SPOILER: Boogie Admits To Cheating

Boogie tells Frank he made an 'illegal' move during Veto competition

SPOILER: Boogie Admits To Cheating

The past couple of days, the Big Brother 14 house and the Live Feeds have included a lot of talk about Frank and Boogie cheating in the Veto competition Saturday.

Monday night on the Live Feeds at 1:00 AM BBT, Boogie actually tells Frank that he changed his answers during the Veto competition and that the move he made was “illegal.” That’s the first time the conversation was not blocked and the truth came right from Boogie’s mouth.

Joe was the person fighting to get Boogie and Frank disqualified from the Veto competition since Frank ended up winning the PoV, but has since given up the fight.

Boogie didn’t win the Veto anyway and there’s been no kind of proof that Frank had anything to do with cheating, so is the point moot? What are your thoughts? Should Boogie be punished for making an illegal move in the competition or does it not matter since he didn’t win it anyway?

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  • http://twitter.com/BBCandice Candice

    Actually Joe told Britney that he went to the DR and according to him, he said they knew Frank had cheated during Veto but he was already in a win situation. Whatever that means, however the comp went down. They both cheated and they both admitted to it. Also, the whole Frank cheating during the POV name draw. They might as well just write Frank the check for $500k. They are letting them get away with murder practically, production knows all about it and says nothing. Should have known they wouldn’t do anything about it after how they ruined the show to save Frank and destroy Shane’s last HOH. The show is a total joke and has gone so far off the rails, they have lost a lot of fans for good this time.

    • http://twitter.com/BBCandice Candice

      And you just know Frank will survive Double Eviction, win HOH again, and he will be the one to get Pandora’s Box when it should have been Shane to have gotten it this week. Shane had his HOH robbed just to keep that smelly mother fucker in the game. They could have at least hooked Shane up. The only person in the house who has stuck his neck out, made big moves, and worked for every comp he played in. Even if you think Shane is stupid, he is the only person in the house who didn’t cheat to get where he is now.

    • TangibleAngel

      I agree

  • Pamuhrinek

    Booger should be DQ from the game. Throw him out, then redo POV.

  • Guest

    He should be disqualified. Period!

  • Jaygirlclark76

    cheaters never win!

  • jaime

    give him a vote agianst him in thursday vote

  • Allen Burt

    The BOTH should go home! KARMA!! SMH! So many people have spoken, someone posted on Jeff & Jordan Do America FB about this topic & she makes some good points.

  • Chase Aheron

    Definitely my last season of watching this scripted corrupt show!! Mike Malin should be evicted!! But that will never happen as CBS and Alison Groder obviously are intent on keeping the chilltown mentality alive in the house.

    • http://twitter.com/BBCandice Candice

      It’s not Boogie they are interested in protecting. It seems to be all about Frank and anything that benefits him. When BB stopped the eviction, the show lost all credibility that day.

  • Caw57

    I agree with everything people are saying. I’m beginning to think the show is rigged. Something should be done about it or just write Frank a check now. It’s starting to get alittle out of hand and pissing the viewers off……….. The ratings are going to be way down and guess what BIG BROTHER has asked for it.

  • KooKKy

    In Flashback, Frank admitted that he changed his number too. But, as long as Boogie goes home, I don’t think anyone will care.

    • Crazyysmileshanaim Com

      but changing their number was okay boogie said it was the changing stay fold thing was illegal so frank didnt cheat boogie did so i dont get why everyone is saying frank should be punished for what boogie did.

  • Phrohgz

    give boogie a penalty vote and make frank unable to play in next hoh!

  • http://twitter.com/Eshara_BB Eshara_BB

    I don’t care if it affected the game or not if you cheat you should be DQ’d. As far as BB being rigged that is really hard to believe because it falls under a game show and those are scrutinize by the FCC and rigging would open them up to lawsuit. I think by allowing the players to get away with cheating whether it effects the game or not falls into a bit of a grey area but cheating is cheating.

    • liz

      BB is not considered a Game Show not under FCC. It is a reality show so not under same rules. But frank also admitted ti changing his number in the veto comp BOTH cheated and Frank also admitted to palming the first chip in veto pick and drooping it back in bag to get players choice… I watched him tell boogy himself on flashback and Boogs told him to NEVER repeat that again they both should be thrown out if the game PERIOD!!!!

  • TangibleAngel

    They didnt hesitate to throw Willie out for breaking a rule. Why arent they following through when its Boogie and Frank?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mehus Jordan Mehus

    there both my faves but boogie should be punished a penelty vote prolly and frank should not be since theres no proof to him and if BB was so worried about cheating there are ways this could have been avoided.. i just think this show is going to shit and getting rigged… i will never buy the feeds again cause there not 24/7 like BB says u always get fish expecially when something good is happening save your $30.00 next year and mayb they will realize were pissed

  • Kandycebaker12

    penalty vote! i agree with candice as well. It was wrong of production to let Shane’s HOH go to waste. They should have done the vote out FIRST and then start that whole “reset the game” mess. Frank has done his share of work and I do think he is a strong player. strong enough in fact that he DOES NOT need help from production. I thought there were going to write Janelle a check for 500k…but since that plan didnt work production has to find a different “favorite player.”

  • Njbethc1

    He should be disqualified. Cheating is cheating period!

  • http://www.tvclubhouse.com/ Seamonkey

    I think AG just thinks of it as “production”, which is sick.

  • Rrg352

    Frank cheated by palming a name disk in the Veto Player draw.

  • Karenec17

    I believe it is rigged and I am tired of the foul mouths of Boogie and Frank……eff this every other word! This is my last year watching this game…if you can even call it a game anymore. Too many floaters, if you cheat there are no consequences, I could go on and on , but instead I will just stop watching. I mean half of them are so dumb, it is embarrasing. Ramp it up CBS and quit letting people cheat…..SHAME ON PRODUCTION!

  • Annettecwhite

    They should either be disqualified or get a penalty vote each. Doing nothinv promotes cheating!

  • Sea_siren_

    Cheating is cheating and should be punished. If there are no consequences then what is to stop further cheating?? Anyone caught cheating could use this as a great defense that they should be allowed to get away with it !!

  • The Hop

    So, because Boogie admitted to “cheating”, Frank should be punished? What the hell is wrong with you people? Boogie didn’t even win for Christ’s sake. Kills me how everyone believes Joe and his “3 people” story. Joe would rather climb a tree and tell a lie, than stand on the ground and tell the truth. But all of a sudden, he’s Mr. Honesty because it benefits the people who hate Boogie and in turn, hate Frank. Wow! The chip drawing has already been debunked, but some of you can’t let it go. Did you know that anyone on the show could file suit if cheating could be proven? And before someone cries “contract”, there are a million ways around it.

    Btw, I don’t even like Boogie and honestly have a low opinion of everyone on the show, so I ride pretty unbiased every year, but you all who HATE certain houseguests are ridiculous. Normally, I just sit back and laugh at people every year, but it’s out of hand. If you would just put your listening ears on, you will hear a lot of slip ups from all the houseguests revealing things the DR is telling them. ALL of them! I actually hear Dan and Shane getting a lot of favoritism. In fact, just watch Shane’s first HOH win and explain to me how that worked.

    Don’t you think if the whole show was rigged, Janelle would still be there? I do believe they rig some of the games, but they all have a voice. If it was so bad, how come no one has ever filed suit or even had the backbone to say, “hey, this is wrong, I’m leaving”? You know why? It’s not as bad as you all think, that’s why.

    Just so you know, I’ve been a live feeder since day one (did miss majority of season 6 due to TS Cindy and Hurricane Katrina) and have never posted anything, anywhere, so obviously all of this b.s. has tipped me over the edge.

    Sit back, enjoy the ride and try not picking a favorite, you’ll love it. These people could give a shit about any of us, except for the $25k America’s Favorite.

  • Guest

    I also heard him tell Frank about tainting the jury. He was saying that they arent watched very much. He mentioned something about Dr Will, paying some kids to use their cellphone. Of course we got fish, so wasnt sure exactly what he was saying Will did as far as jury.

    • Tinkertoy

      In fact, I believe it was Howie & some others that snuck out of the jury house to go bar hopping. I bet they heard some stuff then – there are pictures on the internet that some other bar patrons took during the jury time. So yes, there is cheating, but this more blatant than I have ever seen or heard in this season.

  • Deborah M.

    It really doesn’t matter what Boogie did or didn’t do Frank is the one that won the POV. I assume that during the 7 hours that the feeds were down that they investigated Joes claim and found it to be false about Frank. Given how much Joe lies I’m amazed anyone would even listen to him.

    • paw033

      It does matter what Boogie did because it was Frank who he helped and it was Frank who ALSO changed his answer and his admittance is and was on the live feeds too The “wizards” were not quick enough on the “cut the feeds” button. It was Frank who “palmed” the chips for the POV draw as well. Ian is the first one who first reported the cheating during the POV and Joe and Danielle also saw and heard it. Production did review the comp (supposedly) and said that it was giving advice…Why do you think they kept cutting the feeds? It was Boogie and Frank on cams stating that their changing of the answers was an illegal move…so….I guess Joe is not lying after all. It was Boogie and Frank plotting their next cheating moves for the upcoming HoH this Thursday if Boogie is not evicted. Frank and Boogie should have been disqualified from the POV comp plain and simple!

