Big Brother 14 Cast First Impressions

Who has what it takes to make in to the end of BB14?

Big Brother 14 Cast First Impressions

The Big Brother 14 cast has been revealed and we've got full interviews at SuperPass. I've watched them all and since I'm a big first impressions kind of guy, I thought I'd break down the cast based on their interviews.

BB14 JoJo
JoJo Spatafora: Right now she's giving us the tough New Yorker bit, but it's coming off more obnoxious than anything. I instantly dislike anyone who says they're going to try to be a villain. The best villains just kind of form before your eyes. And she says Rachel's attitude sucks? Interesting. So yeah, so far I'm not loving JoJo.

BB14 Wil

Wil Heuser: First of all, Louisville shout-out. That's my home turf. But that is probably where what I like about him stops. He has the potential to be funny as long as he steers away from the creepy vibe he's putting off at this point. And he's not sure if he wants to be a hero or a villain. Here's a clue: be yourself! Not everyone has to play a part. Big Brother producers, if you're out there, please make at least one Veto competition include him having to shave his head.

BB14 Ashley

Ashley Iocco: I kind of love her because she obviously crazy . And I think people will instantly count her out, but I see winning in her eyes. And I'm glad she wants to bring back the secret alliance we missed last season. Everything was too out in the open last season.

Bb14 Ian

Ian Terry: Let's see. He looks like he's 15. And he started watching Big Brother when he was 10 … so 5  years ago? Ha. He seems kind of boring and geeky (not that there's anything wrong with that), but maybe he'll whip out some wizard moves or something and shock us all. At least he knows the game pretty well.

BB14 Jodi

Jodi Rollins: She plans to be herself and win this game. But she does plan to tell a fib or two. And do some withholding. I like the sound of that. But I predict she'll be a floater. Despite what she says in her interview.

BB14 Willie

Willie  Hantz: OK, the obvious thing to say here is that he is Russell from Survivor's brother. And while some people are already annoyed by this, it doesn't bother me. Now if Russell was on the show, then sure, that would be annoying. I think he's going to be a good player. But his chances at sticking around won't be so good if he goes in telling everyone who his brother is. I hope he withholds that from the others.

BB14 Kara

Kara Monaco: Live Feeds and BBAD, get ready for some fun. It might be unfair of  me to say, but this Playboy Playmate of the Year will probably not be so careful at keeping her clothes on. So enjoy. I like that she's not going to tell the others she's been in Playboy. She seems really sweet, so that could carry her a bit … that coupled with her other assets? She'll make it to Jury at least. And she's sure to gain some fans on the outside. Hell, she already has a fanbase.

BB14 Danielle

Danielle Murphree: She's a nurse and seems like a caring person, but she plans to not reveal that. She doesn't plan to play the mean card and actually plans to float… so that means she could either easily win the game or go out early.

BB14 Jenn

Jenn Arroyo: Oh is she going to clash with JoJo. Can't wait for that.That is unless they bond over the New York connection. I think she's going to be a good player, both physically and mentally. I think I'm excited to see her play.

BB 14 Shane

Shane Meaney: Well I'll avoid the jokes about his last name and skip to his look. Clearly, the season hottie (as long as he doesn't wear his hair like this everyday), he's going to pick up all of Jeff Schroeder-type fans. He actually compares himself to Jeff, Brendon and Hayden.. He plans to play the nice guy and go from there. And he has his sights on the possibility of a showmance. Who's with me on a Shara (Shane/Kara) coupling??

BB 14 Frank

Frank Eudy: A Big Brother superfan, this guy seems to have some southern charm. He looks a little older than 28, so I'm wondering if that's his first deception. And even though he plans to withhold this info, I really can't imagine that anyone cares he's the son of former pro wrestler Sid Vicious. Who cares? He seems like a nice guy, though. And he is going in looking for a tough alliance. That should be fun to watch play out.

BB14 Joe

Joe Arvin: This guy replaces Mike, who has already dropped out of the show. Joe doesn't have a pre-season interviews because of the sudden cast change.

So those are just my thoughts, what are yours? Who do you think you will love and who do you think you will love to hate? Who would you like to see return to BB14? Let us know!

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  • tom

    12 cast members. that pretty much confirms mentors.

    • lisakn

      Let’s just hope this is not another Vets VS Newbies. I hated that from the beginning last year.

  • Mikian Sellem

    Why would someone who made it through the interview process then be in the first cast reveal commercial. Last minute quit this show? I would replace him in a heartbeat if allowed!

