Spoilers: Was The Veto Used?

FInd out which two BB14 HGs could face eviction this week

Spoilers: Was The Veto Used?

As we told you earlier, Dan won the Power of Veto Saturday, and there’s been talk on the Live Feeds since then of the possibility of Dan using the power.

The initial plan was for Dan to use the veto on Jenn. This covers Dan in a number of areas. First of all, he can cover his Quack Pack alliance by knocking down one of Ian’s nominations. And he can cover this deal with Frank by telling him Ian will put up Joe and Joe will go home instead of Frank.

Frank got a little nervous after some alleged Diary Room hints and asked Dan to just use the veto on him instead of Jenn. So what did Dan do during Monday’s Veto Ceremony?

Dan used the Veto on Jenn and cited it as a repayment for her using hers on him. Ian put Joe up in her place.

So either Frank or Joe will be the first HG to walk out the door during Thursday’s double eviction episode.

There’s going to be a lot of scrambling and deals being made now so you’re not going to want to miss a second of the drama! Get the BB14 Live Feeds – start your 3-day trial to SuperPass.


  • Eileen

    I love you Dan!

  • Donosiek

    Dan you chose this season to prove that you are a greater player than Boogie. Please bring down Frank. I do not want to see him win. He is to stuck on himself.

    • Sheilallen81

      I totally agree with you Donosiek.I don’t understand why he has lasted as long as he has.He is very self centered think he is king of the house,because his father is a pro wrestler.I am praying he goes out of the BB house Thursday.

  • blackflies

    another double eviction…fun fun…i dont think frank will go though it seems to me the games rigged for him..JMO

  • Charlie

    I agree with Blackflies………….. if Frank don’t go this week then you know he’s won it all. RIGGED.. I am very disappointed with this season. Something or someone has to come into the house or happed…….. Bad and BORING for after dark and the live feeds.

  • http://en.videobuzzy.com Videobuzzy.com

    Dan is a bad boy :)

  • Marjorie

    Well, it didn’t take long for Jenn to turn on Frank! She is chiming in with the rest of Dan’s sheep in bad-mouthing Frank now that he is gone. I don’t know if she is aware that she is not a member of the “ducks suck”, so she may be out the door next! She becomes like butter in Danielle’s hands as soon as D. shows her a little attention. Frank’s fatal flaws were his ego( thinking that everyone liked him in spite of being on the block almost every week…duh!, and trusting Dan! This group of house guests were by far the least talented in game play and also boring! They seemed more eager to either work out or sit around and constantly reveal each other’s conversations. In the end, no matter what Dan said or did to them, they would run to him with every bit of info they had. All he needed to do was lie there and “read” his bible. Despicable Dan is going to win the whole enchilada again with his disingenuous and blasphemous game play! I’m sure that his wife and the Catholic school that he teaches at are so proud of him! Maybe they are experiencing the “Stockholm Syndrome” when it comes to their deceitful leader Dan….I don’t really care who wins this year…all that is left in the house is Dan and Dan clones, so it really doesn’t matter. Ian turned out to be extremely nasty, Jenn is oblivious, and Shane just polly- parrots what everyone else says and does…he lacks a back bone. I will probably turn in on the last night to see who wins, but for the first time I don’t care. I hope BB will come up with some new twists and turns for next year, this is getting redundant.

  • Marjorie

    I guess no one is really paying attention to these posts but here goes anyway…I will NEVER get the Live Feed again! Half the time we are watching fish. Whoever is working the cameras must be asleep on the job because they are not really focused on anything interesting. The house guests have mastered the art of whispering so that you can’t hear what they are saying. Plus, this group is BORING! It is not worth the $14.99! I hope that the Producers can come up with more innovative ideas to change up the game. It seems as though they keep having the same events season after season so that there are no surprises and the players know what’s coming. These guys are belligerent when it comes to keeping their mics on, singing and generally following the rules of the house. What a difference from the first few seasons! I think you should have some kind of a punishment for repeated offenses( i.e. deducting x amount of dollars from their stipend.) This has been my least favorite of all the seasons because of the caliber of house guests. This has been a year of 1 or 2 people leading the sheep to slaughter without any real ” game play.” Ian’s constant rocking in the hammock is bizarre, Jenn is practically catatonic in her apparent strategy, Dan is deceitful and manipulative and is abhorrent in his strategy because of his use of the Catholic religion as a shield. Danielle is egocentric and delusional…plain crazy. It is so sad to see Shane, who seems like a nice guy, being manipulated by Danielle and anyone who has a conversation with him. He comes off as dumb as dirt without a single idea of his own. None of them deserve $500,000 Where is Dr. Will, Evel Dick, or Daniele Donato when we need them. Their seasons were exciting! This house was too one-sided…I’m listening to them talking about how much air time they are guaranteed…did they forget that they are not on the Jersey Shore but are competing for $500,000?