Top 25 Twitter Celebrities: Big Brother Edition

Also, which HGs tweet and follow the most?

Top 25 Twitter Celebrities: Big Brother Edition

Twitter loves to share with the world which celebrities have the most Twitter followers. There’s currently a war between Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa for the top spot.

And people actually like reading those statistics (I know, right?), so we thought it wold be fun to take a look at Big Brother contestants and their Twitter followers. I’ve compiled a few lists to see how they stack up.

Top 25 Twitter Big Brother Twitter Accounts Based on Followers

(Name/twitter name/season(s)/followers)

1. Jeff Schroeder / @jeffschroeder23 / 11 & 13 / 137,704

2. Michele Noonan / @phdinsexy / 11 / 125,397

3. Jordan Lloyd / @BBJordanLloyd / 11 & 13 /96,861

4. Rachel Reilly / @RachelReilly / 12 & 13 / 83,240

5. Evel Dick / @EvelDick / 8 & 13 / 80,780

6. Janelle Pierzina / @Janelle Pierzina / 6, 7, & 14 / 79,528

7. Britney Haynes / @Britney_Haynes / 12 & 14 / 72,755

8. Dan Gheesling / @DanGheesling / 10 & 14 / 67,636

9. Kara Monaco / @KaraMonaco / 14 / 57,620

10. Hayden Moss / @Hayden_Moss / 12 / 45,122

11. Ian Terry / @TulaneTerry / 14 / 44,484

12. Dani Donato /@danidONAT0 / 8 & 13 / 39,960

13. Joe Arvin / @ChefArvin / 14 / 37,063

14. Ragan Fox / @RaganFox / 12 / 34,029

15. Frank Eduy / @FrankEudy / 14 / 32,735

16. Danielle Murphree / @DanielleAlexisM / 14 / 30,152

17. Matt Hoffman / @HeadOffHOFFhold / 12 / 29,982

18. Lawon Exom / @MrUNotRead / 13 / 29,379

19. Enzo Palumbo / @the_Meow_Meow_ / 12 / 29,379

20. Will Heuser / @WilHeuser / 14 / 28,042

21. Will Kirby / @ReallyWILLKIRBY / 2 & 7 / 27,823

22. Shane Meaney / @shanemeaney / 14 / 27,807

23. Lane Elenburg / @Lane_Elenburg / 12 / 27,180

24. Dominic Briones / @dominicphillip / 13 / 26,898

25. Porche Briggs / @PorscheLBriggs / 13 / 23,646


Top 5 Big Brother Contestants Following The Most People

(Name/twitter name/season(s)/following)

1. Michele Noonan / @phdinsexy / 11 / 27,481

2. Joe Arvin / @ChefArvin / 14 / 11,500

3. Sheila Kennedy / @SheilaKennedy / 9 / 4,792

4. Lawon Exum / @MrUNotRead / 13 / 3,101

5. Jason Guy / @JasonTheNewsGuy / 3 / 2,973


Top 5 Big Brother Contestants with the Most Tweets

Name/twitter name/season (s)/number of tweets

1. Jun Song / @JunDishes / 4 / 70,593

2. Evel Dick / @EvelDick / 8 & 13 / 41,266

3. Marcellas Reynolds / @MarqueeMarc / 3 & 7 / 35,295

4. Steven Daigle / @StevenExposed / 10 / 29,508

5. James Rhine / @jamesrhine / 6 & 7 / 27,356

Analysis: It appears, of course, contestants from more recent seasons tend to have more followers. That’s a given. And these stats are probably changing as you’re reading this, so please don’t bother checking the numbers and coming back to suggest a correction. Ha.

What do you make of it the lists? Any surprises?


  • KT3

    Um Dani has 36,959 she should be at 13 between Joe and Ragan

    • Branden B

      UM this list took a lot of work. Don’t be an ass. Just suggest that something got left out.

      • KT3

        Wow didn’t even mean it like that. I love reading your articles and twitter post I was just trying to suggest something got left out maybe next time I wont start with “um” sorry. Have a great day.

        • Branden B

          no worries. I had edited myself because I overreacted. hahaha. It’s all good. Thanks for the head’s up.

  • Jun Song

    Let me know when you start getting death threats for implying this or that and needing a calculator. :)

    • Branden B

      oh it was IMMEDIATE

  • Maplecate

    What is up with Michele Noonan’s Twitter stats? She must have bought most of those Twitter followers, there’s no other explanation.

    Not to get on her case, I just don’t understand the benefit of having “fake” followers.

    • Jun Song

      Because she uses her Twitter account as a business tool. It’s very common for businesses to buy followers to attract new ones. A very common practice. Facebook “Like”s too :)

      • Michele Noonan

        Jun I have no idea what

        • Joan Milano

          Like laying around in negligees with your fake boobs during football games? Or actually having sex on a tv show? That doesn’t empower women, it degrades them. And you have degraded yourself for the world to see. Such a shame. Maybe when (if) you ever become a mother and have a daughter, you will understand. Its just sad to see a woman of your age trying to stretch out your 15 minutes if fame in the way you are doing it – yet somehow trying to spin it into something healthy and productive. Do you see how many pictures you post? ALL of YOURSELF. You are such a narcissist who really thinks the world revolves around her boobs. You bought your boobs and they look fake as hell. When you can get over yourself, like if you ever have a child, I think you will look back and see just how immature you are acting out. I hope your child never finds all the stuff about you, You are a side joke to the veterans on the show – have you never seen what they say about you? Its sad. I know you have your PhD, but you have not put it to good use. I hope your “highly networked business followers” don’t follow you too closely. Its just sad. You seemed to be so bright and ready to do something good in the world, and when you went on BB – you tasted fame – left your husband – moved to Hollywood and are doing anything you can to be discovered – acting out and begging for anyone to notice you – its so very obvious to others. Girls like you are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, you are on the “Z” list. Sorry, its just sad to watch someone fall so far and not admitting to herself what she really is. In your reality, you can use all the big words you want to describe yourself, but in the real reality, you can be summed up in one word. But I am not going to say that word. I really hope you see the light and find the real Michelle.

