Spoilers: Dan Flips The House

The house is in for a shake-up today if Dan's plan works

Spoilers: Dan Flips The House

When Frank won Head of Household this week on Big Brother 14, his one and only target was Dan. But as we all know, things can change in the Big Brother house instantly, and they have once again and it all played out on the Live Feeds Sunday night.

At flashback time is 7:52 PM BBT, Dan put into motion a crazy plan Sunday on the Live Feeds, where he held a “funeral” for himself and spent the wake saying nice things about the other HouseGuests. And when he got to Danielle, he told her she was dead to him and that set the whole house into a frenzy. She was crying, everyone else was confused and upset and while they were all downstairs reeling, he activated phase two of his plan.

At around 8:06 PM BBT, he lets Frank in on all the Quack Pack secrets, including Ian’s big moves with Boogie and he throws Britney under the bus. So far under the bus that she’s likely to end up as a nominee today after the Veto Ceremony. Yes, Dan has convinced Frank to work with him, take him off the block, nominate Britney and send her out. And there has even been a final two deal made between the two.

All they need to do is convince Jenn to use her veto and get Joe to vote with them and Britney is out. So far, it seems like everything is playing out as planned, but we’ll know for sure following the veto ceremony later today.

There’s going to be some fireworks from now until Thursday! Don’t miss a second of the drama. Get the BB14 Live Feeds – start your 3-day trial to SuperPass.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

    Dan may also have 9 lives in this game. Was shocked he broke Danielles heart. Was thrilled he made an amazingly brilliant move. It may not work but damn his mind is calculating.

  • Tuniciaa

    I’m actually proud of Dan. He stop playing like he did in Season 10

  • Marlana

    If Frank has a choice between Brit and Dan I don’t see him trusting Dan.He knows he is a liar (yes I know they all are) Ian won’t use his and Jenn well not sure where her head is

  • Mon

    I really hope to see Ian evicted. I adored him but he became weirdly cocky, arrogany and a piece of s..t IMO

    • Mon

      Arrogant, sorry got annoyed with his tyrany…

  • Billy Wilkerson

    Hey, why does Dan get to read a Bible? Since I pray to the Golf Gods before each round, does this mean that I could bring a bunch of Golf Digest magazines into the house? Plus, why does he need a Bible anyways when the DR God can guide him along his path of diabolical treachery?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIFQSX7QW53AZMBC47FYLGX6TQ JO

    ok so jenn did this for what reason because she is playing with frank? but she also was playing with Dani too. I guess she likes frank better

  • Lalalove_milla

    Dan is a BRILLIANT! OMG This guy was on the block and was bound to go home and some how made it out with no scratches. He convinced his biggest rival Frank to get Jenn to use the veto on him and now he is off the block and Brittney and Ian were totally blindsighted, the looks on their faces were priceless! People wondered why I kept rooting for Dan and THIS is why.

    Like Dan said “I didn’t win Big Brother by winning challenges”. #TEAMDAN!