Big Brother Group Therapy

Britney plays shrink for Danielle and Shane

Big Brother Group Therapy

The doctor is in. And by doctor, I mean Big Brother 14′s Britney. If you’ve been watching the Live Feeds, you’ll know that the Danielle and Shane “showmance” TV-only viewers has been seeing is more like a “fauxmance.” Shane doesn’t even seem to like the girl, but he keeps cuddling and kissing her. And they bicker like a couple married for 40 years.

Recently Britney was lucky enough to moderate a little couples threapy between the two in the HOH room. Shane thinks it’s a bad idea for he and Danielle to hang out and Danielle gets a little nutty with come backs like “well you don’t have to stay up here!” and “You won’t answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan!” Wait, that’s from Glenn Close in the movie Fatal Attraction. My bad.

And like anyone deal with an unrequited showmance, she acts like she never wanted a shomance anyway and again tells Shane to just stay away then. Britney tries her best to get through to Danielle, but Danielle isn’t hearing it.

Shane points out several times that Danielle is his best FRIEND in the house. And that he wants to come to Alabama for a football game. Not for a whirlwind romance. Danielle says she doesn’t want anything like that either, even though we all know differently.

It’s a good 10-minute therapy session and shouldn’t be missed. You might even learn something about yourself while watching it. I know I did, but I’m not going to go there because it has nothing to do with relationships and more to do with how I feel about one of those three people in that bed.

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  • Don Alejandro de la Vega

    Everyone has this completely backwards. Danielle is playing Shane. Watch, if they both get to the final 3 or 4, she’s gonna drop him quicker than she can drop that terrible southern accent. Oh wait, she’s from ‘Bama–oh well, you know what I mean.

    • Good vs. Evil

      Danielle really liked Shane…I mean really liked….She visited him twice in Vermont….Shane was playing her…

      • Summer Grace

        The first time Danielle went to Vermont his family called her. The 2nd time they decided together to go back to vermont after their interview and the 3rd time He asked her to come back to Vermont… so I think its a mutual like

  • Jennifer Sakowski

    I think Britney needs to mind her business and let these 2 grown adults actually TALK about it. Either they like each other, or they don’t. And Shane kissing on Dani doesn’t help matters. Girls get attached quick, he’s screwed with her head, and backed off, she needs to accept it. It happens.

    • Good vs. Evil

      Spot on Jennifer.. Shane rejected Danielle, and she shouldnt’ve accepted it, and just left him alone…In real life, she couldn’t accept it…She visited Shane twice in Vermont, constantly calls him on the phone, almost the whole nine yards…

      Danielle was seriously attached. In the real world, Shane should tell her his true feelings..and if she can’t handle it…oh well..playing with someone’s feelings is alot worst than, than never telling them the truth…