      • Deborah M.

        I have watched Big Brother since season !. I watch it purely for entertainment. I am sure that it is not the first time a houseguest cheated and it won’t be the last. If we are all watching this and believing that production doesn’t have some kind of hand in it all then we would be the ones who as Jeff put it “Got Got”.

        • paw033

          Yes…I agree, it may have happened, but the “cheating” has not been so widely out in the open as it is this season…but I guess it doesn’t matter as Boogie is going home this Thursday because he too “GOT GOT!”

    • Jrwildfan

      u have to be fn kidding

  • Kellyvolpe60

    UGHHH if BOOGIE GOES HOME I’m done with BIG BROTHER AND CANCELLING MY LIVE FEEDS SUPER PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.bosco Jeff Bosco

      See ya! Boogie is as good as gone. Way to throw your toys around when you don’t get the result you want. I can see why you admire Boogie; you both seem like petulant cry babies.

    • Tinkertoy

      No offense – people say that all the time. I see those same people back online, commenting and STILL watching. This is Big Brother – and the name implies that BB will and does influence people, and we get to watch the results and actions of those influences. That is the point. I have said it before, many seasons, ago, and damn if I am not still here. Been watching the shows since season 1, and live feeds since Season 5.

    • Rick

      Yes, please do Kellyvolpe60… the real big brother fans want the chat room space anyway, so go away already!

      • Get Real

        LOL Rick ….Aint that the truth!!!

        • BStud

          i have never missed an episode since the day it came on in 200, if Boggie stays i cannot take it any more, they have done everything possible to keep this sorry butt and it has been so obvious… i will quite watching BB forever if he stays, cause you know they have done something to keep him… he is an awful person… thinks he’s god, don’t care if he hurts everyone’s feelings, but you let his get hurt and oh my he whines like a baby… cheating is cheating it should have been an immediate eviction from the house. case closed….

    • Hudsonl1014


    • Higgyis

      woah? why you like him that much?

    • Kazia48

      bye Bye Kelly and don’t let the door hit you in the ***!!!

    • Brownsruth

      You should give Boogie your Ph.# and address..He likes men ..

  • Abc4jesus

    If Boogie cheated there should be a consequence. Since he most likely will be sent home this Thursday, giving him any kind of game-penalty seems futile. Perhaps, letting the national audience know that he cheated would serve a purpose. But then again, I don’t think anything could penetrate his ego, or poor sportsmanship. After the mean spirited, and humiliation he served up to Janelle in his goodbye video, I think Boogie deserves a good kick in his bully-pants!

    • Hudsonl1014

      I think he should have a penalty vote, you get a penalty vote for eating when your a have not!! So why not get one when you cheat! He is a disgusting person and I hope he goes with no votes to keep him on Thursday!!

  • Elizabethsquier

    We have always known there is cheating. There should be conquences no matter what. If not then why are there rules. It will continue as long as Big Brother allows any kind of cheating. Example: The have nots are supposed to eat food. Break the rules and eat. There is no difference. Cheating is cheating. We were all suppose to have been taught that at an early age. There is no accountability.
    I will finish watching this season. I have too much time and money invested in it. But next year I won’t even start. No wonder so many producers left Big Brother and went to the Glass House.

    • Tracies

      Glass House was a joke and a sad rip off of BB. I couldn’t watch one episode without falling asleep, not like I tuned into it on purpose after the first episode, it was just lucky to have a spot after The Bachelorette and nothing to watch at that time…

  • elsieJ&J

    i much rather watch boogie in the house than dan and britney, they are sooooo boring. i do not want to see dan britney or even mike win, but mike in the game sure is fun:) mike talks crap to peoples faces, while the quack pack talks crap behind peoples back. so why is mike the bully? everyone is talking about mikes season, but hardly ever mention dan’s passive aggressive ways lol.

  • paw033

    No, it is not a moot point because not only did Boogie admit to cheating, Frank stated on camera that he also changed his answer during the POV comp and about “palming” the chips for the picks for the POV comp and how production wanted him to do it. Also, Joe, Ian, and Danielle saw and heard Boogie cheating during the POV comp and reported it. However, Production (commonly now know as DQ or Wizard) told Joe that it was not cheating, it was just giving “advice”. Really? Why not tell the other veto players that they could get advice from the other players and HGS? Both Frank and Boogie should have been disqualified from the POV Comp for various acts of cheating. Lastly, Frank and Boogie on camera are also “planning” to cheat during the NEXT HoH comp on Thursday, Aug, 23, 2012 IF Boogie is NOT evicted. Hey, I am all for playing a game and for the HGS to play it well…but CHEATING is not FAIR PLAY! We have heard way too much from the HGS on camera aluding to this and we have seen Frank break the rules many times. We have seen Frank not properly wearing the spiritard or carrying the pom-poms as he was supposed to; yet, he never got one penalty nom after being warned many times by the DQ Wizards. Production, DQ, the WIZARD is controlling this game.

    • Dmckcoop

      This year sucked with boogie in it ass-hole he is

      • Disgusted

        I’ll drink to that. I’ll have another, and another, and another…(hick)

  • cruizin596

    The veto comp should have been voided. Did his cheating impact any other players? Perhaps. Regardless, they should have voided the comp and had a new competition. As his cheating was meant to advance his alliance – and EVERYONE knows his alliance is 100% Frank – they should be treated as a duo. There is also the unanswered question regarding the veto chip issue. Also, if Boogie was permitted to speak without Production censoring with fishes, I suspect Boogie’s “Wizard” had a hand in this. Why has it been censored every other time? I do not accept this excuse. I think it was staged.

  • Jeannette575

    Well over the past big brother has cheaters in competition they did nothing. I think when CBS want to keep people in the house they do anything for ratings. I like to see Boogi gone just has no respect for the game. His interest is only one how much money he can make. It is funny feed go down so we can’t see want happens in the house. Then what about the beginning when Big brother said they only have 11 keys one person has to leave the house then guess what how many keys are there today hmmm? When the coaches started began playing.

    • Drews

      I have always been a big Boogie fan until now. When he said he would get back at Dan by F-ing his wife as soon as he got out, that did it for me. Look in a mirror Boogie. Dan’s wife wouldn’t come within 10 feet of you. When Dan hears that comment, he will never acknowlege you – let alone be your friend again. When you are in control, you are pleasant but when someone controls you, your true personality comes out. Like your dyed hair – it isn’t pretty! Grow us and be a man.

      • BStud

        couldn’t have said it better…. but only difference i never like booger…

      • Mstrower

        The only way boogie can win is to lie, cheat and bribe them all with a job…that proves he doesn’t need to win.move over and let someone who needs it win. CBS is really trying hard to keep this guy and frank and they should just let it play out as the PLAYERS want it to..oh and tell boogie you are not allowed to bribe with outside jobs since others can’t do the same!

        • Jrwildfan

          CBS quiding people to how you want them on a show is one thing but platenly asking bb players to lie and cheat is way over the bounderys on what you should be doing. //Especially when player u choose to tell to cheat are caught cheating by other players and the complain about is grossly neglagence on your part not to address it and call foul and disapline the players who cheated. by u not doing so just shows how much your in on it. You don’t care that the fans of the show are cheated out of a genuine experience as long as u get the results u want

      • Jrwildfan

        I also agree,Dan will see how much of a real true disgusting person I mean troll he really is. How miserable this guy must be in his life to act like this,not sure if /Frank was like this before he came on show,but hanging around this guy has only lowered his self standards and respect and there is no way Frank’s family can be proud of his actions either I’m sure he was tought more than just swear words when he was growing up but yet he only knows how to mother f this and that was a pig he has turned out to be also.

        • Disgusted

          You’re so right. Frank is nothing but Boogers puppet. Booger could sure use some lessons from Dan about being a real person.

  • guest

    Julie should send Boogie home for cheating Thursday night with no voting telling the house and the tv audience that he cheated. No way should he get away with this.

  • tintin37

    the games credibility is almost completely gone anyway. franks gonna get evicted AG ooh we are putting coaches in anyway lets call it a reset and have shanes hoh mean nothing. oh no frank or boogie is going home lets have a chip fiasco , followed by boogie admitting to cheating and frank probably also cheating but we dont know since that keeps getting blocked to the feedsters. we always knew producers were trying to sway peoples choices in the dr, but now it seems they are giving blatant information to keep who they want in the game.

    i dont mind pandoras causing chaos in the house someone has to make a choice to open that. but downright cheating in comps , and the other shady stuff happening lately is making the game no longer a game just a soap opera where instead of “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED” to nothing in this game is real.

    • Meheit2

      I so agree. I had no idea that ” production” was allowing and encouraging this type of behavior. I will finish watching this season but not next year. Thanks BB for ruining this show.

