Season 14: Exclusive House Tour!

Check out the BB14 house's new decor, it's all about "Tokyo Pop"!

Season 14: Exclusive House Tour!

As a Big Brother fan have you ever wondered what it is actually like inside of the house? Well this superfan had the opportunity to do just that!

On behalf of SuperPass I traveled to the Big Brother house for a media day something very few people get to do. It was probably the most EXCLUSIVE look at BB14 that anyone will get to experience this season and I am excited to share it with you!

When we arrived the the CBS studios and checked in with security, we were led into the BB house through a dark hallway that was literally like walking into a Fun House. We were INSIDE of the Big Brother house walls! It was pitch black with a very dim black light and the only thing you could only see the florescent orange tape strip on the ground leading your way. I didn’t even realize I was “in the walls” until later.

We opened a door and we were suddenly in the BB pantry. There was no food obviously, and the room was serving as a storage room for the time being. There were rolls of wallpaper, boxes, props and such that sat on the counters.

When we walked through the door and stepped into the BB house I felt what it must be like to be a new houseguest. It’s overwhelming. I’m pretty sure my eyes bugged out and my jaw hit the ground. The house is gorgeous and I LOVED the color scheme. The colors “pop” and there is a really vibrant, energetic feel to the house.

The theme of the house this year is Urban Pop, or “Tokyo” Pop. A young, vivacious, contemporary and colorful house that is both modern but also retro in many respects.

As you leave the storage room and enter the house you are met with a golden T-Rex, or “Godzilla” on the table in the short hallway that joins the living room with the bedrooms (top pic). I figured he would be heavy, but he’s actually plastic, spray painted to look like brass. Sounds cheesy, but it’s a great touch that fits well with the theme.

The next door on the right was the Have/Have Not bedroom. Sadly this room was not yet completed – and it was locked – so there was no telling what was behind the door. Later as I explored from inside the BB walls I got to take a quick peek through the one-way window into the Have/Have Not room and noticed it was in complete disarray except for the door. It had a hypnotizing black and white swirl design on it. CBS says this room will be sure to give you vertigo, so I’m sure the entire room will be decorated like the door, and will be a big optical illusion.

Big Brother 14 house tour

As we continued we made our way into the first bedroom, the “Sonic Flow” bedroom. Now, Allison told me the room didn’t actually have a name yet despite it being called that in the description from CBS. After looking at the numerous brightly colored headphones decorating one wall, the large, but unoperational, boom-box sitting on a dresser in the corner, the “speaker” and “equalizer” wallpaper, I said she should name it the “Boom Room”. I hope my suggestion sticks. In this room there are 3 beds. One larger round one (shaped like a head) and two on each side of it, shaped like headphones. The headphone beds are a fraction of the size of the center bed. With as many houseguests as there are going to be though (more houseguests than ever?) I’m guessing all three beds will require 2 people sleep in them. There are going to be some uncomfortable nights for the HG’s in the headphone beds.

The beds themselves are extra firm…and the pillows? You’d almost be better off with a bag of cotton balls (or Brill-O pads) in a paper bag. Maybe that’s just because I am a pillow whore. These certainly would never make the cut in my bedroom.

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After passing through the Sonic Flow room, we made our way into the “Kicks” bedroom. The door between the two rooms has a REALLY strong spring , watch your fingers, BB14 houseguests!

The first thing you notice in the “Kicks” bedroom are the numerous brightly colored sneakers displayed in cube shelves on the wall. CBS says they will be nailed to the shelves, but when we were there you could pick them up. Vintage women’s Reeboks with velcro around the ankle, checkered Converse, Pink & Green L.A. Gear (like an actual pair I owned in 1987) and more crazy trends.

Big Brother 14 house tour, shoes

(SIDE NOTE: In one of the mini lockers in the room is a fluorescent yellow pair of stilettos by FERGIE. Seriously. It’s kind of random, but what’s even more random is that the two shoes aren’t the same size. I’m thinking these would make good weapons.)

Three full size beds are in the Kicks room. Again, I can hardly imagine sleeping with a stranger in such a small bed!

Big Brother 14 house living room

The living/dining room and kitchen are most definitely the most spectacular part of the house and the two rooms are joined with a large colorblock rug that seems to be made up from actual squares of varying colors. It has a pixelated look and it’s a little weird to walk on at first because it doesn’t have a straight border.

The living room is just gorgeous. Again, I cannot say how cool the color is in this house. Very citrus-y , very 80s. Lime green, tangerine orange, watermelon pink, sky blue and lemon yellow. Keeping with the Tokyo Pop theme are the bonsai trees and bamboo scattered throughout the house. And yes, they’re real.

The eviction chairs are bright orange and 70s mod contemporary and are actually quite comfortable. I tried to imagine what future houseguests would be sitting in those very chairs, sweating it out, with $500,000 on the line. The table has small boxes of sand with smooth, oval rocks and a tiny wooden rake made from balsa wood. $1.49 is written on it in pencil. Heh. The back wall has an artful design that is backlit with small white accent lights. If you watch closely some of them alternate off and on.

The usual big screen TV is mounted for the HGs to communicate with Julie Chen or whomever Big Brother chooses.