  • Andrew Sloan

    I like all the girls. Robyn for sure did a great job casting them

    However, I think Robyn should’ve chose between Frank or Ian though. They just seem too similar (There should be 1 Big Brother superfan, a nerd, or a Big Brother superfan nerd, not 2).

    Also we don’t need another damn Danielle. She’s hot and seems sweet, but for God sakes it’s hard talking about the ones we have already. Also Wil seems over the top and ridiculous (plus there is Russell’s brother Willie). Is it just me or do these name things become so annoying?

    I really don’t want another Hantz on TV, they are all over the place now. However, he seems he’ll add a nice dynamic to the show

    Joe seems to be a weird alternate. His picture is creepy but he seems like a bit more competitive Chicken George.

    Hopefully the mentors will add a bit more that this cast is lacking. And having Janelle on the show again would be FLIPPEN amazing.

    • DaBa

      You bring up an interesting point, should they not cast people based on their names now? For example, what if somebody amazing named Janelle, or Jeff, or Jordan applied next year, would they turn them down since it would confuse fans and possible diminish the Big Brother brand?

      • Andrew Sloan

        haha no that’s not what i mean :D . I really don’t care about the names. They’re just annoying, but i can live.

    • TruthTeller

      Robyn’s casting company isn’t the only company that casts for big brother. She gets more publicity then the others because she has casted the most past winners and popular house guests.

      • Blankcheck

        Hilarious! Robyn has been the ONLY casting company since season 2. She cast the show as a freelance casting director until she opened Kassting Inc during Allstars. There are many casting producers who work under her, but she is the only one.

      • linda

        “casted” Really? the word is Cast – past-present-future.

        • TruthTeller

          oh goody, the Grammar Police are on patrol

          • oopsies


    • Dholman09

      I agree i think this season will be good if Janelle and Dan come back! And i kno Joe’s picture is like super creepy!

  • AnnieO

    I think Shane is kinda like Tom Cruise with a cultlike vibe about him. something is very off. or maybe it’s just the cheesy pic.

    • Lisa

      OMG, he is wearing a puka shell necklace in one of his pictures! Immediate turn off! So 90′s!

  • Gmagarino

    She did not say she is going to Try to play te villain she said she was goin to see how it plays out! Yea u can hate Jo all u want! That won’t stop her! Thats my girl! And there is no mew Yorker bit! She is a new Yorker ! Get a grip dude!

    • Branden B

      Brother, boyfriend, cousin? Which? It was like one little paragraph. You get the grip. Dude.

  • Mpenni18

    Not loving this cast…..again!! How do they pick them???Seriously???Stop bringing in people related to other show’s cast!!! Drop the nerds and drama queens!! Why not let US pick the cast next year!!

    • Official Cody Allen

      How can they let us choose the cast? People are biased in many different ways. I mean look back the BB bracket and it shows. If someone had a family member on it they would of course strive for more votes and get them because of various things like where they’re from, their looks, and their family and friends will obviously vote for them. I don’t think this seasons cast will be too bad. Last seasons newbies weren’t bad either. Dominic was good but got too caught up with Dani. Porsche made it to the final 2. Kalia proved she was a competitor. Keith never got a chance to shine. There will always be some weak links in every cast.

      • TruthTeller

        that bb bracket was just a set up to promote jeff & jordans upcoming show. nothing else!

      • Dholman09

        Thnx for keeping it real!

    • Judybrantley65

      I agree my God why do they bother having people try out for the show!!!! This is getting so old they keep playing the same games year after year with the same players and now they are just using people that are famous or their family members are its straight up bullshit!!!!!!

      • lisakn

        They are doing a whole lot of recruiting instead of casting. Models, actors, etc..

      • Rikki Gardner

        like 3 or 4 people in the cast said they didnt go to casting calls, they said BB found them and asked them to be on the show…dont like that

      • ChiGirl

        Thank you! As much as people love BB, and take out time to audition, it really is sad that these producers seek out contestants. I mean, really did we need Sid Vicious’ kid on the show? Russell Hantz’s brother? A Playboy playmate? Then we’ve got to see contestants who’ve already played the game(some have played twice already)? CBS is getting lazy in the casting…

    • Tony Robinson

      Watch the season and see what happens before you think the cast blows. Remember there is still 4 guests from past seasons of bb that might come back in the house.

      • Geegee<3jojo

        Thankyou u make sense! Your gonna love joeaphine! Who couldn’t! Lol

    • Geegee

      Jo is a newbie and no drama queen.. Just watch and Ull see :)

    • ChiGirl

      I also wish they’d stop going for a certain type to compare them to previous players. I’d much rather they go by auditions, instead of seeking people out. I don’t know how Willie will be as a contestant, but I would prefer it if CBS would leave the Hantz family alone.

