SuperPass Live Chat: Game On!

Frank beats Ian and Dan to become the SuperPass comp king!

SuperPass Live Chat: Game On!

Big Brother 14′s Ian Terry, Frank Eudy and Dan Gheesling wrapped up their SuperPass Live Chat series today with a series of games that resulted in Frank being crowned SuperPass comp King. I mean, was there ever any doubt? We all know Frank is a beast!

Ian finished second and Dan came in last. But it was on purpose. Dan pulled out some Big Brother-worthy antics on the set today that resulted in Chelsia using a broom at clean up several dozen Skittles and Froot Loops.

The trio played a series of games that Dan likened to Big Brother “season 1 games” (hahaha) including Paper Dragon, Skittles Scurry, Nose Dive and Don’t Blow The Kings. And no, the games weren’t as R-rated as they sound.

As I mentioned, Dan was more interested in goofing off, so he ended up with about -4,000 points I think. Ian was off to a strong start, but then Frank came from behind to take the win and the crown.

If you missed the live showing, keep an eye on SuperPass and the archive will  be up as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out Thursday’s Live Chat with Ian, Dan and Frank.

Did you catch the live show? What did you think of the outcome?