OMG WTF Episode 1: Kevin Breaks It Down

Willie's expulsion is the big OMG of the week

OMG WTF Episode 1: Kevin Breaks It Down

Kevin Campbell

is back with all of his OMG WTF Moments from Big Brother 14 on SuperPass.

In this installment, there's one OMG moment that can't be ignored and that's Willie's expulsion from the game. Kevin rehashes the event, but brings up a great point about the whole thing that we didn't get to see on CBS.

Using the Live Feeds flashback feature, Kevin shows us the WTF moment that might actually be behind Willie's blow-up. And that's Joe and Janelle's discussion to instigate Willie and as Joe says to make him “blow up.” And we all know what happens next. Joe mumbles something at Joe and bam, they're puffing their chests out look roosters and Willie is headbutting Joe. Gingerly headbutting Joe.

Kevin goes on to give his “IMHO” about the matter and like a lot of others, thinks Britney's coaching methods are to blame for Willie's meltdown. I'm still not on that bus, but that's IMHO.

Find out what Kevin has to say about Big Brother 14!

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  • bbfanjb

    kevin is the BOMB, LOL…loved this episode and can’t WAIT until the next one!!! Great job Kevin!!!

  • Bring Willie Back

    Kevin LOVE your show. EVERYTHING you said was exactly right. Ask ppl for dirty jen clips like like when she spits on the washcloth to clean her face. eeewwww

  • BYE ~ bring willie back

    Need clips of Joe using the bathroom, comes out doesnt wash his hands, then cooks for everyone. ewwww moment lol

  • BYE ~ BringWillieBack

    If all willie did was a little chest bump. Id sugest u BRING WILLIE BACK. The first couple weeks we were sayin WOW this is the best season ever. NOW BB isnt even worth watching anymore.