Spoiler: Who Won Final HoH Part 2?

Which two BB14 HGs will face off in the final round Wednesday night?

Spoiler: Who Won Final HoH Part 2?

The second part of the Big Brother 14 final Head of Household competition played out late Saturday evening. Since Dan won the first round endurance competition, the second round was Ian vs. Danielle.

Ian won Part 2 of the final Head of Household.

So, of  course that means Ian will face off with Dan in Part 3 of the final HoH during Wednesday night’s live season finale. So now that it’s Ian vs. Dan, there are a number of ways this could play out. If Dan wins, we think he still plans to take Danielle. If Ian wins, he will take Dan.

But there’s a game of manipulation going right now, again lead by Dan. Danielle is threatening to taint the jury if Ian takes Dan. It’s all part of Dan’s plan to get Ian to throw the final round of the Head of Household competition. I’m not sure if Ian, the “super fan” remembers that the last person to jury doesn’t exactly have much time to “taint the jury” or not.

So expect some more last-minute drama. You won’t want to miss a second of the drama! Get the BB14 Live Feeds – start your 3-day trial to SuperPass.


  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    I think I heard Ian say twice, while talking to Dan, that he was not going to throw it. First in the bedroom when Ian was pacing after Dani yelled at him and second in the bathroom after his shower. Dan was not even asking him to throw it but he said it anyway. I am really confused.

    Does Ian have this figured out or not?
    Was he talking about throwing the 3rd comp or the one just played?
    Why is Dani crying when it is all an act to fake out Ian?
    Does Dan want to take Dani or Ian to F2?

    Damn it the mist has me confused. Help!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIFQSX7QW53AZMBC47FYLGX6TQ JO

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! phew Ian still has a chance. The one who deserves to win. Doubt it though because of Danielle and Dan, only way Ian is going to see any kind of money is him winning part3. Dan won’t take him and I don’t know why he is still stupid and think dan is on his side and take him. he should take danielle so he wins it all. If he takes dan they might be stupid and give him all the money even though he already won

    • http://twitter.com/DramasNYC Kelvin

      lol, I agree!

  • Mirna Nelson

    I must say that I am so sick of the Dan/Danielle crap!! I can’t stand either one of them. I seriously hope Ian wins part 3 and he takes it all.

    • Huggznstuff

      YESSSSS! I agree

    • Tammyvillacorta

      Team Ian all the way!!!!

  • Summerlove200046

    I;m not gonna continue to watch the live feeds,If I have to hear Danielle say one more time. How much she Hates that Kid.(Ian).Thats emotional abuse on someone with his social skills..she disgusts me.

    • Huggznstuff

      I agree 100% why bash Ian?

      What about Dan manipulating her
      Cripes I could suddenly imagine a marriage and dani talking the way she did to dad when he was in bed sulking

      She kept on and on trying to pick him up and make him feel better all while I thought ” this too is a ploy” and sure enough DAN laughed when she left the bedroom. She is so dumb and far from the brightest candle on the cake on any issue after seeing her/ listening to her talk him up a d telling him what to say in his jury speech

      He needs her to go to the jury “PRAISING DAN”

      Will she?

      • Tammyvillacorta

        Of course she will!! After all he has done to her she still bakes him cookies and kisses his feet.

  • http://twitter.com/DeanoBrown2010 Dean Brown

    Ian PLEASE use that incredible brain you have!!
    I would actually cry if he manages to get manipulated by these 2!!

  • Courtney Mensink

    NNNOOOO I was so hoping that Danielle would win and stab Dan in the bac. That would have been SO EPIC. poo

    • Cynthia Ahmar

      Danielle is too much of a loser, she doesn’t deserve that kind of chance.

  • Cynthia Ahmar

    Ian, ignore Danielle. She’s just the world’s stupidest, most whiny little baby, just pissy cauz she got screwed again and again. Entirely of her own fault, no less. You have nothing to fear of her “tainting” the jury because they all already respect and like you. Send the slut packing.

    • Huggznstuff

      Come on… There is little class and no class!!! You fit both quite well with that language , u are childish

      • Tammyvillacorta

        Truth hurts? Danielle has cried over some guy she has back home!! Begging people to contact him. She has bad mouthed Ian because he has a deal with Dan. She is the child. Give her a mirror and she will be ok

    • Tammyvillacorta

      You said it all I agree…. send this girl packing shes full of herself!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jordguitar jordguitar

    Ian is really pissed off with Dani right now so Dani’s mist will not work on him. I am not sure if he plans on throwing Dan under the bus in the end (which would be smart and would net him the 500k easily) but time will tell.

    • http://twitter.com/Beyoncca Beyoncca

      I noticed when Dani and Ian were outside on the couch, Dani had just finished her tirade about how she would never forgive Ian if he doesn’t take her to the end, and how she expects Dan to backstab her by not taking her to the end, but if Ian does it Shane would be pissed at him. Ian wasn’t bying it. Ian says “I didn’t do anything but help the quack-pack get further in the game”. Dani said, “yeah, but I don’t expect you to betray me, I expect it from Dan.
      Ian’s far too smart to fall for Dani’s crap.
      I hope Ian takes Dan and Ian to win it all.

  • Mzlibra

    Ian has a better chance of winning against dan instead of dani. She would get majority votes. She kills me thinking she has shane wrapped around her finger! Shane hiving her that attention in the end was all game strategy, so please spare me, he was never that into that amy fisher look alike w/o makeup since day one! Please evict her psycho ass out, i’m sick of her already!

    • Savagenikia

      Throw her out ian! Don’t forget to gve her all the boxes of cereal to her before she leaves, maybe that’ll make the greedy bitch feel a lil better!

  • shezapch

    Danielle doesn’t deserve to win because she is “stupid” to throw competitions & let Dan win> STU
    PID. Ian would be smart to take her with him to finals because she won’t get but 1 vote.

  • Tammyvillacorta

    Dan has said in his DR sessions that he would run with Ian to the end if given the chance so I think he will take him. He cant beat Dani in the end. He has also said ironicaly he may have to throw final HOH to win the game, be prepared people for more tears from Dani.