  • lindylou1960

    I don’t think it matters…since Boogie didn’t win anyways

  • wvbbfan

    I think cheating is cheating and should NOT be tolerated!! Boogie should be pentalized and given some kind of a penalty!!If not, then I call FOUL!! And I agreewith cruizin596 100%

  • S_svoma

    Kick Boogies cheating a$$ out He’s the grossest player ever. He doesn’t seem to be able to play without Dr. Wills shirt-tails to hang onto.

  • Shemara123

    Hope to never see Boogie on BB again. He is vulgar and disrespectful to everyone. The way he did Janelle is the way he was set up. He was blindsided after all of his begging.
    Then to threaten people into keeping him. Nothing but a low class scumbag.

    • Celticcharm

      HURRAH!! Guess his BROmance is over

    • Guy

      This is a game, you know that right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

    Boogie should loose some of the money he has won.

  • Celticcharm

    Boogie hates woman,but he has a bvaby mama?
    Is he on the Maury Show??
    He needs to grow up,instead of being a bully.
    Also,if you notice when he talks to his “allies” He mostly says ME not WE.
    He’s so self centered!!
    NOT a Boogie bully fan..BB should be the Poster badge for a BULLY

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

    The best consiquence is that Boogie has pitty parties every time things go bad for him.What a cry baby he make a fool of himself. Boogie has such a big ego saying just how stupid all the HG are. If he IS so superior why did he keep telling his plan to others? He hates beings made a fool of yet he was stupit enough not to play for HOH. Also drilling Dan about not coming clean about ratting them out. Boogie is so much smarter that he knows he is right and only discussed his intentions with Frank and Dan so it has to be Dan. I hope Julie tells him it was Ian so he is embarassed on TV.
    Bye Boogie watch out for karma it’s coming your way.

    • Gary

      They all have pity parties! Brit is the most neurotic biotch in there. Jedi jani was a whiny bitch, Dan thinks not admitting stuff means he didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Timestar

    I think that cheating is cheating. He should be punished! No excuses should be tolerated. Punish him.

  • NessaTex

    As I see it, BB and CBS are trying to manipulate the outcome. Boogie is being a cheat, a bully, and a total jerk. He cheated…he confessed…he needs to be kicked off. Willie was kicked off for less.

    • LisaM

      Willie was kicked off for head butting someone, that is a physical fight. Cheating on a card game is not and all have cheated in some way, Britney holding on to the rope in the last HOH, should we take her safety away?

    • Mdowd1231

      No…. Willie was thrown off for violence, which endangered houseguests. Boogie may be a dick, but he didn’t win regardless so I don’t see that as grounds for elimination, especially since he’s most likely leaving anyway

      • disgusted by

        if it doesn’t matter than why not let them all cheat

    • Jrwildfan

      They kicked off Willy because of physical abuse.Why is mental abuse tollerated? Why is bullying people, ok? There should be no difference. Uless that is your trying to manipulate the outcome of the show. Right CBS

      • Wildinvegas

        sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

  • Tinkertoy

    Cheating should NOT be tolerated. It is bad enough with all the vileness and disgusting comments going on, but cheating – NO WAY!

  • Frank n Boogie Fan

    omg…all you people crying over the way boogie talks to people……..shut your whining up already…at least boogie has the balls to say stuff to people face unlike all those idiots you all seem to be lying about who you claim are the good people……..all these twits on this show sit ad talk all kinds of smack about other people and it is not just game talk they go and get personal and have to talk trash that has NOTHING to do with the damn game.. and that fake human who is part 25% human and 75 fake body parts, silicon, botox and what ever the hell else she has talked a dr into putting in to her stupid butt, Janelle is the biggest trash talked of them all…kept saying frank stink literally…even saying he did not wear deodorant, yeah the guy does wear it they have showed him getting out of the shower and putting it on one time they even showed him asking where to get some more since he had used all of his he brought with him. and that bimbo managed to want to sniff the guys armpits after he worked out so duh…..she stinks as a human being. why talk all of that trash about someone? there is no need for the way she trashes people and 99% of the jerks in the house are no damn different and i am sure they all have done crap in comps that could be considered cheating, they just are not smart enough to win crap. i think it was Danielle that kept using the lane divider to pull her self along on the last HOH comp, she was told to stop but she did it several more times as did many others do it as well and they all KNEW not to but they did……so they all were cheating in my book but for some reason idiots dont want to see what those losers do i guess losers have to hang their stars on other losers and just out right crappy people in general…and if boogie has something not nice to say to someone……he doesnt just sit and talk a bunch of bs he tells the idiot what he thinks of them…frank has more balls and has much better character traits un-like all them douche bags in the house who all have some sort of heavy duty character flaw and just totally lack and decency at all…again at least boogie admitted to “cheating” and all the rest want the attention to focus on boogie and frank of course it covers their cheating up after all…….and dont sit there and OH NO THEY DONT CHEAT………….get over yourself they all cheat……….every single one of them did this last hoh comp…..they all used the rope to pull themselves up or along the trail………..i am so sick of hearing all the crying about how horrible booge and frank are, they have not sat and lied like all the liars in the house have which is EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE HOUSE they have not back stabbed like all the others have, and if they dont like someone they tell them they dont just sit and act like they are best friends with all these dysfunction fools who have tons of character flaws. I can honestly say i would not want to be friends with any of them people that are in that house other than frank and boogie the way all them people act are people i keep as faw away from me as possible, they are nothing more than sorry people…and why is it so bad that boogie and frank teamed up? UH are they the only two in the house that have done that? the way you all carry on it seems like that is the wrong thing to do and they are the only ones who are doing that.give me a break, they have stayed true and honest to each other and had each others back, maybe that is not things you people look for in friends in your life but i think it is very outstanding these 2 guys are that decent it is just the rest of the rift raft in the house that are the people that are horrible and for some reason everyone seems to gravitate to that type of person.persons. maybe it says something to your own character flaws i dont know……….i just dont get why is when boogie and frank do exactly the same thing others are doing all you people and even the idiots in the house act like OMG and take off running down the idiot blvd with pitch fork and flame throwers swearing they are the devils when they have not done one damn thing no one else has done or is doing…………actually the boys have not done everything the others are doing,,,,,,,,,,,LYING LYING LYING LYING LYING LYING LYING LYING. oh i left out back stabbing……so where do you guys get off complaining about frank and boogie?

    • Get Real

      Boogie does not talk behind ppls back? BS!!!!

      • PNally

        REALLY – did he tell Dan when he (Boogie) leaves the house he was going to Michigan……(we all know the rest of the story)?

        • Smackdab

          Boogie was telling Frank that during his eviction he’s going to have a speech and in that speech he’s gonna tell dan that he’s gonna go to michigan and u know what to his wife.. scumbag.

          • Disgusted


          • AnimalLover

            While I mostly agree with your point, you should do a spell check before posting. Otherwise, people won’t take your opinions as seriously. I think you meant “vile” and “pedophile”.

          • Celina15812

            what diff does it makes to spell wrong, Iam sure you have made your share of mistakes. Animall.over

          • Dadlooking

            Boogie seems to only like old male prostitutes according to court records

          • Celina15812

            dadlooking, where in the world did you get this info from.

        • Smackdab

          They were also bragging about their plans to give joe a heart attack b/c joes blood pressure got high in the last few days and the DR had to give him some medicine

      • disgusted by

        /really, talking about how fat and ugly people are mimicking the way jenn walks after she got hurt,talking about them being slops and what about what he has said about Ian the one kid in the world who still likes him. The things IAN WILL hear said about him when he goes home> that doesn’t count boogers hasn;t said those things to anyones face. Actually people like boogers who act and talk like a unhuman being. usually do so because their life is so miserable. And the things he hates about people he spews off about are the things he HATES ABOUT BOOGERS. yes himself.

    • Hudsonl1014

      Boogie is a cry baby, he can do whatever he wants, but let it happen to him and he is “upset” that no one told him, no one owes him anything and your right, everyone lies, so get over it, it’s a game for 500 g’s! Any one of us would lie! So why does Boogie think that the other people owe him the truth!! So he can verbally attack them! I actually like Frank, and I have no fav’s in this house but I simply don’t like Boogie, he is NOTHING without Dr. Will!! That’s all that made Boogie before!! Now is to arrogant, I hope they boot him off the show Thursday!

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        He was arrogant in past seasons as well…the difference is that Will was able to reign him in. I don’t like Mike and I don’t like Frank either. I can’t say I have a favorite at this point but I am hoping that somehow Dan and Danielle can both stay and in the next 2 weeks Frank gets the boot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

      Boogie talking game is no problem, Boogie ranting personal trash about people BEHIND THEIR BACKS is ugly and not game. He bitches about “these people” how stupid they are, fat they are, weird they walk, stupid things they do to pass time and how he could be home with Brady, the courts, his business and everything else he sacrificed. He says iIt’s all their fault he is waisting his time. Boogie chose to come on this show again and neglect his life outside. All so that he could boost his ego. This is his 3rd time and has previous knowledge how this works. No one to blame but Boogie, his choice, his game. Should have gone for HOH if his precious appearance is so important to him. For someone who hates to look like a fool. He sure makes foolish choices and assumptions that he knows better than to make.

