SuperPass Live Chat: Lunch With The Boys

Laremy sits down with Ian, Dan and Frank

SuperPass Live Chat: Lunch With The Boys

Today’s SuperPass Live Chat installment was a little lunch with the boys. Laremy sat down with Big Brother 14′s Frank Eudy, Dan Gheesling and (a little later) winner Ian Terry.

Ian was absent for a bit while he was recovering from some “bad oysters.” Frank, however, led us to believe he maybe got Ian a little too tipsy the night before. But we’ll give Ian the benefit of the doubt and go with bad seafood.

So what were the lunch topics? Everything from Dan’s mist (of course) to boxers or briefs. No really.

So what did Dan have to say when he broke down his misting process? There are a lot of different levels, but Dan attributes some of his misting talents to listening to and learning from mentors and other important people in his life. Dan also talked about his recent signing with CAA (Creative Arts Agency) as a motivational speaker. Dan says it’s the first time in Big Brother’s 14 seasons that CAA called producers wanting to contact a contestant.

So what was the boxers or briefs verdict? They all wear boxer briefs. And some of you are already aware of that as none of the three were very underwear shy on the Live Feeds.

Oh, and Frashley fans might want to know that Frank has revealed that Ashley will be visiting him for a week just before Halloween.

If you missed the Live Chat Lunch with Frank, Dan and Ian, be sure to keep an eye on SuperPass. The chat will be archived as soon as possible. Thursday’s Live Chat archives are available now.

Did you catch the Live Chat? What did you think of what the guests had to say?



  • BrndaBBFan

    First time subscriber – enjoying the replay of the post season live interviews. My wish list would be to have Fan rewards for post season support. Liked Dan’s & Ian’s rewards they tossed out during the live interview. Since I’m not a tweeter, perhaps an autographed photo of the season winner for posting comments….Hint hint…Also would enjoy watching a live interview with Brittany – she’s so whitty! another marketing idea….where’s the links for realitynation t-shirts or a SuperPass – superfan of…..then you pick your show. Get the network to have a contest to win HOH house slippers! Signed by that weeks HOH….Would be so FUN!

  • interviewssuckthisyear

    Sorry but the intervies suck this year, hgs talk about Britney but you can’t get Brit herself on any shows i read one of reasons why was because SPICY hates Britney but loves Frank. You couldn’t even do a text interview with Britney realitynation is terrible we don;t know why Britney hates Dani and never know because interviewers don’t care to interview Britney talk about biased interviewers.