Week In Review: Big Brother Spoilers Edition

Find out what has happened during Big Brother 14 Week One

Week In Review: Big Brother Spoilers Edition

During the run of Big Brother 14, my usual Reality TV Week in Review will take a new shape. It’s going to be all about Big Brother 14. So let’s get right to it.  It’s Sunday, so that means there’s an episode on tonight. That also means that all the good stuff has already happened: nominations, Power of Veto and the Veto Ceremony. The only thing left is the live eviction Thursday night.

So if you want to find out all the Big Brother spoilers from the week so far, keep reading. If you want to stay in the dark, good luck with that. But seriously, if you don’t want to read spoilers stop reading now.

Jodi, We Barely Knew You: As you all know, Jodi was the first official Big Brother 14 houseguest sent packing. She landed on Team Dan and since his team lost the first challenge he was forced to send one person home. Jodi was the casualty. Find out what Jodi had to say about her short-lived time in the Big Brother house in her exit interview.

Life Inside The House: The feel of the house during the first week is a bit different than it usually is. I think that’s because the coaches in the house have made the game aggressive very early. Aside from that, people are getting along somewhat well. Danielle might be shaping up to be a pretty unpopular HG. Ian has proven he’s a Big Brother genius, which will only put a target on his back. Everyone knows Kara was Playmate of the Year and that Willie is Russell Hantz’s brother.

The best kept secret in the house: That Danielle is a nurse. Why this was ever a secret is beyond me. The coaches also get to play a competition and the winner gets to protect one of their players from eviction. This week, Boogie won that and decided to protect Ian.

The Nominations and POV: Willie, as Head of Household, nominated Frank and Kara for eviction. Britney’s team and Janelle’s team are sticking together for now, so Boogie’s and Dan’s teams are the target. Per usual, who will be evicted has been going back and forth and back and forth and back again x100.

The POV players were Willie, Kara, Frank, Shane, Wil and Danielle. Shane won the POV and decided not to use it. So either Frank and Kara will be going home. For the first part of the week, the plan was to send Kara packing. But after some slip-ups by Frank and some surprisingly good gameplay by Joe, the plan is shifting toward Frank. But it seems easier to get Dan out of the coaches game quicker by eliminating Kara, leaving him left with Danielle. So expect the plan to change again about 12 times before Thursday night.

Photo of the Week:

BB14 coaches challenge

Who do you think will be heading home this week? Who do you want to go home?


  • ben maitland

    Frank will go home he is strong ever one can like him. Kara can wait for later to be kicked out. (and i would hate to see Dan’s team go out so fast)

  • donna

    I hope it is Frank just because I want to see boogieman’s ego destroyed. Sorry, Frank.

  • tia mariea

    I would like to see frank go….just for the drama of a blind side

  • Jeff

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