      • http://fakepolystyreneman.tumblr.com/ Jason

        exactly Lynda! The key here is “This is his 3rd time playing” and “has previous knowledge of how this works” If Boogie wasn’t all up on Frank’s dick riding it it every day he might actually realize that he fucked himself. He fucked himself by throwing the only people loyal to him under the bus in Jenn and Ian. He might have actually tried to “coach” Ian instead of just boss him around and try and intimidate him into doing things. Frank is always talking about how he’s read a lot of power books. Yeah Intimidation may work in war. But this game isn’t war. It’s a social mind fuck. Frank should really have been reading books on how to communicate with people, how to use proper hygiene (e.g. put on some deodorant) and wash that smelly annie hair dew.
        Between Boogie’s previous knowledge and Franks lame ass attempts to intimidate people and work them over. the two deserve each other. The thing about this game is no matter what people did in the past you need them going forward. SO if you outcast yourself like Frank and Boogie did and not bother to try and be nice to people even if you don’t like them. You’re not going to have any friends later on.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Troy-Baker/1517797316 Troy Baker

          I agree he screwed himself by neglecting his “team” and going co-pilot on Frank. I would of kept my relationships with my team but worked with Dan. Not personal. Just Big Brother. Boogie did play emotional for some reason. Dr. Will would never have lost control. But Im ok with his talk. He is desperate. It sickens him to see this cast. Which u have to admit is fricking WEIRD! I mean they put in every stereotype but they are socially STUPID!

          • Gundheaven

            I don’t like boogs but don’t be hypocrites. Dani/brit/shane/ash/wil/jenn have ALL talked trash and made personal attacks and LIED about everyone and everything! So i have absolutely no compassion for them whatsoever! This season is a season with no one to root for! Suckiest ppl ever to be in the bb house! (exception of janelle)

          • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

            Janelle started out ok but she turned into the mean girl. You can’t exclude her as being one of the people who were trash talking others. She flat out lied several times and some of the lies were for no reason other than to cause drama and for her entertainment. She isn’t a good person. Anyone who hurts people for sheer entertainment isn’t a good person.

          • Martinandelizabeth

            Oh Kellie please its already been proven that have the shit you guys and the HG have said Janelle said is BS she didnt say or lie half the shit you peeps say she did and she didnt lie about JoJo calling her fat JoJo said on Evil Dicks show that she did say Danieele was fat to lots of peeps in the house including Britt the 2 face shit talking itch in the house and Janelle didnt lie when she told Dani that and not to mention Janelle never called Dani fat why would she when she said over and over again that they where the same size just so stupid its was all because Dani is a pathetic pshyco jealous bitch who believes everything she hears

          • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

            Whether it was a lie or not she said it to start drama. She told Mike, Frank, and a few others she was going to do it. I heard her say it myself on BBAD. There was nothing to gain other than stirring up drama for no reason than like I said, for her own entertainment. She even said, watch this, this is going to be fun.

      • disgusted by

        wasn’t it Dan in the storage room when poor boogie was crying about he cares what america thinks of him. he cares if he looks like a fool. only boogie makes boogie look like a fool. noone else but boogie.

        • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

          He was fake crying. Nothing about that was real. He was playing it up for the cameras so he can have a shot at winning favorite player. Poor Boogie? Puhleeze!!!! He is a complete and total douche bag.


      Tell me how you really feel. Frank’s a skank and Boogie is a sore loser arsehole!

    • R King5

      LOL…you need to get a life.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745332443 Kenneth Brantley

      depends on how you tell your so called friends in the game the way you are going to play.there are lies and there are lies.

    • Brandy044m


    • nanna

      This has to be Franks mommy

    • Dasnis

      Yes Boogie has big balls–big enough to threaten to go to Michigan and f— Dan’s wife while Dan’s still in the game. What a great baller—NOT!!

    • PNally

      I don’t remember any of the other members of the house saying, “when I get out I’m going to go to Michigan and rape Dan’s wife”. Guess Froogie under estimated how smart the other players really are. The players got played – get over it!

      • Disgusted

        Boogie should be prsecutes for that! He’s a vile human being…oh, wait..I meant a vile snake. Is ther anything worse than that?

        • Disgusted

          Prosecuted…excuse my spelling.

      • http://twitter.com/hotcanadiantaco Kari

        he did NOT say rape, i swear what’s wrong with this game is ugly rumor starters. disgusting.

      • Martinandelizabeth

        He never said Rap where do you peeps come up with this shit so pathetic and ridiculous

    • Cindianaroosa

      Because out of all the assholes, those two are the biggest!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Troy-Baker/1517797316 Troy Baker

      I aqree. This isnt the View. This is Big Brother. When Evil DIck did it everyone agreed it was AWESOME gameplay. Boogie is trying to be funny but also use people’s emotions. He never bullied any1. he actually played a pretty straight up game. Janelle was whiney and a shell of her former self. Why not blast Dan for throwing everything and pretty much getting himself down to one player. They could of taken him out. Shane is a puppet. Ashley is dumb as a box of rocks. Jenn and Ian are weird walking slugs. If I have to watch Ian rock his ADD away on the squeaky swing or Jenn disappear again I will puke. Did I mention how neurotic Danielle is. All her whiney SHane doesnt love me like I love him crap. These people make Brittney actually look like a good player. Crap on Boogie? Dude is a BB legend. You guys are just posters who watch him for 1000 hours. Grow up.

      • PNally

        Sometimes legends fall hard……….

        “I have sinned”
        “I did not bet on baseball”
        “I have never used steriods”
        “I’m retiring from the game of basketball to play baseball”
        “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”
        “I never sexted her”

      • Mizz Taylor

        Could not have said it any better! I am so glad I am not the only one who seriously can not stand Ian’s freakish need to rock on that squeaky hammock! Danielle needs to shut her chubby mouth about shane, especially since she wants to cry about so dude she left at home. She is just one of those girls that are so desperate for a guys attention just to make them feel like not killing themselves. Joe is needs to get on his knees and have all the guys in the house line up with their dicks in hand. Joe makes me sick but shane makes me even more sick by allowing this pos to continue taking residence up everyones ass. What a waste of a BB season. Other than Frank and boogie who are the only ones keeping it real, this season is full out a bunch of know nothing dumbasses who are hard to listen to and down right irratating to watch. CBS needs to step it up next year because this season has been such a crap cast.

        • baybeedo11

          Don’t watch.

      • JerryVandiver79

        Excuse us, we do NOT watch Boogie for thousands of hours. We are stuck with him being on the show because for some reason, AG thinks that the fans want to see him. She is under this impression because of how popular Dr. Will was and she just assumed Boogie was as popular. Boogie is no legend. He was sitting beside Erica in All Stars and every vote was a vote AGAINST her, except for his butt buddy Will. And Boogie is a huge hypocrite. He cries, complains, and cusses when he gets screwed over the way he has screwed people. He got played and cannot handle it.

    • Smackdab

      Really? The guy who said he was gonna tell Dan, “I’m going to michigan to screw ur wife” when he got voted out. The guy he was supposed to be real friends with outside the show, does not talk behind people’s backs? Get real, boogie acts like a little 2 year old when things dont go his way, and anyone else in that house has more class than he does, even frank but barely.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

        I couldn’t have said it any better!!

    • Gundheaven

      Let’s not forget about ALL the rule breaking that brit and dani did during their have not stint! Showering in hoh, sleeping anywhere they pleased, etc. Hate, hate, hate brit and dani!!!

      • Kelsey Taylor

        first off big brother said it was ok for brit to shower in the HOH room as long as it was cold water… listen next time

      • LiarsAreBad

        Wow, I didn’t see you in the house at all that day…you must be good at hiding from the cameras. If they do that stuff, they get penalty votes, and they can shower where ever, it just has to be cold. Hate isn’t a good word either…and it amazes me that you HATE the ones who are getting bashed for putting up the monster. Hmmmm….

    • hatebb

      WOW, Really! The hypocrisy in your ridiculously, long winded rant tells it all. You are as self delusional as the team Froogie! Seriously, your boys started with the personal attacks the moment they entered the house, that is how booger rolls, he is a bully in the house and in real life. You sound like a child defending an action that is clearly, obviously a bad choice. Grow up, it is a game, you need to not invest so much time into people you do not know. Disturbed is the best description of your rant.

    • Jrwildfan

      DR WILL we get it you still loves you some boogers.



      • Kelsey Taylor

        exactly that is why they are soooo pissed…they would do it to somebody in a heartbeat but when it happens to them, they get pissed off… they just got played and i cant wait until boogie finds out that it was ian that has been playing him not dan… he will act soooo stupid and they are both dicks… attacking shane and dan, real classy guys and they can talk bad about people but when they do it, its ok… their fans needs to stay off of the frank/boogie koolaid and know that they are mean people just like other people… they arent angels and boogie saying that about dans wife really pissed me off and people can say that they are good people when they say ruthless and mean stuff like that… boogie needs to just go home to his baby and stay there… the only good thing about him is that he wheres florida gator stuff… he needs to sit down and shut up… you got played boogie, now deal with it and you small group of fans needs to deal with it also… and go shane at least he has balls because ian would have never put them up because hes too scared… to win the game, you have to make big moves and ian of all people should know that since hes this huge big brother fan that knows everything about big brother

    • Mollytrow

      I didn’t even bother reading this whole thing. It’s idiotic and long winded. It’s a game show.

