Season 14: Exclusive Interview with the Show’s Producers!

Allison Grodner wants to hear from fans!

Season 14: Exclusive Interview with the Show’s Producers!

During media day inside the new “Tokyo Pop” inspired Big Brother 14 house I spoke with executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan about the upcoming season, which premieres on CBS July 12.

I’ll admit, as a huge fan of the show, I was a little nervous to interview Allison. It’s like interviewing the great and powerful Oz! But I found her to be easy to chat with and she was in really great spirits so I really enjoyed the time I got to talk with her. Rich was super easy going and seemed to let Allison lead the way when answering questions, and both were very excited to share their perspectives of the new season of Big Brother.

In this clip Allison asks fans what they think the food restriction should be. Back in the day it was PB and J sandwiches, and for the past 7 seasons it’s been the dreaded “slop” concoction.

“I would actually like to hear from the fans, what they think it should be. Right now I think that what we’ve found is something that works consistently and gives them the nutrition they need.”

She adds that not only is slop nutritious, it’s also great for gameplay.

“Slop is something that helps with the story and helps with the strategy and really helps for the (Hgs) to fight harder for certain things.”

And yes, I was put on slop while in the Big Brother house playing against other members of the media and it gets old QUICK. I couldn’t imagine being on it for days or even weeks (like Brendan last season).

Watch the FULL interview with Allison & Rich on SuperPass.

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Watch the FULL interview with Allison & Rich on SuperPass.

Current SuperPass subscribers will also get to hear Allison and Rich dish on what their biggest challenge is every season, their favorite seasons, whether or not they “cater” to their favorite players, how they use social media to get feedback from fans and whether or not we can expect TWO Big Brother seasons in one calendar year.

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Comment below to tell Allison what YOU think the food restriction should be!


  • Melissa Meek-Shields

    Liquid diet plus booze would give us a great drama and excitement!

  • Ginger Whetstine

    I think slop would be fine…. but they should get a ration of booze, because the drunken fun we are all really hoping for is more likely with an empty stomach and booze. The booze should be generic and awful so it’s more like a punishment, but, I think it would stop a lot of the whining.

  • Heather Isaacs

    Liquid diet plus booze

  • Hardymyke

    Liquid diet!

  • P Stewart

    Liquid diet

  • rhonda johnson

    I always feel so bad for those on slop. I start counting down the days until they can eat. Sure wish you’d have the PBJ sandwiches again.

  • Happymarriedgirl2003

    Let’s change it up this year and give those hamsters a liquid diet and some booze to get the drama going. No more boring seasons, PLEASE!

    • Faceones

      only 12 been boring

  • paulaustin

    have to say liquid diet sounds nice, but I almost hate food restriction, because three days in, most of them shut down and stop being entertaining :(

  • Jefkim0

    Liquid diet would be perfect! They can still get their nutrician plus they can drink alchol! Plus the buff bods will be upset because they’ll lose their bulk. Its a perfect idea!

  • Adheflin

    I think slop would be fine..I think with the slop they could choose either breakfast or lunch to eat what the rest are eatingll.if they choose NOT to eat other stuff then mybe one less day?. but they should get a ration of booze,let them have all the booze they want..I bet there are those that do not drink at all..maybe let them swap their slop days with a non slopper lol see how they try to get somebody to swap with them…

  • Redtootsiepop

    liquid DIET + unlimited beer/wine!

  • Dan

    Liquid diet!!! Give them a juicer so they can juice anything in the house and they can still have alcohol! :)


    I agree with keeping the slop, but they should have something else also. Maybe some energy bars, energy drinks, an at least 1 fruit or vegetable.


    After reading some of the other comments, I agree they should be allowed to juice anything they want, but still have slop. Unlimited alcohol is an AWESOME idea! An empty stomach + alcohol makes for VERY EXCITING ENTERTAINMENT!!!

  • canuk333

    Liquid diet would improve the show for lots of reasons! Slop puts everyone including the audience to sleep. No more slop!

  • Claire

    A liquid diet would be such a great idea! It would allow them to have alcohol, which is always a plus. And only being able to have liquids would be so hard on the players’ minds, while still being nutritious. Slop just slows everyone down and makes them so boring.

  • Jeremy Simpson

    I agree with the liquid diet concept. It’s the best of both worlds. It messes with them mentally but NOT physically. The problem with messing with them physically is that it makes them run down and less willing to interact on the live feeds. Crazy hamsters are fun. Tired hamsters are not.

  • Kim M.

    I LOVE how BBUK does the food. Basically, they have tasks that they have to complete for a “food budget”. The more tasks completed, the more (or better) food they can get. 1 or 2 people are in charge of the food shopping. Sometimes they do great and get lots of milk and veggies. Other times, they get 500 bananas, 100 boxes of corn flakes, 50 gallons of milk and variety packs of food color. Oh boy…the other house mates were pissed off about that one! But it was funny for the viewers to see! And, they got creative, like blue milk. ha ha ha They also do a daily task to win a party at night. More alcohol for bored hampsters means better feeds and drama for the rest of us!

    • Showtraveler

      I watch BBUK also,and I love there tasks for food and party’s.Some are so simple, but so fun to watch.They really keep the house guest busy.Bots is a blast also.

  • Kim M.

    And, should we even go into how (when on slop) we have to hear about their poop problems on the feeds? GAH!

  • jenny ⚓

    Liquid diet with ability to drink alcohol!

  • Tinakeheley

    I agree with Allison. I think the slop is the way to go. I would like to see them add more condiments or items that have to be incorporated into the slop like raisens, honey, oil, egg, nuts spices like cinnamon,etc. . I don’t think alcohol should be given to them. It should be a reward

  • Cheryl Pledge Kardell

    Liquid diet!

  • Tracy Grotte

    “We hear a lot from people…..” Ummm… isn’t that hearing from the fans? Call me crazy, but I think the fans opinion on this has been expressed many times over.

  • Anonymouse

    Liquid diet, get them a Vitamix and they can have all kinds of veggies for nutrition but all liquid, it gets old really fast to not have anything solid to eat.

  • Chris Kelly

    Allison and Rich. Thanks for making the best BB US the best in the world! Please help BB UK!

  • Mystek5

    Hi I have a question, does anyone know if Spicy is Rachel’s sister

    • Texasgal

      no spicy is not Rachel’s sister, Rachel only has one sister and she lives in canada i believe!

  • Marybeth

    I can not find the interview with Allison & Rich it says can’t find page. Is there another way to view it?

  • myrtlebeachlady

    Liquid diet but can juice whatever they want.

  • Longwintonr

    I really liked the Veto Challenge “Dip and Chips” but why not take that a step further and let it be used as an advertisment during the game.. Like a restuarant like Chili’s or Fridays come up with a theme for each game, or possibley let the restaurants bid by coming up with the challenges, and it would kill two birds with one stone, as long as its not to blatant, I would not mind.. at least we would get to keep watching more of the show…and BB would get more money to make the prizes larger.. because, come on its been a half mill for 14 seasons? REally, wonder what that translates into with inflation… I say make it BIGGER and use it to your advantages. Make the challenges a slate to advertise for possible businesses.. The Chili’s Challenge, or the Taco Bell Challenge, The Pepsi Challenge.. lol etc.. yall get it…….