          • Michele Noonan

            I am sorry you feel that way, there are many inaccuracies in what you are saying. I work with numerous charities, am an author of a weight loss book featured on the Today Show, and am COO of a company devoted to increasing sex education (including countering the current pornification of sex education in our children). I have done extensive field research to understand how our society views sex as well as women, including being a part of several reality dating shows. Currently the world does revolve around boobs. I look to change that.

            You do not know what my personal life is & even if I have children. Please keep your judgemental comments to yourself. The fact that you would describe me in “one word” which you refuse to say suggests that you are part of the problem of women who attack other women. This is the root of why women have eating disorders, mental health issues, lower pay, and all sorts of problems. Words are powerful. Use them to do good.

            I really could care less about what the other Big Brother players say about me. There are few I actually respect, and only a handful pursuing projects that cause meaningful, positive change in the world. I am not looking to be discovered. I am happy living the life I have chosen for myself and look forward to spending each day ensuring others have the same opportunity to accept and love themselves.

          • Lra

            It appears you care about what Jun thinks about you. lol

          • keepinitreal

            Oooooh , so u went on all whose reality dating shows , including the porn , u know the one where ur meat flaps were hanging out , for research. ROTFLMAO , do u really think ANYONE believes that. U are the laughing stock of BB , for fans and BB alumni alike , just accept it.

        • keepinitreal

          Oh Puhleeeeze U freak , u gained 25,000 twitter followers overnight , u can deny til the cows come home , but there is NO WAY , u have more followers then Jordan, Rachel . Dick, Dan , not to mention Janie , some of the MOST popular BB players of ALL TIMES. Seriously , just go away and take your 90,000 fake followers with u. U are one of the LEAST popular BB peeps ever. U bought them , everyone knows it , so just STOP already !!

    • Jim

      I have followed her for several years and she has gradually grown in followers. She also participates in the majority of the reality fundraisers and events. She maintains an active life in the view of the community. She follows many of her followers as well. This is not her only tweet account, and the other is the one she uses primarily for her business.

  • hayy

    theres a error dani has more than joe..

    • Branden B

      congrats on having such a sharp eye.

  • Jim

    Twitter was only introduced in July 2006, so didnt exist in the earlier seasons. Could be added explanation for non-existence of many. Several of the earlier season cast members rely on social media to extend their 15 min of fame.

    • Branden B

      Yeah, I think I sort of said that.

  • MMathis

    No real surprises for me. Obviously there are not enough people who get the brillance of Jun Song. And, some will disagree, but I can’t believe Danielle and Shane have as many followers as they do. Plus, here come some haters for sure…you should have noted JeJo only tweet when they are trying to sell something..just my opinion.

    • Corndogger

      Dani and Shane have a lot of fans. Not everyone hated them and some of us understand the concept of the game.

      • gma

        Any many followed them only to see how long they would perpetuate the lies. I understand the concept of the game and understand that Shane would have been gone early if it had not been for Britney and that Danielle’s lies had nothing to do with the game.

        • Corndogger

          Thanks for making my point. The game is full of lies and it doesn’t matter if they are game related or not. I haven’t seen one person be able to point out and verify that she’s lied postgame.

          • MMathis

            LOL…she hides her page so I could care less what she is doing, nor am I going to join her page to find out what she is possibly lying about now…I am not going to help her think she is well liked. She still keeps her page hidden because of haters, which is sad because even Villans from previous seasons don’t/didn’t have to do that months after the show was over. Additionally, I never said everyone hated them (I actually likd him). The game isn’t that hard to understand, even those of us who aren’t in Mensa get the concept. Lying that you have cancer for no reason, is not part of the game. But….whatever!

          • Corndogger

            She only very recently locked her Twitter account so your analysis is wrong.

            How do you know she lied about cancer for no reason? Maybe she planned on using it at the end of the game. Dr. Will lied about having cancer in BB2 do you have a problem with him as well?

  • Persnix

    Not many of those stats surprise me… At all.

    Small correction, Will Kirby’s twitter account is actually @ReallyWILLKIRBY .

  • Paco G-H

    could you imagine if that list of 25 were the cast of an All-Stars Big Brother season. Big Brother ratings would go through the roof and most ever feeds purchased.

  • Lyndaperky

    Interesting article. It seems obvious who communicates more with followers. I like that. Too bad about haters but glad there are those who can ignore them.

  • JO

    I am glad Rachel has more the Dani Donato.

  • Samantha42

    I can’t beleive Jun is not in the top 25, her and evel dick are the only ones worth following.

  • agr8wrld

    What?!?!?! Boogie isn’t at the top of any of the lists??? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. I thought he had convinced America what a VIP he is! lmao

    I don’t expect any of the BB guests to be super popular on social media after they’ve been off the show for a few months. I know a couple who should have faded into obscurity a long time ago. lol Anyway, thanks for the lists! :)

  • BB fan of all

    Brendon Villegas is really # 12. He has 41,232 followers. You need to be more accurate when posting articles