    • Dianem23

      Ha ha ha ha!!!!! Get a life and learn some grammar!!!

    • Ellen Wade

      you need to rewatch the feeds. I think you have missed most of his comments about people in the house. Nothing to do with game only mean personal attacks of people character. He is only happy if he wins. I really believe it because he is an only child. Never learned how to play games with others. Me Me Me Me Only Me.

    • Boozigmon

      I agree with you totally Boogie and Frank fan. I am so sick of Britany she is a wine box hiding behind everyone allowing them to do her dirty work. I would rather see Shane, Ian or even Dan wins anyone other than Britany or Danielle.

    • Jalindaricketson

      then your as filthy and disgusting as they are, maybe booger will give you a job

    • shut up!

      Me thinks you are WAY to involved in this. hahahahahaaa…you need to get a life.

    • LiarsAreNoGood

      Wow, are you in love with the two of them? You really seem like you want to get it on with both of them at the same time…Maybe you should get some help with that?

    • Winiki

      Easy Tiger?

  • Amcbroom86

    Boogie is going home on Thursday anyway, so who cares? He’s getting the ultimate punishment by being evicted, so what more do people want? Tar and feathering?

    • Dmckcoop

      yes he’s a creep

  • geegee

    Boogie is a very,very rich “potty mouth”.Why those type are even allowed to return is stupid in itself,and yes I am calling ALL of the people that are the ones that decide on who is returning to Big Brother STUPID!They have taken a super contest,and ruined it by returning house guest.They broadcast that they have so many thousands and thousands that apply for a chance to win,and yet they go after the ones that have either already won or had the chance to.The truth of it is they coach every player on how they want them to vote,play ,and act,there is NO reality to it.They are ruining it period!Frank admitted he
    was paid a great deal to come on the show in the first place,on live feeds,before he could be beeped out.
    Big Brother is really ruing what be my favorite show.

  • mgster

    not surprised since Boogie lives a shady life. Look him up.

    • Jrwildfan

      I have he’s disgusting, embezzing money from coworkers,using money from it for male prostitutes,parties.hitting a female bartender,it goes on and on. dispicable unhuman being.

      • Brownsruth

        Yes,I also read that. Boogie is not to be trusted..And Dan should be told what Boogie threatened to do…

  • http://www.facebook.com/3amracing Dean Anderson

    The only way to hurt boogie now would be to take his 10 grand away. He has been such a jerk this whole season. He says one week he will be offended if he isn’t put up then gets pissed when he does. Boogi thinks he is so so smart and cool in this game. Take that wind out his sails. he let his fans down by cheating. Take what they gave him away. Maybe he will change his plans on going to Vegas with out that money….lol

    • lloleary

      AND, not allow Frank to play in the next HOH!

  • MN MOM

    He should get a penalty vote.

  • LisaM

    Please, like everyone in that house doesn’t cheat! Without Boogie the show is going to be so boring, not sure if I will keep watching. What we will have to see Danielle so far up Shane’s ass and Britney causing all kinds of crap. Oh and loud Joe, who does nothing but cook all the food. Ian that claims he has been watching all episodes but he can’t even figure out that he’s being used. Dan sitting in the background waiting to see what’s going to happen, Ashley nothing to watch there, Jenn who has not even talked to anyone until she is up on the block (lol). Well good thing is we will still have Frank! This has to be the worst bunch on BB yet. Please keep Boogie so we have something interesting to watch.

    • Kazia48

      Ya lets watch boogie sleep. Thats always interesting to watch. Boogie IS NOT interesting either!!!!!

  • Jack0827

    You darn sure betcha he should be punished. I think he should just automatically be evicted from the house without a vote. I hope the God that we never see that man’s face again on another Big Brother show.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4JIWRCXR6DBZBXYHL3YD2JW25M Irene

    Boogie is a cheat, but mostly he is just an all-around bad person. I’m so, so sorry he picked Frank to be on his team, because Frank is a really good guy with a good soul, I truly believe. Boogie is leaving BB tomorrow night because of his lust for the almighty dollar. He did not care about anyone or anything but himself, and as a result, he will be out of BB. I hope something good happens to help Frank after Boogie is gone, because Frank was really blindsided by that no-good New Hampshire- looking rat! BOOGIE DOES LOOK LIKE A BIG RIVER RAT!!

    • Tjsalsman

      At first I thought Frank was a decent guy and potentially a great player, but he is WAY too comfortable playing with Boogie…their sense of entitlement is off putting. Frank believes the crap he spews and that’s one of his major problems. Was his bromance with Boogie worth $500k? I doubt it. He’ll have to answer for all the horrible, hateful, very personal things he and Boogie said about everyone in the house. he’s a big man with little character

  • George_McC

    If CBS, or Grodner, don’t address this, then all future House Guests will know there is no consequence to breaking the rules…I say if your on the block, you get a penalty vote. If your not on the block, your a have-not for a week, or 24hour isolation.

    • Disgusted

      I would LOVE to see Boogie on a 24-hour isolation!

  • Ginnynella

    get rid of him he cheated and he should be punished this will digrace him and go out a loser

  • Sillysally

    I like Boogie for some reason. I have no idea why. It would a little boring without him.

    • Disgusted

      Have ypu been watching the same BB that everyone else has? WTF?????



  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745332443 Kenneth Brantley

    bb14 live feeds does not show you what goes on really.down for 7 hours fish trivia and we idiots pay for this crap.

  • LeaveMeBe

    I would need to see what game they played before saying it did or didn’t matter. If his cheating caused other to go out before him, then yes, it matters because they weren’t given a fair shot. If not, no biggie. As for Boogie cheating, what did y’all expect from from Mike Boogie? I don’t like the guy but c’mon, it’s a game. The other house guests should call him on his attitude. I’m just watching the show, not locked up with him.

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      Anything has to beat confinement in the company of a booger eating Texan

      • pikeman

        Except for a Canadian sweaty yeti who picks his dingleberries.

        • The_Yeti_Knows

          Pikey the comic book convention is coming to town, thank God for your “innie” and climb into your Uhura uniform there deepthroat.

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      Maybe best if you’re a train wreck booger eater to make your way out into the yard for a little exercise once in a while White Oprah.

    • The_Yeti_Knows

      Must be a sniveling Texan

      • LeaveMeBe

        I read you had died. There was an entire article about you stepping onto a Montana highway and getting run over and killed by two teen girl drivers. Your friend said you were drunk.

        • The_Yeti_Knows

          Just a couple bumps…. here in Texas, our skulls are as thick as brick…. sure wish the general population knew I was a herbivore, therefore harmless…. or is it hornivore ? every time I peek into CT’s shower I change my mind.

    • LeaveMePee

      I picture him standing out in the ball field eating his own boogers… I was really pulling for the poor guy.

  • blueyesgirl85

    I saw the live feed of Boogie and Frank discussing the cheating he did with the illegal change of his number on the POV Counting Candy game. Frank also admitted he did the same thing! If they both cheated, then Frank’s POV should have been taken away. Big Brother did not want that. Just like the Thursday the reset happened, it should have been an eviction and then the reset option…but nope, since Frank was up on the block and going home, BB needed to save him.

  • Angbme

    he’s out the door anyway, but a penalty vote would be a nice extra kick to the rear end.

    • PNally

      Take away his 16k

      • Brownsruth


        • Brownsruth

          Gee what happened here?? Anyway I just said..He will scream,if you take away his $$

  • FirefighterBlog

    Mike Boogie is a petty human if you were to judge him by his time in the house. Lie, back stab, cheat it all comes so naturally to this guy. I would not be surprised if his restaurant business takes a hit because of his caustic attitude. I know I will never eat at his Geisha House sushi joint.

  • http://twitter.com/LeRose818 Leah

    It’s like BB wants Frank & Boogie to stay. It pissed me off the first time Shane nominated Frank and the game was reset, which pretty much made his nomination pointless. I bet now since he won the POV, he’s going to end up winning HOH too..stupid

    • PNally

      BB is absolutely pulling to keep Froogie together. Yesterday Ian said that in his DR session, he was asked “are you sure you want to vote out a player you idolized since you were 10 years old”

      WTF BB?

  • Scrappy

    Boogie is disgusting, Frank is trying to be his “Will” and he is looking like a fool. They are now talking that Boogie will go out with his head held high. Sorry Froogie, but you’ve already shown your true colors. You both are immature losers!! I love watching the live feeds and see the real personalities of these people. Shane, Dan, or Ian for the win!!

    • Jrwildfan

      going out with his head held high. does that include his comments about when he leaves he does’t want any fake hugs or goodbyes no save it so i can spew all my nastly comments to everyone before i go. this man gives charles manson reasons for looking good

  • Disgusted

    Yes, of course Boogie should be penalized! He deliberately did wrong, why shouldn’t he be? He’s nothing more than a masterpuppetmaster, back stabbing, crybaby! He can sure dish it out, but can’t take it, for sure! Big Wuss! If he can’t handle getting the block then he shouldn’t be playin’. He knows the game and that’s all it is…a game. Get over yourself, Boogieman! You’re one of the worse players I’ve ever seen!