      I’d also love it if we’d have a larger variety of age differences, as well as racial diversity. Come on BB, this is your 14th season….its time to make some changes.

  • Charlie Toft

    I gotta say, that is not a good photo of Ashley. Not that I’m really one to talk, but that head shot makes her look like she was assembled by a scientist with an assistant named Igor.

  • Kevin Tomac

    this looks more like a real world cast than a Big Brother cast. LOL

    • anon

      Ya cause someone like Jodi and Joe would be on the RW..

      • ChiGirl

        Well, Jodi and Joe(a replacement) are rare amongst the cast, because majority are 20 something. There’s never been a thing about the game of BB that says you have to be young to play. So its very true, as there seems to be a certain demographic that dominates the cast.

  • lizibird

    cheers to those who will enjoy watching the ex-Bunny… but there seems to be NO hot guys in this cast. I’ll try to withhold judgment until they take their shirts off. :)

    • Lisa

      I agree and Shane is no Jeff Schroeder!! Serious! Maybe he is a Brendon, in that Brendon creepy kinda way.. Ugh!

      • Judybrantley65

        Thank you!!!!!!! There is NO CUTE GUYS this year at all but of course they will make sure there are ones that will show their ta tas to everyone!!!!!

  • xoxoxo

    Glad that there is a lesbian this season. I don’t think that she will last, and the shallow part of me wishes that she was hotter.

    • Patworx

      Who’s the lesbian?

      • Michelle Jones


  • Official Cody Allen

    I think the mentors coming in may know that Willie is Russell’s brother. They’re all huge reality TV fans and everyone knows the Hantz family. I think he’ll try to keep it quiet but it won’t work as long as he wants. Plus, he looks just like Russell.

  • Preston

    I find it hard to believe that they couldn’t find a replacement that made more sense for Mike’s place. Old people just tend to float and remain too chicken to make any bold moves. Daniele seems old and boring enough and she even blatantly stated that she plans on floating when she had her interview, what’s the purpose of adding somebody even older this time in Joe? From the interviews, Willie and possibly Jenn strike me as the only house-guests to be fun to watch. I just get the notion that those two will make things interesting in the house. Aside from those two, the selections seem alarmingly dim to me so i guess it’s a good thing we’re going to see the alumni return to rescue yet another season.

  • TruthTeller

    That Will Heuser guy is just a wanna-be actor, and a bad one. Expect a lot of boring self promotion from him. See for yourself on his you tube channel

    • Nathan Winslett

      Wil gotta go. He gives a bad rap to all gays with dignity and taste.

      • lisakn

        I’m hoping we like him better when he gets in that house, but I know what you’re saying..something just seems off, but it could be nerves with it being his first real interview.

        • oopsies

          Yeah, I think it’s just his nerves. I think he’d be great!!

  • Lisa

    I’m liking the cast. Nothing unusual, but interesting enough.. I say no way is Frank 28 unless he suffers from premature aging.. I’m getting really excited about the personality conflicts i can see already..

  • hikitty

    I really like the whole cast after watching the interviews. The only person I would hope leaves early is Danielle. I hate when people lie for no reason, why lie about being a nurse? Mostly though, I don’t like how she said 3 times in her interview that she plans to float and make big moves after week 10. Week 10? The game would be over, no?

    • lisakn

      I actually see her staying around for a long time. She is this season’s Jordon. Nice to everyone, playing all helps that she is naturally nice, and not just faking it. I do see this one staying at least till jury.

  • Richard H. Shores

    Not the worst cast but definitely not the most exciting either. But I keep my expectations low and hope to be wowed and totally surprised. The mentors are going to get the majority of the screen time and to be honest, I like some of those purported to be mentors, but the returning players bit is becoming a bit tiresome. Just put together a great cast and let them play.

    The problem of why we keep getting the returning player syndrome is because there was a new person hired at CBS that is over the entertainment division of the company several years ago. And personally, Survivor and Big Brother have paid the price since then.

    With my expectations low as I said earlier, I hope we have a great season.

    • lisakn

      I agree. Why not let the new players just play the game and leave the vets out of it. I’m tired of the old players popping in like they own the place.

    • oopsies

      I really do like this. Back to basics — no twists, no returning houseguests, no added extras. Just let the game play out and see who has the ability to outwit others through game planning! I’ve watched BB from season 1, and it’s just much different now. I find less stimulus in the environment = more entertaining!!

