The 'Rumor Control' Debacle

Dani & Rachel kick off the BB14 season with new SuperPass show

The 'Rumor Control' Debacle

Big Brother's Dani Donato and Rachel Reilly appeared on the premiere SuperPass show 'Rumor Control' on Monday where we discussed the rumors surrounding Big Brother 14 and the upcoming twists.

Rachel, who is in Costa Rica with Brendon right now, had all of her things stolen the night before. Even though she'd had 'Rumor Control' on her schedule for weeks suddenly she found herself without a laptop (it was Brendon's), out of the country, and more concerning to her, without any makeup! (Hey, I'm not poking fun, I get it.) We found this out, oh, about 15 minutes before showtime.

Now, let me address something, I know a lot of people think Rachel is coming back as a mentor this season, but I am honestly not buying it. Via Skype it sure looked like she was really there, the foliage, the frog she kept obsessing about … and her photos on Twitpic are nothing like Janelle's photoshopped, old pics being passed for new. While in the BB14 house for the media game I asked Rachel if she was one of the HGs coming back this season. She assured me she really was going to Costa Rica and that she wouldn't be doing media day if she were coming back. Unless somehow everyone is pulling the wool over my eyes…count her out.

Sadly, we lost the first portion of Rumor Control for our archives. I know Brenchel fans who missed it live aren't going to be thrilled about it, but we did manage to get her back by phone for a bit.

Dani addressed a lot of the rumors regarding BB14 and gave us her opinions on what might be around the corner. She also told us about her brilliant idea for a reality show that involves taking All-Stars from Survivor, The Amazing Race and Big Brother and making one competitive show combining them all. Brilliant. She agreed that she and Dom are still friends (said with an adorable coy smile) and says her and her dad aren't speaking these days. Of course she looked gorgeous as usual and it was great to see her again. I love her insights to the game, she tells it like it is.

Maybe my favorite part of the show was when Dani and I asked Rachel her thoughts about Janelle coming back this season. Rachel simply said, “Well, I talked to Janelle last week and she told me she was going to Greece.”

Dani and I both say nothing.


Then we laugh our asses off. Yeah, right, we're not buying it.

It was our inaugural Rumor Control, and sure, it wasn't as smooth as we had hoped, we had some technical glitches and issues with hearing callers, but that first show helped us immensely to see what areas need work. Thanks for hanging in there. It looks like BB14 is going to be a wild ride, are you guys ready!?

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Tune in Friday, July 6 at 3pm PT / 6pm ET for Rumor Control on SuperPass with Janelle Pierzina & Rachel Reilly – we hope!



  • Gwrey62

    dani brilliant idea was what adam talked about on the feeds last year, about taking players from all three shows and having a competition with them all. talked about this all the time. and as for the mentors shows it would have been bettter to let the hoh choose whom they would like to mentor them each week instead of having a set four have a list of previous houseguest that are in LA and let them choose.

    • DaBa

      Dani brilliant idea is also Dick’s idea from last year’s Dick @ Nite show…

      • Gwrey62

        well it problem everyone idea .I to remember the show battle of the network stars on abc

  • Michynkrs

    Thanks Spicy! You were in front of the war zone and handled it like a champ! Hope you soaked some of those first day war wounds with a great wine! Love ya!

  • G 2

    The combination of all those reality shows isn’t a new idea. VH1 did it and it was called “I Love Money.” A great show. But none the less, it would be great if they did this.