Video: Should Joe Get a Penalty Vote?

Chef Joe eats some forbidden food while on slop

Video: Should Joe Get a Penalty Vote?

I wondered how Big Brother 14′s Chef Joe was going to cook if he can’t taste his own food while on slop. Turns out he doesn’t plan on that being an issue.

Today, while making avocado cheesecake along with Frank on the Live Feeds, Joe seemed to forget that he’s on slop and took about three or four big fingers full of cheesecake batter. Maybe production had forgotten as well because he did not get a “Joe, stop that.”

The only thing worse is that Joe is still cooking with those unwashed hands! And making avocado cheesecake? It must be better than it sounds.

What do you think of Joe’s slip-up? Should he be penalized? I know if I was sitting next to him on the block this week, I’d insist on a penalty vote at the least! Do you agree or disagree?

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  • Cory ✌

    I heard he took a bite of a pork chop too, so yes he needs a penalty vote.

    • MIMI

      he doesnt eat pork because of religious values…. YES i know him personally…..

  • jordguitar


  • Sherrie Pribble

    sorry .. I have always thought have nots are dumb, for me it adds nothing to the game .. JMHO

  • Andrew Sloan

    If he does it on more than 1 occasion than yes! Anything to get Joe out of the damn house

  • Pforrestall

    Enzo got penalized with a few more days on slop. He didnt pull a Jenn and eat a whole meal for God sake

  • Johnnystorm

    Frank is leaving people get over it! There have been many HG that eat or drink stuff when they are have nots and only get an extended have not day. The only person in bb history who got a penatly vote against them is Jen because she was warned once and said she was eating anyways cause she knew she was going and ate a full meal. Im laughing at the fact that everyone is grasping at straws to save frank. Frank is going back to naples with ted to see “nana” bye bye! Cant wait to see his and mikes faces tomorrow at eviction! Will be amazing and cause so much drama !

  • Crowbar Barnes

    …nope; i want Frank ass out!

  • Richard H. Shores

    Not going to happen. BB makes and enforces the rules and may call him into the DR to warn him but that would be about it.

  • Hybrid3214

    People have sneaked entire bags of M&Ms into their beds and eaten them while on slop and they didn’t get a penalty nom or vote so I expect nothing will happen

  • Jakal

    He sneaks food does not sleep in his have not bed basically does not follow rules. He also was partially responsible for the willie incident by name calling and raising his fists!

  • Dylan Goodyear

    He also ate a pickle too

    • Faceones

      u can eat pickles on slop

  • Faceones

    if Jeff get penalty day for slop he should get some kinda penalty all Jeff did was sip

  • Jody Malcom

    I believe I saw Joe eating the Oatmeal cookie crust after it came out of the oven as well.. it is just unreal that they have these rules in place to make things equal for all…yet someone comes in and breaks the rules and they do nothing about it

  • Nat Moyer

    I’m assuming BB makes HGs eat slop expecting someone will get all cranky and then create some excitement which makes for “good TV” (our society is pretty pathetic, huh?). So, if this is going to work properly, I say, enforce the rules and put an end to all these quick fixes. Imagine if Joe was literally on slop for a week, I’d bet he’d be screaming like hell during his DR sessions. Oh wait–he’d be–I mean–well you know what I mean.

    • Nat Moyer

      I’m hoping Frank does stay, but I don’t think that Joe should get a penalty vote or go home because he licked his fingers. Especially if he hasn’t been warned for it. I just would like see BB start enforcing the rule, with those annoying constant reminders, so that we might see more action.

  • Jennifer Bernkastal

    It’d be horribly anti-climatic If he ends up going home because he licked 3 fat fingers worth of avocado cheesecake batter.

  • Bravzgrl

    I am so ready for Joe to go but with that said I want FRANK out more. Get him out this week or he will sit in the winners chair. GOOOOO Shane…..

  • BB14poster

    Branden, I think you are being nit picky and grasping at straws because you have some bias against Joe and desperate to save Frank. Joe just tasted cake batter. This is nothing like what Jen Johnson did who ignored warnings from Big Brother and continued to eat.

    I know Joe is foul but dedicating a whole article and Youtube video trying to get people to complain about this is ridiculous. If a houseguest you liked did this, you would’ve ignored it. This is really a pathetic attempt for you to save Frank by crying for a “penalty vote.” I have lost respect for as a writer of this blog.

    • Callie

      I wouldn’t have listened either after the way they let Dick harass her without any sort of warning.

  • Blackcaligirl

    I’ve watched Live feeds for years and never seen or heard production intervene in the eating of food unless another HG tattles. Stop your whining and let the game play out.

  • Candi

    They called him to the DR yesterday and warned him that he could not “taste” his cooking while on slop. They told him if he did it again he would get extra slop days. That sounds fair enough and goes with what has happened in the past. And I am not a Joe fan AT ALL. But a penalty vote is too extreme!

  • G_Boooo

    Joe received a warning from BB. at 2:42pm BBT yesterday he comes out of the DR and tells the people in the living room. The reason I believe he only received a warning was because it wasn’t on purpose like for example Jen Johnson who grabbed an apple and started going to town. I believe BB realized that Joe is a chef and just out of habit tastes his food when preparing it, but they did give him warning saying if it happened again he would receive and extra day as a HaveNot, not a penalty vote.

  • Kris82069

    If it was just once out of habit I’d say let it slide but just last night he made salmon cakes with all sorts of forbidden food and they said nothing to him about that either when he gobbled them up like an orphan! Damn right he should get a penalty vote, and if Jenn is cheating too she should get a penalty day on slop since she’s not on the block.

  • Kris82069

    Jenn isn’t even ON slop this week!

    • Corndogger

      Who said she was?

  • Elizabeth

    I have seen him food many times, he is not one to follow rules. Big brother should talk to him about it>.

  • Nat Moyer

    Now I know why Joe’s meals are so good for the rest of the house. It’s because he doesn’t wash his hands after he takes a piss. Every time he dips his fingers in to sample his food, he goes, “mmm, it doesn’t need anymore salt.” He might have high blood pressure, but I’ll bet the rest of the house is pulling 110-over-75s.

  • Debbi

    I think they all should get penalty noms when they don’t follow the rules. However they (BB/CBS) have not been following the rules in the Big Brother House for several seasons now. Dan was snapping the towel at the girls legs or butts, foul language repeatedly causing 24/7 feeds to go to fish, just overall not following the rules set up in the Rule Book its self.