Big Brother 14 house kitchen table

The dining room table’s Lazy Susan has a Tokyo cityscape silhouette, and a similar mural is also found upstairs on your way to the HOH room. The wall behind the large round table looks to be made of a metal material with a Braille-like pattern. The dining room chairs are new this year and are actually super comfortable, more comfortable than they look. You can even rock in them when you’re nervous at the nomination ceremony.

The table is set for the houseguests with avocado green handled eating utensils (they’re very light, cheap) and decorated dishes. And in case you’re wondering, spinning the center of the table isn’t as easy as you think. That sucker requires a group effort to get it around.

Big Brother 14 house kicthen

The kitchen of the Big Brother house is really fun. It’s equipped with all brand new appliances this season including a new refrigerator, microwave and stove, but of course there’s no dishwasher. There is a fun orange blender and a pink mixer, keeping with the color scheme of the rest of the house.

Big Brother 14 house tour, kitchen 2012

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One interesting prop in the kitchen is a bouquet of dried flowers that is wrapped in newspaper – from Tokyo. The dishes are stacked neatly in the cabinets that have no doors. Fake lemons and limes serve as decorations in glass containers that sit neatly next to the dishes.

Big Brother 14 house tourBig Brother 14 house tour, arcade room

Continuing on to the other side of the house is the Arcade Room. The previously purple lounge area is now turquiose and is smaller than last season. The Big Brother fortuneteller has been replaced with a claw game. Drop the claw, try and grab a colored ball. Just like the game you played as a kid. I can’t help but wonder if this will play a bigger part in the game than the fortuneteller did last season. On a small tabletop is an assortment of “bots” including a miniature version of the infamous Zingbot.

Big Brother 14 house tour 2012

The Big Brother 14 bathroom looks to be tiled, right? Actually it is wallpapered to look like tile. The arcade room definitely spills over into the bathroom with the 80s type video game creatures on the wall. Very reminiscent of Atari’s Pac Man or Space Invaders. There are numerous bottles of brightly colored nail polish to the right of the one-sided mirror for the ladies and to the left of the mirror are a couple of electric razors for the men. The miniature golden T-Rex accompanies them.

Big Brother 14 house HOH roomBig Brother 14 house tour 2012

The HOH room has a Japanese garden feel to it, with charcoal and plum colors, bonsai trees and bamboo. And yes, a stocked fish tank in the corner near the bathroom. The day we were there the fish had JUST been put in the tank a couple hours earlier so we had to wait until the tank was up to room temperature to go into the HOH room as to not disturb the fish until they had adjusted.

The HOH bed is as comfortable as it looks and has a microphone dangling over it, a reminder that you’re never truly alone in the Big Brother house. A plum colored L-shaped couch (that we all know is the location of many strategic plots) is in the room. If I were a houseguest, the green throw blanket draped over it would be mine. It is soooo soft.

The walls behind the bed have Japanese trees with accent lighting that adds a cool touch of ambiance to the room. Of course the big screen TV is mounted for optimal spying on other houseguests.

Big Brother 14 house tour

The area outside of the HOH room still has a chessboard but this year it is definitely Super-Sized with oversized chess pieces made of hollow plastic. The cushioned seating areas that face one another are much more comfortable than last year’s bench seating.

Big Brother 14 house backyard

The backyard of the Big Brother 14 house is basically unchanged, it still has the pool, hot tub, outdoor lounge area and washer and dryer. Again, the appliances are all new so the houseguests will be washing their dirty laundry in new machines. No pool table, or foosball table, or any form of entertainment had been brought in during our visit, so we can’t confirm if Big Brother will bring the pool table back this season.

The walls of the backyard appear to be freshly painted and last season’s graffiti on the back wall has been replaced with a Japanese Garden scene. Beach balls and the good ol’ rubber ducky still float in the pool, they’re just awaiting their new houseguests!

Watch EXCLUSIVE interviews with Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, and Julie Chen on SuperPass!

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Watch EXCLUSIVE interviews with Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, and Julie Chen on SuperPass!

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Sound off Big Brother fans, we want to hear what you think of the new house décor this season and it’s Tokyo Pop theme!


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    so excited!!!

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    Thanks for the tour! I like your suggestion of Boom Room, they should use that. And I lol’d as you called out Lane in the shower, wasn’t expecting that haha.

  • Richard H. Shores

    I have to say that the set decorators did a great job. Just to start another rumor…I am wondering if the crane game with the color balls will be used for a HoH comp!

  • Andrew Sloan

    Awesome description of the house!! That must’ve been so fun! CANNOT WAIT FOR BB14

  • TruthTeller

    17 place settings. 17 house guests?

  • april

    maybe they will have to play something to win a house pool table, weight sets & exercise equipment, which would be fun. That’s how they used to do it. However, that better not count as 3 of the 4 “big surprises” they promised.

  • Angeface4

    I’m a die hard BB fan,I’ve watched every episode of every season,I’m lovin the look of the house this year,Great job!!

  • Bh758

    Any idea who the supplier is for the curved corner kitchen wall shelves?

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      I wanna know the same thing! If you happen to find out could you let me know? Thanks.

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    Big fan of big brother. Where did they get the outdoor furniture this season (looks like brown wicker furniture with lime cushions. Please help find this set

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