    • Jrwildfan

      I guess his mommy never tought him to share or how to play a game without cheating. Someone better take Brady’s blanket away from him and send it to his daddy right away.before we have to see boogers rolling on the floor crying and kicking his feet like the spoiled little rotten brat he is.

  • PNally

    I didn’t see Boogie’s other seasons but when I watched him this season, I could not figure out why people hated him so much. I thought this guy was the greatest player – smart, funny, kind, caring (protecting Ian). I can’t stand Dani (Ms. Me), Ashley and Jen (dumb and dumber), Joe (walking heart attack) so I was pulling for him (actually for him and Dan to join forces). Then this week happened, WOW – he has lied, admitted to cheating, threatened physical harm, threatened a sexual assault, bullied, attempted bribery, verbally abusive to current and ousted house guests. How would he like it if someone threatened his son? How would Frank like it if someone threatened a sexual assault on his Nana?
    I will “appresh” when Boogie and Mini-Boog are gone!!!

    GO IAN!!!!!! Or should I say Dr. Evil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tmwalkerm Michelle Walker

      I strongly recommend you watch BB2 and All-Stars on youtube, he ain’t the guy you think he is. The user QuirkyDude2 has both of those seasons on his channel, between those two you’ll see the reason behind his cockiness. He definitely hit a new low in All-Stars but it’s too long to explain LOL. You’ll see when you watch it. :)

  • Stepskelly

    Boogie allie cannot play for HoH and he used to speed skate. He was faster than anyone in that comp but the disgrace of a person he is he goes and wins 10,000. Mr. smarter than anyone is the only reason he is going home.

  • Tjsalsman

    Didn’t watch Boogie’s first season, but this season he has shown himself to be a complete dbag. What a miserable, entitled, delusional human being. and Frank’s love affair with him single handedly destroyed his (Frank’s) game. Hearing these two sit around saying horrible hateful things about the other house guests is not good tv. They both look like really small, petty children.

  • Mclark15

    Calling someone FAT and saying they will put it on all the chat boards that Danelle is fat makes them the Boogie the lowest person I know. I liked Boogie alot but now I cannot stand him.

  • BBFan

    Judging from his comments, Boogie is a Misogynist who harbors a lot of hatred. Something must have happened in his childhood that had a huge impact on him. He certainly is not a good sport, and resents anyone making great power moves that he would normally make on others and howl about in the DR. He is by no means a good role model for his son (hope he never sees the tapes when he’s older!). In my opinion, Boogie needs to be in heavy duty therapy.

  • bh

    Boogie should have played for the HOH instead of playing for the money. He better go on Thursday.

  • Jenerrific713

    He’s a megadouche misogynist. Always has been. Always will be. He got got and he can’t STAND that. I love how he’s proclaiming that there’s no need for fighting, tears and mean statements, let’s just go out peaceful. So I guess we should all overlook the 40+ days of verbal abuse he’s spewed upon every person in that house, other than Frank. Now it seems AG is planning some kind of twist. No doubt, to try and save her golden boys. They cheat, production cheats, this is nothing new. But viewers in the know, know, and yet somehow, we still watch. :)

  • Kd6ywo

    Does BB really think letting a player palm a chip and admit they cheated is going to increase thier ratings. I think NOT. They are losing more and more viewers every min. I will watch the rest of this season, just to find out if they EVER punish frank for not wearing his spiritard and his admitted cheating before and after the comp.But I will not watch next year i liked Glass house and will watch it next year instead.

  • Gaylab1

    I think it should have been done over. Cheating changes everything in the outcome, I Mean come on look who won it ! How do we know that wasn’t the plan ? Morally it was wrong and if BB wants to keep their integrity, principles and ratings it should be called out on and Mike should have to suffer the consequences of his actions . Going home is not enough, especially since he is stating how he and Frank are such good honest (lol) players and no one but them should be playing this game.

    • FYI

      I’m with you on all of it!

  • Bonnie

    yes, their should be consequences for cheating.

  • gloria wall

    come on i have watched big brother since it started, but this one is to much. mike boogie you’re a horrible image for the show..you have gone from a favorite to a positive worse ..where is your class??????you admit to cheating , your a BULLY, AND A CHEAT what does it take for him to get SOME kind of punishment????????????????????????????????? or is the show in it ??????????????????is it ok for boogie to threaten, bully, cheat,and take this shoe to the bottom of my favorite list oh by the way i don’t mind cursing but come on doesn’t anyone say one sentence without at least 6 f words can’t they speak normally…..HELP…STOP PICKING THE LOWEST OF THE LOW TO BE ON THE SHOW OR MY FAMILY WILL STOP WATCHING……………..SOME PUNISHMENT FOR B O O G I E……………………NOW GRAMGLOWIE7

  • Gramglowie7


  • Gaylab1

    Watching live feeds at this very moment… Hello Frank, Ashley, no one is being brainwashed, they are all trying to play strategically , I hope they are fixing to do a eviction and new HoH in a few .

    • Tjsalsman

      i swear I wonder if Frank really believes the nonsense he spews… he’s baffled that everyone in the house isn’t working to help him win… entitled fool. embarrassed for him

  • breezy17

    To me it seems that BB caters to the BOOGER, they want him to stay. They won’t punish him nor tell all the rest of the cast nor tv viewers he cheated. But they should!. Does anyone out there know if it is true that Jo Jo did have a convo with Janelle and say Danielle was fat. That bugs me so much and is it true or not?

    • FYI

      Not…she was just stirring the pot.

  • maccat1956

    Boogie is pointless and useless without Dr.Will … did make a great partner to the Doctor, yes of course. But Boogie this year has made a series of tactical errors that in the end will bite him in the ass. Had he gotten rid of Dan, he could have rounded up the outsiders and make a serious run had he won this weeks Head of Household.
    I’m very sure Dr. Will is saying “stupid, stupid, stupid”

  • feduphere2

    Booger (Mike) and Stank (Frank) need to go. I don’t know how BB can say they got some of the best players in BB history to coach the newbies. All Britney does is “whiiiiiiiinnnneeee” about everything same as in her first season, and the ONLY reason Booger won All-Stars was because Janelle got rid of Dr. Will and when it was down to Janell, Booger and Erica, Erica knew she couldn’t win against Janelle (little did she know she couldn’t win against the Booger either) which is why she evicted Janelle. Booger was handed the $500K on All-Stars because you had Will, Janelle, and a few others that didn’t even like Erica so the Booger won “by default”! LOL. He’s definitely not the king of the game that he thinks he is.



  • guest

    As was said in a previous years … ” get them a flashlight they are in the dark” Well this time around Boogie is in the Dark

  • Dvanderlan30

    Mike thinks he is so cool but he is nothing but a foul mouth, insecure little male who probably doesn’t have much in his pants. Every other male in the BB house is more of a man then he is. They should take his winnings and divide it with all the other house guests. If he has all the money he claims to have, he won’t care (or will he?).

  • Jenerrific713

    The funny thing is, he even fails at cheating. He’s made so many tactical errors which led to his demise (today). Starting with not playing for safety in the last HOH. Even if he was too lazy to try for the HOH bowl, he was moving much faster than Britney and could have easily won safety for himself. Then, with Frank winning POV, both of them would have been safe. Greed, is one of his biggest downfalls. The other is EGO. Boogie, ever so arrogant (Frank too!), decided not to speak to Shane before the HOH meeting. HUGE mistake! We’ve all watched Boogie turn water into wine in the BB house. If he’d been the last noise in Shane’s ear prior to nominations, there is a chance he could have talked his way to safety. But he didn’t even TRY. These are errors Dr. Will (OR DAN) would never make in a million years!!! So Boogie, yes, you are a cheat, a scumbag, a liar, a misogynist, a bully, an egotistical elfen effing troll, but most of all Boogie, Mike Malin, you are OUTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA there! And no amount of cheating can save you now. Even AG can’t help you out this time. So sorry. Sucks to be you. *Doing the Snoopy dance*

    Dan got you. He’s better than you. NOW GTFO out of my BB house!!!!!

    PS: Eat a F*cking carb, it won’t kill you. Weirdo!!

    PSS: Dan FTW!!

    • disgusted by


    • PaulDoe79

      boogie does look sick… like final stages of aids or cancer.

      • Belle

        Perfectly said!

