Spoilers: More Drama In The House

Jenn confronts Ashley and Joe doesn't tell Frank what he wants to hear

Spoilers: More Drama In The House

The drama has been stepped up in the Big Brother 14 house and on the Live Feeds since Shane made the bold move to put Frank and Boogie up for eviction.

Since then, of course, Frank has won the Power of Veto and Shane was forced to renominated Jenn, forcing her to finally play the game. And since then, she’s been spending her days trying to make sense of why she was nominated and basically learn how this game works for the first time. When the Live Feeds aren’t on Jenn figuring out Big Brother, they’re on Joe being the “swing vote.” The anti-Boogie side expects Joe to go with them on the vote and Boogie and Frank have been working Joe for his vote non-stop.

Jenn has had it out with Shane, Danielle and Dan and Tuesday night (Wednesday morning) at 1:30 AM BBT, she laid into Ashley after she learned Ashley planned to keep Boogie over her. (Oh, and let me just say, welcome to the game, Jenn).

Elsewhere, Joe finally tells Frank at 11:42 PM BBT (Tuesday night) that he does not plan on voting for Boogie to stay and Frank is not happy.

On Wednesday morning, the HouseGuests were all on lockdown on the HoH room, so at 10:50 AM BBT, Boogie assembled a house meeting to let everyone know he’s OK with going home and that he’d appreciate it if everyone spent the next couple of days not fighting and making other people cry. It was Boogie’s final move to show everyone how soft he’s become, hoping to secure an extra vote or two.

Of course Boogie might not need the extra votes if Pandora’s Box happens, which is what the HGs expect was the reason for their morning HoH room lockdown. But they’re always paranoid. And by they, I mean Britney.

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  • Chris

    We do not need any Pandora’s Box!!!

    • Kris

      If there is a Pandors’s box and it takes Booger off the block then you know BB production wants that creep to stay! Get it over with already, get on with the other house guest proceeding with the game! Get Booger out, then then let them take out Britney or Danielle and shake things out or get rid of Dan, put Dan and Britney up and maybe she will stop picking at her face! She is like a monkey always picking at something! I like her but I can’t stand her picking and flicking!!! Stop it Brit! its time to start playing I want to see what Frank will do when Booger is gone! Maybe Frank and Shane will go to the end with each other.. Who knows, let the show begin! Geesh already!

      • BBFan

        boogie and frank are basically the only ones playing a smart game, britneys dumb alliance will (and is) being figured out and will self destruct. she’s an idiot. booger? are you 12? why don’t you get over it, pandoras box is PART OF THE GAME! if you’re a fan then you’d respect that.

  • Rick

    Pandora’s Box always takes place within the HOH room, so… if they are all on lockedown within the HOH room, how could there be a pandora’s box?

    • http://twitter.com/branden628 Branden B

      I don’t know – ask the HouseGuests. They’re the ones constantly talking about it.

  • Tim

    If I remember correctly, in the All Star’s season, they were all locked down inside one of the down stairs bedrooms together, which is where Boogie basically strong armed Chicken George to put Howie on the block which would insure that Dr. Will wouldn’t be voted out (or something like that). So, maybe this HOH lockdown was an attempt to give Boogie one last hurrah,

  • Jimmy Quidd

    If BB wants to keep Boogie in so bad, why don’t they just do what Survivor did (all season) when Boston Rob won…don’t show the voting.

  • cruizin596

    If BB wanted to keep Boogie so bad, they should have voided the veto for cheating and started over

  • Jimmy Quidd

    Vote counting:

    Frank – vote Jenn out
    Ashley – Jenn
    Joe – probably Boogie
    Ian – Boogie
    Dan – Boogie
    Britney – Boogie
    Danielle – Boogie


    10 to 1 for 100 says Boogie will go tonight. Any takers?
    Disclaimer: All bets null and void in the event of any BB intervention.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIFQSX7QW53AZMBC47FYLGX6TQ JO

    Boogie is out unless pandoras box, which shouldn’t happen because boogie should be out for cheating and he knew at the time he did it he was cheating so he should be going for sure. If he stays then big brother sucks and lets some people get away with things and others don’t.