summer with you, who would you choose and why?

  • Chris Kelly

    Since we already have had showmances, are you will to conceive and delivery a baby in back to back seasons to secure your place in the BB Hall of Fame?

  • SteezyStee

    Do you plan to win all the competitions you can or are you throwing them? Do you have a real strategy in place and the will to execute it?

  • Yyorkfirst

    Will you have an alliance, or more than one?

  • Dannielle Obenchain

    are you going to play the game or be one of the floaters and then claim that was your game play?

  • Saki600

    Will you chat into the cameras and serenade me the way Dr. Will did? It made for great talk!

  • Logicalron

    My comment is to the BB producers, With all the money made from live feeds would you please for one year make the guest behave or give them punishment so they stop doing whatever it is that you cut our feeds every year for. Singing mostly get tough and make then follow the rules

  • CSolomon

    Once in the house many guest complain about the rules and conditions. What would you do to make it a more enjoyable stay considering it is a game with millions of viewers?

  • Iamkellie2

    I would ask them not to sing in the house it really screws with those of us watching and I wish the punishment for singing was slop for a day. Also, Daniell really messed with the feeds when she would cover her mic etc… how about slop for 2 days with that one. Your not harsh enough with your punishments.

  • Sonya-miller

    When you ran through your head how you would act and strategize were you thinking of it being all new people or did you take into consideration that old players would be returning? and did it throw your game off? did you feel excited when you found out or intimidated?

  • Linbrown1962

    If telling a lie about your family for sympathy would get you further in the game, would you do it? (On survivor there was a player who claimed his grandmother died for sympathy)

  • Eddie Norman

    what is your stragety to win the game and how far are you willng to go to do just that, are you willing to sleep with current hoh just so you get to stay in the game longer.

  • Littletiregirl

    If you had dreams about your fellow house guests what type of dream would you be having about each one ?

  • Sarvan37

    Frank will you go to prom with me(:

  • Anne Marie Caggiano

    LOOKING forward to the new season