SuperPass Happy Hour With Joe!

BB14's resident chef stops by for a chat!

SuperPass Happy Hour With Joe!

Big Brother 14 might be over, but our coverage continues. On Thursday, Joe stopped by for the latest SuperPass Happy Hour chat and he was as energetic as ever.

Missy and Spicy led the chat but Joe stole the show like only Joe knows how — loudly.

And it wouldn’t be a chat with Joe without mentioning infamous “Wassssup?” of course! Yes, I’m talking about the moment we’ve all been talking to and that’s when Joe thought it was Shane coming to bed and started talking smack about Dan. And as we all know, it was really Dan. Priceless.

The other hot topic? Joe’s soul patch! It’s still there… Looking right at me… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Ha. Joes does say his soul patch is growing on his wife. Not literally, thank goodness, but she’s apparently starting to like it. Joe’s family also comes into the conversation as Joe’s Big Brother experience has been a family affair.

My two favorite developments from Joe’s chat: He would’ve voted for Dan over Danielle in the final 2 and he didn’t wash his hands a lot after using the bathroom because there are sanitary wipes in the bathroom. And he  used those. So there you have it.

What did you think of Joe’s Happy Hour chat? If you missed it, keep an eye on SuperPass and the Happy Hour with Joe will be archived as soon as possible.

Coming up on SuperPass! Danielle and Shane: The BB14 showmance couple (yes, it’s officially a showmance now) will be live in the SuperPass studios chatting with us Thursday, Oct. 18 at 4 pm PST/7 PM ET.


  • Lynda Perky

    Really enjoyed the chat. Joe is such a character. Really good questions about jury house activities and decompression time. Thanks