  • Ccella

    watching the interviews today, I was left wondering if there just might be a house pet this year…I mean in addition to the fish ,

  • lisakn

    I just got my feeds..and this might seem like a silly question, but who is MIKE?

  • Rikki Gardner

    Willie seems so arrogant and obnoxious, i dont watch survivor so i dont know who russel is but this guy is annoying. He said if it wasnt for the money he wouldnt have even considered doing the show, ugh! And he is way too cocky for me, he said there is nobody he respects who has ever played the game! Really?!?!

    • lisakn

      I’m going to watch his entire interview later, I watched a little bit of it and get what you mean by arrogant. He seemed that way to me too.

  • lisakn

    My first impression is..
    JoJo… is going to have major issues with everyone imo, she has that attitude that no one likes.
    Frank… is going to be liked, he just has that kind of personality. I also see him winning comps..He will be there a while.
    Shane…Unless he wins first HOH, or builds a strong alliance..he’s out the door really fast.He is probably the biggest threat in the house.
    Jen…I think she might do really good unless she goes in with a bad attitude and tries to be the alpha female.
    Danielle…She is going to be there a while. I think she will make friends with both the guys and the girls. She’s not faking her niceness and people will be able to tell that she isn’t. They will all like her.
    She’s not a threat to anyone either.
    Kara…She won’t last that long unless she hooks up with a strong player/players.
    Willie..Didn’t watch enough of his interview yet.
    Jodi..I think she will be there a while, just because she is older and not a threat.
    Ian..He’s going to be playing a very smart game, he knows this game inside and out.
    Ashley..I think she’s going to be a little bit too catty.
    Wil..He’s not a threat..but I think he will play an emotional game, and that will hurt him.

  • LanieLou

    I’m looking forward to Shane, Jodi & Willie… Shane’s a hot ticket, Jodi is a smart playa & Willie will be hilarious!

  • jami07

    Started off liking Jodi but as soon as she said that she wasn’t a Jeff and Jordan fan I stopped liking her! I will always be a JEJO fan so if you don’t like them i’m sorry but I can’t like you! I will definitely be rooting for someone else!

    • bbfan1

      that’s an immature reason to not like Jodi lol. But maybe you are young, idk.

      • lisakn

        Yea, that’s a terrible reason not to like her. There were others that didn’t like JEJO, you can’t dislike anyone who dislikes them, lol.

        • jami07

          lol yeah I probably will still root for her out of all of the girls she is one of the ones that I do like the most I just hate that she hates Jeff and Jordan lol I love them haha disregard my first post lol I don’t mean it! Do you have any favorites yet?

          • lisakn

            I was joking, lol..but yea, a lot of them are growing on me now that I’ve seen their entire interviews. I think JoJo will be great drama..and so will Jenn, but the two of them will clash, and that’s great for us watching it unfold, hee hee.

    • Notta Customer

      Jeff is a bigot. Other than that… I still don’t like him. You don’t have to like me. I don’t care.

  • Tony Robinson

    yeah think this is going to be a great season form the looks of the new cast and 4 past guests coming backl Wil kind of creeps me out a little bit and think he the gay guy of the house. Also think that Frank if he doesn’t talk too much might make it too final two. Can’t really tell much from the other guests at this point cause haven’t seen there interviews yet and hot looking girls can be smart or just super dumb in the bb house. But all in all it seem like a good cast this year. Oh Ian reminds me of the guy from Revenge of the Nerds.

  • Angelface4

    I think it’s going to be a very interesting season,Can’t wait!!!!

  • bbfan1

    the blog author’s comments were super annoying. Jojo never said she was going to try and be a villain, she said she hopes to be a little of both..

    • bbfan1

      And what does Ian looking young have to do with anything? thats pretty obvious, come up with better comments about them.

  • lisakn

    I think I’ll like Frank, Jen, JoJo(for entertainment b/c she will stir up trouble), and Wil(I think he will be fun to watch if he gets over his nerve problem)

  • Geegee

    Jo Jo is gonna win! And I love her! That is my best friend!!! She is no jersey shore wana be she’s the real thing people!!! Lol

  • lisakn

    They say Brittney Haynes is coming back!! If they just have to bring back old players, I hope that is true. Love Britt!!

  • lisakn

    Never was a big Janelle fan, liked her, but didn’t LOVE her. Love Britney tho!!!

  • Den0735

    Would somebody please tell WILL to quit picking his scalp.
    It makes him look like he has FLEAS