Spoiler: Who Won Final HOH Round 1?

Did Ian, Dan or Danielle move on to Round 3?

Spoiler: Who Won Final HOH Round 1?

On Thursday night’s live eviction episode of Big Brother 14, we saw what’s being called the greatest blindside in Big Brother history when Dan was take off the block by Danielle then evicted Shane instead of Ian.

The reaction to that moment was so shocking that the first round of the final Head of Household competition didn’t even start at the end of the live episode like it normally does. But it did play out a little later on the Live Feeds and we’ve got the results.

Ian didn’t last very long during the endurance competition this time around. So it came down between Dan and Danielle. Dan misted Danielle some more and got her to agree to throw that win to him. Yes, she fell for it again. But I think this time the outcome will finally be in her favor. So Dan won Round 1 of the Final HoH. He automatically moves on to the third round.

BB14 FInal HoH round one dan wins

So now Ian and Danielle will go to battle in round 2. And of course the winner of that will face Dan in the final round. Who do you hope faces Dan in the final round?

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  • Veronicawarren20

    Nice Piece, Mr.B keeps me coming back

  • Voiceof911

    I hope it’s Ian.

  • http://twitter.com/LCPerky Lynda Perky

    I hope it is Ian since Danielle decided to make a deal in a FINAL 3 COMP to Dan and fall off.

    I have felt for awhile that Dan was going to win because they refuse to evict him or make their own decisions and that it was only right because he is playing the best. Tonight during the show I was surprised to find that I was still holding out hope in my heart that they would wake up and Ian might have a chance. NO such forward thinking. I found myself furious at Ian, Shane, and Dani for following and at Dan for voting out Shane. It took at least an hour for me to cool off. Then the Competition started and ended and it hit again. I am always saying it’s JUST a game, not today!

    Here’s to hoping that Ian wins Comp #2 so he can take on Dan, I’m pretty sure he will fight for his life.

    • April

      or even better… here’s to Ian wins Comp #2 and Comp#3 against Dan, and getting to crown Dan as the 3rd place winner.

    • Rrengr79

      I don’t know if u saw the feeds Lynda but Ian also confirmed to Dan that he threw the 1st HOH. So Dan got Ian and Danielle to both drop. Apparently Ian agreed to do this with Dan before feeds came back last night. I was upset too that he voted out Shane.

  • Marty Huggins

    I hope Frank wins the final HOH competitions–NO, I’m not letting this go–boo-hoo–we were robbed… (sounds like somebody needs a self-imposed timeout.)

    Okay, if I have to pick from one of these three sorry-arse losers, then I pick Dan and Ian. Hey, just a second–that’s two. Isn’t it okay if I pick two winners? C’mon, you guys, I won’t pick anyone next Thursday. Okay, okay, it doesn’t matter anyway. The way I see it (plus I’ve got all my fingers crossed), if either wins, they both go to the final 2. Because the spiel that Dan gave Danielle tonight had nothing to do with him taking her to the final 2. That was Dan being Dan–LYING. He did this to make sure he got himself into the final 2, just in case she wins the final HOH comps. So, if she doesn’t win, Ian will beat Dan to win BB14. (Do you think it would be okay if I uncross my fingers now?)

    goooo ian!!!

  • Porkpiejohnny

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danielle is truly “DUMBER” than a bucket of rocks. She again actually puts her trust in Dan the piece of shit…………WTF!!!!!???????

    Go Ian.

  • http://twitter.com/Beyoncca Beyoncca

    Ian turned out to be a great game player getting the big threats out when needed. He made some pretty big moves, and he deserves to win it all.
    Go Ian!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1015619977 Deborah JoAnn Berry

    wait a second while i wipe dani’s stupid off my face. she gave the #1 comp to dan!!!!?????!!!!!! omg OMG how stupid is she??????? now she still has to beat ian for the chance to play against dan, and ian has proved himself to be quite the competitor. she i feel, could have hung on longer then dan…so i am just Godsmacked! since shane got truly back f** i mean back door’d, then i was kind of hoping dani would win at least 50k’s. but its been all about ian for me for a long time. and the joke is on all of them, because i think not only will he win, but he will also win the fans fave! (and i bet even boogie voted for him just for having the balls (though dog balls) to master plan his end to the best summer game EVER!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1187649705 Kim Mitchell Fleming

    I hope Ian wins Round 2. Ian & Dan deserve to be sitting in the Final 2. Danielle deserves to go to the Jury House!!

  • Pt

    Danielle you are stupid!

  • Gr8raineys

    I could not believe it either! Is she really that trusting after all he has pulled on her? She just handed him a check! It made me sick to is her fall for that after he back stabbed her again.

  • Gr8raineys

    I think Ian has also played a great game. I hope if he is in the final 2 with Dan, He wins. I hope Danielle and Ian can knock Dan out all together. He has to be stopped and how sweet would it be at the very last!

  • Danille Fan

    I just do not understand.how ANYONE Dan knows in real life,could actually trust him.
    He smiles even when he is doing his DIRT..elbows in blood? over his head,then reads the bible at bedtime?
    UHHH NOT!!!!!!!
    His wife works to get female teens to get self esteem,but he totally ruins a 23 yr old’s heart!!

    • Cynthia Ahmar

      I don’t like Dan, but Danielle is an adult, even if she is a stupid one. It’s her game to lose if she wants to trust the shadiest character in this game. So far, nothing at all has led me to believe Danielle deserves to win, not even remotely, and Dan is nothing more than an immoral person, so he clearly doesn’t deserve to win either. Ian is the only one who should win.

  • jack

    Ian bailed too. He jumped off on purpose giving it to Dan. So they are both idiots. Although Dani never seems to learn. She forgives Dan over and over again.

  • Mary Bulla Sanchez

    I want Dan to face Ian

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIFQSX7QW53AZMBC47FYLGX6TQ JO

    OH come on Ian! Ian deserves to win, if he doesn’t I hope he gets the 25,000 for the player we like the most. Dan already won enough money and I admit he is playing good stradegy game but so is Ian. Dani isn’t. she just does what people tell her to do and I hope if dan picks he picks the one that deserves to be there but he won’t since dani was his students. that sucks! Ian you have to win

    • Cynthia Ahmar

      I didn’t include the final three in voting for a favorite because at this point, they hold their fates in their own hands. I voted Frank because he is goddamn tough and bloody well would have deserved to win.