Spoilers: Who Won The HoH Contest?

Which BB14 HouseGuest outlasted the others during the endurance comp?

Spoilers: Who Won The HoH Contest?

This week’s Big Brother 14 Head of Household competition was another endurance contest. Viewers saw the start of the competition on CBS, where Joe fell before the first commercial break ended and Jenn fell as the credits were rolling. Shocker!

The rest of the competition played out on the Live Feeds. and here are the results:

  • 4th place — Danielle
  • 3rd — Dan
  • 2nd — Shane
  • 1st — Ian

So Ian is the new Head of Household! He and Shane lasted for a while and Shane was not feeling good, so they cut a deal. Ian told Shane he and Danielle are safe this week. Ian says he already has a nomination speech planned.

It should be an interesting Friday with nominations since Ian has Britney’s revenge on his mind. Will he aim for Frank and/or Dan. Or is Dan really even on his radar? Ian’s move will be an important one for him as next week is another live double eviction.

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  • Rosemary

    Ian seems kinda funny.

    • Olivejeanne


  • Reoverbeck

    Can not stand that little twerp back stabbing Ian. He is a snake

    • http://twitter.com/invest43 Invest43

      A comma goes a long way, it sounds as though as a little twerp backstabbed Ian

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

    It will be interesting to see just how Ian behaves. Could be good, but lately all I see is Ian planning making speeches for the cameras or us. His “I have hope” speech sounded like MLK’s “I have a dream” and I almost puked. It is getting old. I hope he starts concentrating on strategy again so there is something good to watch.

  • jimbobalooche

    you go Ian..Hope ya make it til the final 2

  • Elaine Wilson

    Oh Ian, you had so much potential, don’t grow to big for your britches…. revenge can bite you in the ass.

  • Karlmed9600

    Ian used to be odd and kind of interesting and now he is just about the most annoying person to watch. I don’t believe in violence but I was really hoping Frank would just punch him in the face so he would shut up or go cry some more. I can only imagine how out of control he is going to be this week. I guess we all better get on the Ian train as he put it. PUKE!!!

  • Skimberly01

    I hope Ian does good, he playing the game, and one hell of a good one. He played an innocent young kid and then secretly blew up the biggest threat and if Dan didn’t turn into such an ass, it would probably be a little different

  • Xnannazs

    Go Ian,Shane,and Joe.Joe because that’s an easy win if he sits beside you in F2.Ian because he is playing the game,and Shane because he is good at comps.,and he seems to be a nice guy.No drama.

    • Guest

      If only Shane knew how sneaky Danielle is!

  • http://twitter.com/ZakAustin63 Zak Austin

    He’ll put up Frank and Dan, Shane and Danielle can win the veto, and Frank goes home.

    Tbh, I don’t see Frank staying in the game for much longer.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/M2KCYSKDDOPHJCMDJ7MS3ARRKU Renee Irby

    Ian will definitely be after Frank’s a**! It’s too bad because I would like Frank to stay in game longer.

    • Cdmbfansyr

      Danielle gets on my last nerve. I hate people that do not have feelings. She was crying the other night on the hammock with Britney about how she doesn’t want her to go. Not 6 hours after she is gone she is talking shit about her. 7 hours later she is flirting with the lesbian. Are you serious. You mean to tell me everyone is falling for her slow ass southern routine. Urrgh

  • JaneDoe

    I hate Danielle and Dan!!

  • Cherrielandry

    i am so gald ina is hoh now put up dan and frank and get frank out the house

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIFQSX7QW53AZMBC47FYLGX6TQ JO

    YESSSSSS! the only person I kinda like is Ian I am so glad he won

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FIFQSX7QW53AZMBC47FYLGX6TQ JO

    hope frank goes. I really don’t like him. I think Ian is playing a great game from what I seen so far on the live feeds. Haven’t watched to show this year lol. He was the underdog and considered a nerd that is why I want him to win. Frank has a big ego and needs to go but of course how bb goes frank will when veto. haha

  • shinoda85

    Of course Frank is gonna be on the block…again…he will win veto…again…this game this season is like a broken record…but Frank keeps winning everything! I think he deserves to win the whole game!

  • Ian Fan

    You go Ian! Ian is surrounded by snakes and backstabbing twerps!