The History of BB’s Backdoor Move

Ian Terry helps clear up the confusion; Plus the Top 5 Backdoor Moments!

The History of BB’s Backdoor Move

What started as the Big Brother “six-finger plan” has evolved, or devolved actually, into a generic term for blindsiding a contestant with a nomination for eviction. And it’s not just some fans that are getting it all wrong. The players are doing it, too.

So what is backdooring? We asked Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry to lend us his super-fan knowledge on the matter.

“In order for a HouseGuest to be backdoored,” Ian says, “three conditions must be met:

  1. The HouseGuest must NOT compete in the Power of Veto competition.
  2. The Houseguest must be nominated as a replacement nominee.
  3. The Houseguest must be evicted that week.”

In its truest form, however, backdooring is no longer even possible. The original idea, coined the “Six Finger Plan” by BB5′s Nakomis Dedmon, was used when the eviction nominees and the HOH picked the players they wanted to play in the Veto competition. Today, the players are selected at random. So while backdooring can still occur, it has to include a little luck.

So now that we’ve got the history and definition cleared up, lets take a look at the best backdooring moments in Big Brother history. Ian’s got his obvious favorite, and it of course also tops our list.

“The best backdoor in the history of the show, without any doubt, is when Nakomis backdoored Jase in Big Brother 5,” Ian says. “At the time, the idea was revolutionary, and changed the way future Heads of Household chose their initial nominees for seasons to come.”

The Five Best Backdooring Moments

1. Nakomis backdoors Jase (Season 5). As I mentioned, Nakomis came up with the Six Finger Plan to get Jase Wirey out. She nominated two people from her own alliance so that they could all control who played in the Power of Veto contest. No one picked Jase, so when the veto was won and used, Nakomis put Jase up as the replacement nominee and he was evicted by a vote of 6-1. He was not given the chance to save himself, aside from regular campaigning.

BB11 Jeff gets the coup d'etat

2. Jeff’s Coup d’Etat (Season 11). In the most unusual backdooring moment in Big Brother history, Jeff Schroeder used the Coup d’Etat to overthrow Chima Simone’s HOH and her nominees, by taking them off the block and putting up Jessie Goddard and Natalie Martinez. Jessie was evicted by a vote of 3-2. And since he was not an initial nominee and did not play in the veto, this is textbook backdoor, only with a twist.

BB6 April and James

3. April Backdoors James (Season 6). Once the Veto King, James Rhine won the power four times, removing himself from the block twice. A target for most of his run, April Lewis was finally able to get James out the door by winning the power of veto, removing Janelle from the nomination block and putting James up as the replacement. James was sent out by a 4-0 vote.

BB8 Jen backdoored

4. Daniele Backdoors Jen (Season 8). One of the best weeks in Big Brother history, all started when Daniele Donato took Amber Siyavus off the block and replaced her with Jen Johnson. Later Jen received a penalty vote for eating restricted food while on slop and then had it out with Evel Dick Donato in one of the most controversial fights in the show’s history. Jen was evicted by a vote of 6-0.

BB14 Janelle is evicted

5. ‘Silent Six’ backdoors Janelle (Season 14). While I don’t think she even understood what she was doing, one of Big Brother 14′s most shocking moments was when Danielle  Murphree used Janelle Pierzina as a replacement nominee and the super-popular Big Brother veteran was evicted. Returning players Dan Gheesling and Mike “Boogie” Milan were the puppet masters that week that ultimately lead to Janelle’s demise.

What is your favorite Big Brother backdoor moment?

Editor’s note: Big Brother might be over until next summer, but our obsession and coverage isn’t.  This week we’re looking at backdooring. What other kinds of post-season coverage would you like to see on Reality Nation?


  • Catvanzyl

    I love that you ranked BB11′s Coup D’Etat #2 as this is overlooked as a production twist. The truth is that production plays, tricks and twists ARE part of the BB game and Jessie going home was a superb “modern day” BB backdoor move.

    • Branden B

      Yes. That one is a tricky one. I hope others agree it deserves a spot on the list.

    • Francisco Rodriguez

      And plus, it’s not like Jeff HAD to use it. We saw when Boogie got it that he chose not to use it.

  • Pamjmomof4

    I don’t understand why Danielle kept insisting she was backdoored several times this bb season, or why no one explained that to get backdoored means you get evicted.

  • Pamjmomof4

    I don’t understand why Danielle kept insisting she was backdoored several times this bb season, or why no one explained that to get backdoored means you get evicted.

  • Ksteeves19

    You should discuss the changes of the Big Brother house over the years! Comparisons

  • Samantha42

    You should do some more “best of” lists. Like best villians, fan favorites, people that should’ve made it to the finals, best production twists, or Jun Song should do power rankings for old seasons to get us by during the offseason!

  • Phillip Carmichael

    I loved in season 5, how Drew, Diane and Cowboy forced Nakomis to nomiate her friend, and in the end evict her! I loved the back stabs from season 5!

  • Spencer Honda

    This article is old but I’d consider BB14 Dan getting out Shane as a backdoor. Even though Danielle was HOH.