  • Calisnowgirl14

    I want nothing more than to see scum bag egotisical boogie out of the game on thursday and frank right behind him with the double evict. frank should have gone home along time ago… so sick of their bromance. its so stupid… cbs needs to wake up and realize that none of us. . or at least everyone that i have talked to likes frank or boogie and wants to see them go. stop favoring them!!!! if cbs riggs the competitions and favors people we dont like then we will stop watching!!! keep it fair. boogie should get disqualified for cheating and should be thrown out of the house!!! dont complain about big brother wasting your time,… your the one that agreed to go on the show. and your the one that knows exactly whats its like… you made your bed now lay in it. you keep trying to recreate will and boogie thing and its stupid and childish and so played out!!! nobody cares for it. he betrayedd the people closest to him and has been doing nothing to try to be nice or make friends with anyone in the house but frank… frank is annoying whiny person who doesnt wash his hands after he uses the bathroom or he doesnt brush his hair and he doesnt use deodant and aparently is farting all night long.. ewww i would try to evict him too. imagine having to be anywhere near that guy all the time…he prob reeks!!!! im just glad that i dont have smeelovision and that he isnt invading that sense with me either.. how great would it be to see danielle win hoh and see boogie and frank both go home on the same night … i would be singing and dancing!!!!



  • Hmh8514

    he needs to be punished!!!! if big brother doesnt at least announce that he cheated than i will call shannigans!! they keep trying to rigg it to frank winning and i dont get it because boogs and frank are such scumbags. if it can be proven that frank had anythign to do with the cheating or that boogie cheating helped frank at all win then i think frank should be on the block next no matter what and not compete in hoh competiton. that means that he unfairly got taken off the block so that means he should be on the block again!!!! cbs needs to wake up and stop favoring them and if something doesnt get done than i will full heartly know that is what they are doing and i will want to stop watching. boogie is a total whinny immature sleese and scumbage….. what a horrible person and bb should be ashamed… he is not the type of person i would want represent my show.


      Frank admitted to palming the chip Frank AND Boogie BOTH admitted to changing their count in the POV we all know it now CBS can’t cover it up anymore. So show us CBS there is still some standards left to this show and announce on thursday that because both frank and boogie got caught cheating and finally admitted it. that we have to disqualify both from game . you can still have your so called double eviction then.But you wont because we all know now what has been all along. BB is RIGGED.

    • lloleary

      CBS & AG should be called out as well and have to PUBLICLY admit their wrong doing. OR – FCC no longer grant them licenses for supposed reality shows. yes, they did change their “rating” from reality to entertainment show (where they can change the outcome), but regardless, if you have rules, then the constetants must follow them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/XCrazyCoolCatX Mychael Zappalort

    Boogie is the biggest cheating loser who thinks he is the cats meow but really this is the second time he didn’t even make it to jury , he didn’t deserve his place in “all stars” but road the coat tails of Dr. Will and fell into the good seat ,and gave a good speech against Erica ,who didn’t have many friends in jury . I hope i never see him again .He is not a nice person and has to constantly tell people he is a good person to make people believe it , but is always putting any one and every one down who does not do what he tells them to do… he claims he is the star & every one else the extras but he stole that line from Dr. Will too… I so would have preferred Frank’s eviction when Janelle was still there & then the game change cuz I would have loved to see Janelle play the game and have a great season then watch the Snot i mean Booger put every one down who won’t kiss his ass …
    Janelle for America’s Player !!!

    Thanks BB…

    P.s. he makes the hole house fell so weird …

  • Celticgal7205

    Give him a penalty vote for eviction.

  • Kathy4429

    Janelle had it right all along – Boogie is a douchbag. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. Dr. Will would say the exact same thing or play the exact same game and I’ll be all for it, it just comes out skeezy where Boogie is concerned. I say sanction him – he was dumb enough to admit it on live television, why should he get away with bragging about it.

  • disgusted by

    evel dick and rachael look like angels compared to these to satanic f..ks

  • billy

    Boogie should of been kicked out for cheating and if not then definitely after the threats he made against Dan’s wife, and Frank should be kicked out for his alleged cheating also and for also for agreeing with Boogie about Dan’s wife. They have bullied and threatened all of the other people in the house both emotionally and Dan’s wife with violence. Do not understand why BB allows this type of action without repercussions. They sent Willie home for almost nothing and yet they allow these two illiterate bullies to get away with suggesting raping one man’s wife and threatening others. Do not understand but do understand why people are not watching because of these two idiots!!!!

    • disguested by

      threatening to rape someones wife should at the very least be enough to be kicked out of the house but put bullying,admitted cheating,and intimidating others why that is not enough shows cbs is rigging this show. and they too should be held accountable for boogies threats to dan’s wife if they wont even do anything about it. then again they too should be at fault. is this scumbag vial peutried trol of a unhuman worth it to them . they sure seem to think so.

  • Luckycajunangel53

    I could care less if Boogie didn’t win POV, the fact still remains that he cheated. And now that Boogie has admitted to cheating he deserves to get a penalty vote. Players in the pass have gotten penalty votes for allot less. I personally don’t care for the trash talk that is done by any of the house guest or the way some house guest habitually badger and intimidates other house guest. I’ve been watching “Big Brother” since they first aired and I don’t ever remember any of the other house guest saying such things as “when I get out I’m going to go to Michigan and rape Dan’s wife”. That comment was completely uncalled for and he needs to make a public apology to Dan’s wife. Yes, it is a game but saying things like that about any house guest’s family isn’t part of a game. When Boogie and Will were house guest on Season 2 and Season 7 it was fun watching the two of them manipulated the other house guest into doing their bidding without bullying or demeaning anyone. When Boogie walked out the Big Brother house in Season 2 and Season 7 he had his dignity in tact because of the type of game he played. Sorry, but I have lost allot of respect for this man this Season. Yes all house guest talk about one another behind their backs but Boggie and Frank carry the bullying and trash talk to the extreme. Remember it is only a game and Winners in the pass with a few exceptions have won without demeaning anyone and played with allot of class.

    • Disgusted

      CBS has hit an altime low if they let what Booger said about Dan’s wife. Goes to show what type of a person (and I use the word loosely) Booger truly is.

  • Wildinvegas

    cant read all the coments, too much “he said she said” bullony. i thought this was a game. And as far as Boogie being penalized, if the same people are in charge of this decision as in the past, i kinda think it would of been done. They been fair to penalize people in the past for purposely breaking rules, although they seemed to let the small portions of food slip by with Enzo. I think its really important for the integrity of the game to penalize people (and remove) under most situations when they break rules on purpose. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out in tonights episode

  • Tammysp66

    Hell yea he should be punished. And if in any way Frank benefited from it then he should lose the veto.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1580036441 Linda Willadsen

    i think Boogie should get an extra vote against him for cheating. Cheating is cheating and not to be confused with lying that is acceptable on Big Brother. However, Cheating is something that should not be tolerated. period!

  • BBFan

    For Cheating one penality vote

    • LisaM

      So same goes for Britney, she cheated for safety by holding on to the rope, even after being told not to.

  • Brownsruth

    Boogie should be sent out the door,He has gotten away with more than BB should have allowed..Boogie hasn’t been a respectable person on the outside of the house from what I have read of his past..Frank also said he cheated.He told that to Boogie and boogie tole him don’t say it again,someone will hear you..I am an Avid watcher of BB and also BB after Dark..And yes it is a game and most anything goes..But CHEATING??? I think not..I am debating weather to watch BB or hop on another channel..Decided if BB don’t penalize Boogie & Frank I will not watch BB #15 if there is a BB #15

  • BBFan

    Instead of Monday night at 1:00am it should be Tuesday Morning at 1:00am…

  • Mark

    You all know this is a TV show, right?

  • Kool_mum7

    i think boogie should be punch for what he did

  • billy

    Don’t expect to hear back from CBS but had to write them and complain about the phony good edit they gave Boogers and Frank which was a bunch of bullshi*!!! Seriously, they give a good edit to a man that said he was going to force himself on Dan’s wife. What is wrong with this production crew and CBS, and they try and make Frankenstein and Boogers look like they are nice people that are being picked on when they are the most vile human beings ever on this show. I mean Evil Dick was bad but at least he owned it and did not pretend to be anything else and production did not try to show him in a positive light. Also, cannot believe that the veto competition took what 10 minutes at the most and feeds were off for over 7 hours so pretty evident that CHEATING was going on. Hope everyone writes CBS and voices their disgust!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000256843611 Richard Damian

    While I would like to know the details, without a doubt regardless of the details we should try and keep this game sacrosanct, like they do in golf. It was unnerving to find out that the producers are swaying the HOH’s opinion when it comes to his noms. It seems like money is getting out of hand as a motivator. I say correct the cheating with either a reset or a penalty but letting it go further sullies what we are watching, especially after last season’s quagmire of illegal events. I thought BB was trying to redeem themselves. Evidently not. Too bad.

  • Dee_pita

    You say Froogie doesn’t talk trash about others BUT they are telling everyone in the house that it is Dan who back stabbed them (try Ian). They are so delusional they believe it to be true BUT they are lying to everyone saying it is defiantly true. Do they not realize they NEVER told Dan their plan to get Brit. Frank tells everyone it is the HOH crew who made Ashley cry yet it was Ashley/Jenn who made Ashley cry. He says HOH crew is trash talking Boogie (on Ian’s sayso) yet they are upstairs talking about everything BUT the game. Going back to the original question why would anyone be surprised the Boogie cheated. The shocker is he admitted to it.

