Spoilers: Who Won The Veto?

Find out which BB14 HG holds the Power of Veto

Spoilers: Who Won The Veto?

A lot has happened on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds since Thursday’s double eviction episode.

Late Thursday night, Ian was crowned Head of Household again and on Friday he nominated Jenn and Shane for eviction. On Saturday, the veto competition took place and Shane the veto. That’s Shane’s fourth veto win.

That means Danielle or Dan will have to go up during the Veto ceremony. Unless Dan mists Shane into not using it. If anyone would fall for that it would probably be Shane.

So unless Dan wants to use this chance to cut Danielle’s throat (using that analogy only because Boogie and others used it this season), then Jenn will be going home Wednesday. That will leave the final four of Dan, Ian, Shane and Danielle to battle for the final three spots on Thursday.

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  • Mon

    Quack pack sucks….hated them from the start hence BB stop catering to them they suck

  • Elijah Price

    I think Ian’s vengeance toward Frank had nothing to do with Britney’s eviction (well, maybe a little). He was already jealous of Frank because Frank was kissing on Ashley. If Ian was really upset with Britney’s eviction, then he should be smart enough to know that the real culprit wasn’t Frank or Jenn, it was Dan (remember Dan’s funeral?). And now would be the perfect opportunity for him to backdoor Dan. If Ian is such a smart and great gamer that he has been claimed to be (and wasn’t coaxed or coached into taking out Frank and Boogie), then he has got to recognize that now is the time to make a BIG MOVE. (I have a strong feeling that it will Ian and Dan in the final two anyways, but that’s beside the point).

    If Ian does try to backdoor Dan, then he’ll have to work on Shane. He should say something like this to him, “If Danielle, Dan and you (Shane) were the final 3 and Danielle won the last HOH, would you be 100% sure that she would chose to take you, and not Dan, to the final 2? He is her coach, you know? Well, if it was her, you and me, then you could be 100% sure.” Of course this could blowup in Ian’s face, but if he does it right, it should work.

    • http://twitter.com/hollymlehman holly m lehman

      sorry but ian is not the genius everybody claims he is.dan has him believing he is dan’s next memphis.lol if ian did not win that veto joe would have stayed and ian would have followed frank right out the door.if ian does not win the next veto his game is over.but still protecting dan talk about foolish.ian has no grand plan he really thinks it’s dan and him for final 2.dan will take dani to final 2 or jen.ian can not play in the next hoh so his only hope is to win the next veto which duh he has no clue if he does not win the next veto he will be joining frank.ashley said ian was mean to her at times for no reason.ian thinks because he is book smart that he is better then other people.ian is no angel and has america fooled just like dan did his season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

    If Dan’s mist does not work and there is a tie, Ian will have to break the tie and he still hates getting his hands bloody. Could be funny though.

  • Pam Hanks

    only thing I want to say is : please BB start having 2 BB’s a Year it’s too far between for 1 time a year !! Take a vote I bet you will be surprised how many BB fans will say yes to 2 times a year !! you could even call it BB 13 1/2 or BB 13.5 !!! what does everyone think ??? BB TWICE A YEAR ?!!!!

  • Rpsprott

    Hold on!! Ian puts up Dan and Dan gets the boot. Okay? Ian has to impress Shane and Danielle with the fact that Dan is a big challenge threat for HOH and POV and that if he wins it will spell their doom. He has to make it clear that anyone can win with Jenn still in the game but with her gone Dan is a real danger.

  • Donosiek

    Shane wise up, Dan and Danielle is using you. Please use the Power of Veto on yourself and put Dan or Danielle up. Danielle thinks she is the hottest thing that ever walked this earth. Sorry Danielle but your not.

  • Deborah

    Here is a spoiler. Who cares! The show kind of sucks now. Everyone who was interesting is gone. Watching Frank fight for his life every week made for good TV even though you had to feel sorry for the guy. Even though I wasn’t rooting for Britney she was fun to watch. I cancelled my live feeds because I have better things to do with my time and money then listen to Ian discuss Pokemon for hours or watch crazy ass Danielle obsess over some clueless guy who isn’t interested or pick at her giant zits. Or watching Dan secure his place in hell. No thanks. I will watch the finale because what can I say I love BB but right now I could care less who wins.

  • MikeD

    if Jen goes home, Dan loses. The only way anyone on the jury will give Dan the 500k is if he is sitting next to Jen. Thats his only chance and thats not even 100%. Never will he get the votes for the 500k sitting next to Shane, Daniele, or Ian. In fact, he will not even get 1 vote.

  • Mikesim7111

    They have to back door Dan and get his lying ass out.