Video: Which Date Was Better?

Ashley and Ian vs. Ashley and Frank

Video: Which Date Was Better?

Are you Team Ashlian or Team Frashley?

In case you didn’t know, Ashley has now gone on two “dates” in the Big Brother 14 house with two different men. We saw Ian take Ashley “out” on the Live Feeds July 15 and last night, she and Frank had their own date. Ian had a month to work in another date, but it looks like Ashley moved on. And in a big way.

Her date with Frank did not end as innocently as her date with Ian. I don’t even think Ian got a peck in did he? It doesn’t  matter, because Ashley and Frank’s intense makeout session on the HoH couch cancels out any peck on the cheek.

So now we want to know which date did you like better? Was it Ashley and Ian’s sweet little innocent slop date or Ashley and Frank’s steamy makeout sesh?

Don’t miss a second of the showmance action on the Big Brother Live Feeds – start your free 3-day trial today!

Don’t miss a second of the showmance action on the Big Brother Live Feeds – start your free 3-day trial today!


  • Pugsley Addams

    Let Ashley have her fling with Frank, then, after she’s had her fill, she can let Ian take her home. But then again, maybe Ian should start thinking about joining a monastery.

    Oh, and btw, Frank, you idiot! You just went and pissed off the wrong bad whamma-jamma. Ian will never forget this.

  • TeamTitsFTW

    ashley is obviously playing the flirt card now to get float to franks side so she wont be as vulnerable as she was this week. great gameplay by ashley. i bet u she will go very very far

  • Ivan Gatewood

    Ashley is such a slore!

  • Vballforfun

    am a ashley hatter – wish the would evic her already, pretty slutty move to make out just to get farder in the game

    • lashish

      farder FARDER (it’s farther you dimwit) no wonder your country produces the likes of Ashley Evel Dick and Adam…. THANK GOD FOR CANADA

      • Pugsley Addams

        Am I the only one around here who has seen “Finding Forrester?”

        You said “my skills extend farther than the basketball court.” “Farther” relates to distance. “Further” is a definition of degree. You should have said “Further.”

        I know, I need to get a life.

        • Pugsley Addams

          oops, my blockquote didn’t work

  • Rlmo970212

    Ashley started playin the pitty card with Fake pain. We all know its fake. After POV shes fine and then right before the next hoh she starts hurting again. Now she cant play that hurt card any longer shes going to use the slut card. I heard her tell Brit what ever it takes to stay in the game. I guess that about sums up Ashleys game play because she sucks as a player other then playin the stupid, hurt and now slut card.

  • Scamrock02

    Ian is starting to get very annoying and look like Ashley is getting sick of Ian. If you watch the feeds Ian can’t stop movong and cussing a lot . Truth be told think Ashley had a lot more fun with Frank then Ian. But who knows Ashley so drug up I bet she doesn’t even know she in the BB house half the time.

  • Muffin

    FRANK made the first move. HE asked Ashley if she wanted to make-out. He’s gorgeous, why wouldn’t she? Ashley’s so ditzy she probably had no idea what might happen on the date or what it might look like to others. She’s not slutty. Her and Ian aren’t married you know. That kid doesn’t stand a chance!