  • Missrunninngwolf

    cbs should kick both out of the house and no need for double eviction or pov

  • Kathy

    I think Boogie should be disqualified and told to leave the house!!!! Cheating is CHEATING!!! I will not watch the show again if he is not diqualified…I am a loyal fan since the first show but Boogie has gotten by with way to much!!! KICK HIM OUT …and then find out if Frank is also involved!! This is a lot of money to be awarded to CHEATERS!!!!!!!

    • disgusted by


  • Jojoramone

    With any luck on Thursday, we will see the last of scumbag Boogie. He is a totally disgusting person. For some reason, Big Brother likes to impose Boogie and Jessie onb the viewers.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIFQSX7QW53AZMBC47FYLGX6TQ JO

    boogie admitted cheating, he should be out of his ear even before the vote. If you do something illegal and even know you were doing it then they should not be able to play the end!

  • Jojoramone

    Boogie probably WANTS to get kicked out so he doesn’t have to face the humiliation of being shitcanned by the houseguests.

  • http://twitter.com/hotcanadiantaco Kari

    he changed an answer last minute and didn’t get it done on time, i don’t think it was an intentional illegal move. but since he didn’t win the veto anyway who cares. i think everyone needs to step back and realize this is a game, and also that people a lot of you seem to love, shane, dan, brit, dani, joe and jen are the biggest hypocrites to ever play big brother. they lie and say vile mean things behind peoples back and talk about bullies! frank has done everything in this game he said he would, he’s honest and nice and not two faced and i can’t say that for any of the whack pack. they are sickening, so if you want to complain about someone pick one of those vapid bullies.

  • bewildered

    this is a game show so that means it has to be treated like a game show and follow the regulations by the fdc like all other games shows that means production is not allowed to give answeres to contestants there not allowed to give certain members chips to palm for pov’s and when cheating of anything is done those people should be disqualified. suppose jeapardy would allow there contestants to change answeres or change how much money they bet at the end. thats not ok and this is not ok. after watching show on the pov challange even cheating boogie couldn’t win that is how much of a aloser this troll is. but frank went to the end and yes his changing the numbers could have impacted the outcome because they would have continued on and it could have gone to ashly or shane. in the end it doesn’t matter a cheat is a cheat. disqualify them both from the game. but cbs wont because they have to much money on the prize fighter frank they paid him to come on the show so why would they boot off there number one pick to win the game. why not ask ian what would happen to him if he was caught cheating on exam in collage you think the dean would say oh well probly wouldn’t have changed his grade. no they would not he would be punished someway. frank will no doubt win thurs first hoh and pov and get his dan out of the game who he blames for the whole thing, but it wasn’t dan it was ian sho he will look like the smuck and loser he is when he finds out in the end it was ian not dany who got one over on him. in the history of bb there has never been two dispicable disgusting vial creatures to play the game and if this is the best bb and cbs can come up with than just cancel the show and let people who like such monsters on tv go to the sci fi channel and watch there made up crap.

  • Seagerdenise

    he should be elimanted because of cheating. Hope to never see him again in BB. He is disgusting and so disrespectful to everyone.

  • Mot

    Booger is a total loser. He only won BB-AllStars because of Dr Will. He was only on BB-AllStars because of Dr Will. I remember that loser proposes to a girl (Krista??) on BB2 Live TV Finale to try to extend his sorry-ass fame. How did that qualify him for All-Stars.He is a despicable human being and you are seeing all in what a classless loser he is. He is just so nasty! (and Frank burps and farts as noted in the on-line recaps….so that must be what set Janelle off against Frank….)

    • Lisa24

      Plus Frank doesn’t even wear deodorant! Yuck.

  • Mot

    …and now Booger can go home and use his giant vibrator that he accuses Janelle of using. Janelle has a husband. Booger has no one except a child he adopted by himself. Pray for Booger’s adopted son, Brady that he can overcome any loser habits he learns from his adopted parent.

  • Tammysp66

    This game has lost all credibility with me. More and more every show I can see how much production does to keep Frank in the game. It is so fake. Its obvious they want Frank to win and will make the competitions to favor him and do whatever they can so he can win.

  • Lisa2424

    I can’t wait until Boogie finds out it was Ian who spilled the beans about them putting Britney and Shane on the block next week!!! The look on his dumb face will be priceless.

  • Guest

    Maybe Boogie should have tried to win HOH instead of going for the 10k. That’s what happens when you are greedy.

  • Birdsongs2k

    LOVE BOOGIE ! DO wish he hadn’t been so cocky and tried to win HOH instead of the $$. Don’t think that was the best move. Boogie and Frank have been the best players so far. If they, Dan and Shane had keep their alliance they would have gone to final four, as they are all four the strongest players.

  • Birdsongs2k

    Ian should get $$ for successfully playing the Mole.

  • Jdean62

    what about the two Houseguests choice chips both Boogie and Frank picked? The conversation between Boogie and Frank …frank basically said he was “given a chip”… laughing about production… then the feeds went down… When it came back Boogie was telling him not to repeat something … We all know Production helps people cheat.. so nothing surprises me… its a soap opera directed with strong influence by Production not a reality game show…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/E2RK7GSLQO4IWKAAE33SJU2XBA flutesong

    Boogie is a disgusting bully, and I, along with many people that I have spoken to, was tempted to not watch BB this season just because he’s on it. He really brings down the show as far as I’m concerned, and as long as he is gone, the show may pick up again. Fingers and toes crossed hoping that he gets voted out!

  • jerzyrose

    If he admitted to cheating then he needs to be removed from the game …. without the benefit of being voted out.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7LSOQGMZF2CILEDINHF4ALYJMU OpinionsRNotFacts

    Mike Carri aka Mike “Boogie” Malin got “QUACKED” by his idol. Any woman defending Mike and Frank’s personal and vicious attacks on the females on BB14 make me wonder why they feel that his behavior is OK.
    Have you no self esteem? How would you feel if that was your daughter, sister, aunt, mother, granddaughter, grandmother or female niece or cousin, would it still be OK? I guess he fooled you by tearing up in front of Brittany. Mike is vile, immature and a walking example of the type of man no female in her right mind would be involved with. What he said he would do to Dan’s wife is indefensible.
    Wake up women, someone like Mike or Frank could be in the life of someone you love. Abuse is not only physical, it’s mental and emotional too. Both Mike and Frank are only a step away from crossing the that line.

  • ProBrother

    As much as I dislike Boogie as a person, and his “game”, I have to admit that he is the only one of this motley group actually playing the BB game. This sorry lot seems to both deify and fear this mean little man, whose ego is merely a coverup for his deep seated feelings of inadaquacy. Persons who are comfortable with themselves do not denigrate others, because they don’t have to to feel good about themselves or their behaviors. There’s actually a chance that this group will not find the requisite number of votes to eliminate the cretin and he could possibly go on to decimate the remainder and win the game.
    BB producers one again field a group of bland, white bread players who have no real idea as to how to play BB to win and pit them against someone like Boogie who can run roughshod over them all. It makes for good TV, good conflict and good action, but it has nothing to do with the original game of BB.

  • DevilMama2

    Anyone with an ego that big is simply unlikeable!

    Odd that there is one good thing about him (his love for his baby). But no mention is ever made of the baby’s mama. One would think he would say she’s a good mother, yadda yadda, but no …. he probably considers HIMSELF the mother as well as the father. ha ha ha ha ha

    What an ass. Don’t bring him back.

  • ChrisBaron42

    After these shenanigans it was quite vindicating to see Boogie not only get eliminated, but played hard on last night’s episode. He is a scumbag normally, but cheating probably turned everyone that was left on his side against him. I was talking to a coworker at dish about this, and they just kept on saying Boogie knows how to win the game. Now we see where his tactics got him. I missed the live show last night, but luckily Primetime Anytime on my Hopper automatically records it for me, and I was able to watch it before work this morning. I would have been so sad to miss the elimination of Boogie, though I wish he would have squirmed a little more instead of brushing it off.

  • Idnsq

    Bye, Bye Mike Boogie……..happy I do not have to look at your face again…………your are a bully and a disgusting person……………I hope Ian takes it all…………. .

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

    I’m so happy that Mike got the boot and I hope that Franks follows his boyfriend out the door soon.

  • Angiemariebryant

    WTF does it matter now, he’s G O N E!!!!! U cant punish a houseguest who has been eliminated & NOT ven in the Jury house!!! ITS CALLED A GAME PEOPLE, its not the like its the freakin Glass House where what America says matters, b/c Big Brother could give 2 sh*ts less what yall(America) has to say!!! You HAVE to lie, cheat, do whatever to win that 500 G’s!!!!……..Boogies a cocky asshole, but i still enjoy watching his dumbass play the game!!! And i LOVED his goodbye message to Janelle..it was EPiC!!!!! Id say Ian got him back with his goodbye message tho!!! I really really hope Ian uses his POV to take Dan off the block…after all the heat Dan took for that punk, you’d think he would take him down….If dan gets evicted, i hope Ian or Brit wins!!! But i really dont think Brit has a chance!!

  • Springsgifts

    Boogie should lose the prizes he won for cheating. Don’t reward bad behavior.

  • Bdbsc

    Boogie big nose is a BITCH

  • Arthur95677

    Does anybody cancel there live feed through the off season, or do they keep it.