SuperPass Live Chat: Ian Gets A Date!

Find out what Ian, Dan and Frank had to say

SuperPass Live Chat: Ian Gets A Date!

Did you catch the SuperPass Live Chat with Big Brother 14 HouseGuests Ian Terry, Dan Gheesling and Frank Eudy? If not, then you missed a lot. But don’t worry, you can still catch it on the SuperPass archives!

So what did you miss exactly? Well during the first round with Spicy, There was some eBay talk (why did Dan decide to sell Mr. Monk Monk?), some fan phone calls (Dan fans love #TeamMist) and an extra-special surprise caller just for Ian (and yes, it even ended in a date! If he makes it out to Los Angeles, that is). OK, I won’t keep those of you who didn’t see guessing. It was Kristen from Big Brother 12 (if you remember, Ian talked about her all season).

And for round two, Missy caught up with the three big winners from Big Brother 14 and we learned a lot more about the three of them. Dan has exactly one regret from the game this season. And it’s a good one! And why didn’t Frank reveal who his dad is? Dan had an interesting response to that question. He said he wouldn’t have voted Frank out had he known his dad was former pro-wrestler Sid Vicious. He says he would have kept him around for the conversations they could’ve had about his dad.

And finally, how does Dan and Ian think they’d stack up in a Big Brother game against Dr. Will?

Parts One and Two of the Live Chat with Ian, Dan and Frank archive is now available!

Did you watch the Live Chat? What did you think of the questions and answers?



  • RC

    You spelt “Gheesling” incorrectly. Can’t wait for the archive!

    • Rob Tanner

      where and when will it be posted? Looking everywhere!

    • VW

      You spelled “spelt” wrong.

  • Tho

    Why wasnt the first part with Spicy shown live? I had the page open all day and the only part that came on was with Missy.

  • Fresnoman

    Tho, I saw it live, but I didn’t tune in until 7:45 ET and missed it. WHY DID SUPERPASS ADVERTISE THIS AS BEING BROADCAST AT 8 PM ET?


    Who was ians surprise caller???

    • William

      Kristen…Ian got a date. BTW, Dan is a hustler and shiester.

  • Johnny

    over on survivor sucks they are braging on how they got jokers the blame and how they get on all the interview shows to bash danniel and shane…. they even posted a link to their call from tonight what a bunch of losers

  • William

    Wow, that one chic is a cow!

    • Toni

      Wow, you’re an asshole. You’re everything that is wrong with society.