Sheila Kennedy On Millionaire Matchmaker

BB9 contestant pops up on another reality show

Sheila Kennedy On Millionaire Matchmaker

Big Brother Season 9′s third-place finisher Sheila Kennedy was back in the Reality TV spotlight Tuesday night when she appeared on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.

Sheila was among the potential dates chosen by the Matchmker Patti Stanger for actress Denise Richards’ father Irv. And while there wasn’t a match in the end, Sheila said she had a lot of fun working with the show.

“I think Denise Richard’s dad picked the right woman,” Sheila tells Reality Nation exclusively. ”He’s not my type and I wasn’t his! It all worked out!”

And the question everyone wants to know is, is Patti as scary in real life as she seems on the show!?

“I was really scared that Patty would be really mean to me,” Sheila tells us. “But, she was really nice and she looks great in person.”

If you missed the original airing of the episode, it re-airs tonight at 7 PM on Bravo.

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  • gaborrr

    She needs someone waay hotter!! I’m glad Patti went easy on her :)

  • robbin

    one more attempt to get rich living off of someone else. First it was Bob Guccione, then it was Big Brother now she’s looking for a sugar daddy. It’s embarrassing, for her and her son.

  • Mee Mee


  • Jim

    Who set up that pic with the two bird of paradise off her shoulders?

  • spicy_pants

    I love Sheila!

  • Rob

    I like Sheila and my guess is that she apparently turned down “robbin” for a date at some point.