Spoilers: See Dan’s Plan Play Out

Dan goes from being on the block to turning the house upside down

Spoilers: See Dan’s Plan Play Out

If you’re just checking in for the week, then you missed some crazy happenings on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds.

During Sunday night’s episode on CBS, we saw Frank nominate Dan and Danielle for eviction. But since then, a whole lot has changed in the house. First of all, Jenn won the Power of Veto. That’s a shocker in itself. Then Dan thew himself a funeral,” fully equipped with tears and a fake shunning of Danielle. That was all an act to set his master plan into motion. During phase 2 of his plan, he pitched a final two deal with Frank (even though he told the Live Feeds his real final two deal is with Danielle) and Frank went for it.

Phase 3 of Dan’s plan was to get Jenn to use the PoV on him and have Frank put up Britney in his place. Phase 3 also went off without a hitch. So now we’ve got Britney and Danielle sitting next to each other on the block and if Dan’s plan goes all the way, Britney will be walking out Thursday night and Dan is solid. What he does next, however, is anyone’s guess. Will he continue working with Frank and cut him loose later, or will he stick with Danielle and have someone else put Frank out in the next two weeks.

It shouldn’t be that had to get Frank out, since he chose to sit out the next to Head of Household competitions during the last veto game.

What do you think of Dan’s plan? Are you impressed? What do you want Dan’s next move to be?

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  • Lala467

    I think it says it all when he told the Quack Pack that his first word of loyalty is the one you can count on..meaning the quack pack and then throws all of them under the bus especially Britney. Dan says he can take all of the verbal beat downs as long as they leave his wife out of it and then says all of those ridiculous comments to Danielle to “make her upset”. All to save his life in the BB house. I guess it’s ok for him to verbally attack a woman but not his wife. I wonder of all of his morals are so easily thrown out the window when it benefits him. Then clicks his heels when he pulls off his plan to Frank while Danielle is having a breakdown over it. I know that strategy is a part of this game it’s just amazing that the rest of his alliance didn’t stoop that low and the one that works at a Catholic school and reads the Bible when he is in hot water is the one that is so disgustingly vicious. Dan’s reply ” I’m sorry”.. As someone once said ” you can stuff you sorries in a sack… I hope the special women in your life see how you just treated a woman on national television and click your heels about it. Disgusted!!!!

    • kirk

      LOL you must have not watched the feeds then.
      On the feeds, all of QP were turning on him. They were ready to let him go, all of them threw him under the bus the minute Frank got HOH. Brit wasn’t going to let Ian use that 2nd pov to save Dan, she and Ian talked about what a great idea it was to cut Dan this week. The night before pov comp, Brit told Dani not to throw pov and that if Brit somehow wins it that she would NOT use it to save Dan.
      None of Dan’s so-called allies wanted to save him. Even Dani turned her back on him. She was supposed to throw that pov to Dan, but instead she took the pt he could’ve gotten. Afterwards, she even told Jenn not to use pov on her, in order to make sure Dan would go. Dani told Brit and Shane that she didn’t want that pov cuz she didn’t want off the block and one of the two to go up. Dani didn’t care if Dan would go or not at all.
      Dan saw no loyalty from QP to him, why should he fall on his sword for them? especially for something he didn’t do? I fully support him trying to save himself. He should not work with people who do not have his best interest in mind.

      • Courtney

        Exactly. It’s every man/woman for themselves, and the entire QP was lying to his face and pretending they were going to save him. Don’t feel bad for ANY of them, and I sincerely hope he takes Frank to the Final 2. Frank will win, but he and Dan have played the best games, respectively, and deserve 1st and 2nd place.

        • Tete1953

          dan is one sick sun of a bitch,cant stand him,he will not win

  • Neen718

    I love Dan! That move right there proves it, he is the best player in BB history. Anyone pissed at what he did needs to remember that in the end, it’s every man/woman for him/herself. You have to look out for ourself and do what needs to be done to win. Otherwise why bother being there?? Nothing would be better than seeing Dan the Man take the whole thing for the second freaking time. GO DAN!!!!!!

  • Frank_Dan

    Dan is a BRILLIANT! OMG This guy was on the block and was bound to go home and some how made it out with no scratches. He convinced his biggest rival Frank to get Jenn to use the veto on him and now he is off the block and Brittney and Ian were totally blindsighted, the looks on their faces were priceless! People wondered why I kept rooting for Dan and THIS is why.

    Like Dan said “I didn’t win Big Brother by winning challenges”. #TEAMDAN!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ian.t.young Ian Thomas Young

    That was,maybe, the most brilliant–ruthless–but brilliant move I’ve ever seen on BB. I felt awful for Dani when he ‘shunned’ her. But, maybe, as he said, it’s good for her game too. When he explained it all to her and apologized she called him a sick man but then laughed. So, hopefully she won’t be too traumatized. Come on,now, that was BRILLIANT!

    • Lainey Wilson

      Agreed! Dan is amazing at reading how people will react to his antics. This worked beautifully.

  • Billy Wilkerson

    Wow, last week Frank wins 2 POVs and an HOH, then Dan pulls off a move better than any of Dr. Will’s, and now Ian has to do something or he’ll be sent packing. After such a boring, lackluster start, this season is turning out to being one of the best competitions of all time.

    I hope they show Frank and Ian’s confrontation, tomorrow. I’ve read that Ian gets really pissed, so that should be a good one.

    GO FRANK!!!