Big Brother Spoilers: Week 6 Results

What has gone down in the BB14 house so far this week?

Big Brother Spoilers: Week 6 Results

Last week Wil headed out of the house and Shane headed up to the HoH room. Since then, a whole lot of drama has gone down in the Big Brother 14 house and on the Live Feeds. The Silent Six has crumbled and Boogie and Frank are on the war path. And as usual, Danielle continues to melt down. What a week! Spoilers ahead!

Week 6 Results

Head of Household: Shane

Shane won his second Head of Household competition while Boogie bagged $10,000 and Britney won safety for the week.

Week 6 Nominations: Boogie and Frank

The Silent Six decided they couldn’t trust Boogie and Frank when Ian told Britney that the two of them were planning to target her and Shane. Shane throws Britney under the bus to Boogie and Frank. While Britney is trying to clean up Shane’s mess, Boogie and Frank presume that Dan was the culprit. Dan takes the fall and Ian remains in the best possible position.

Power of Veto Players: Shane, Frank, Boogie, Ian, Ashley, Jenn

Veto Winner: Frank

We’re still not sure what went down during the Veto competition, but Joe spent much of Saturday and Sunday claiming that Boogie and Frank cheated. Production did a fantastic job of shutting out the Live Feed watchers every time the HGs starting talking about the incident.

Veto Ceremony

Replacement Nominee: Jenn

Welcome to the game, Jenn. For the first time in the game, Jenn is actually on anyone’s radar. And she’s not happy. She’s so unfamiliar with the game that she’s not even sure what’s going on. She’s kind of over-reacting for someone who has coasted by the whole game and hasn’t even been a Have-Not.

Poll Results

You decided that Ashely and Frank’s date was better than Ashely and Ian’s. Poor Ian just can’t catch a break.

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  • Walter Keane

    Way to go, Frank. You squeaked by again.

    Now, if the Boogie man is finally going to go, he can lay low and maybe create an alliance, or two. But then there’s still Ian. Hell has no fury like a nerd scorned (Ashley, you two-timing game-showmancer (why can’t women keep it in their pants)).

  • Cherrielandry

    I think Ian should win the hole game

  • Donosiek

    Boogie you are not a great as you thought you were if a 21 year old college student get you evicted.