Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony

Was the Power of Veto used?

Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony

As we told you earlier, Shane won Power of Veto on Saturday, and it quickly became apparent on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds that there were only two different scenarios that could have played out.

First, there was talk of Shane pulling a Marcellus and not using the veto on himself.  And since Dan would never allow himself to be put up, the only other option was for Danielle to go up and sit next to Jenn.

Shane did use the veto on himself and avoided being “Marcellus’d”. So either Jenn or Danielle will go home during Wednesday’s special eviction episode. And I think it’s a safe bet to say Jenn will be the one leaving. That is unless she tries to get Shane and Ian to realize that neither of them are a part of Dan or Danielle’s real final two plans. But Dan’s good, so don’t expect any thing Jenn can say or do to penetrate Dan’s mist.

Even though Danielle was prepared for this, she’s still guaranteed to create some drama out of this. So Don’t miss a second of the drama! Get the BB14 Live Feeds – start your 3-day trial to SuperPass.


  • http://www.facebook.com/mickey.simoncelli Mickey Simoncelli

    Ian is an IDIOT!

    • carol


    • Peregrin Took

      You’re half right. If you go by the way his eyes sometimes look upwards and to the right or left, and how he rocks back-and-forth (stimming) on his hammock, then he’s much more like a idiot savant. jk, he actually seems be to a high-functioning aspy (like Bill Gates).

      • Peregrin Took

        And I seem be to dyslexic.

  • Piro5

    Oh great….we get to see more of Danielles whining “poor me”!…..blah!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

    Ian is sooooo determined to see through “his” QP plan of F4. His compulsive self will not let that plan deviate. This I fee well be his demise. He knows the game so he “knows” better yet his tunnel vision focus does not let him take any action against the QP until Jenn is gone. Huge mistake.

    Shane, well I have no idea. Maybe he will surprise me.

    Dan continues to play his game and they love him. I do feel he errored not putting up Shane.

    Danielle who cares she is a flaoter also but has aliances.

    Looking forward to the Live Wednesday Eviction show that the HG have no idea about!

  • Peregrin Took

    Ian, Ian, Ian, whatsamatta wit choo? Now he’ll have to pull a Frank by winning competitions in order to survive. He can’t compete in the next HOH, so hopefully the DR Gods will light a fire under his arse for the next POV and final HOH comps. Yup, that’s all it will take. Now git’er done.

    Last week I was stupidly yelling “GOOOO FRANK,” so for now on, in order to keep from causing a disturbance in the Judas mist, I’ll be quietly whispering, “goooo ian.”

    goooo ian!!!