Villain Of The Week: Dan Becomes An All-Time BB Schemer

Big Brother's best baby-faced liar EVER.

Villain Of The Week: Dan Becomes An All-Time BB Schemer

He may only be days away from pulling off the seemingly impossible – winning Big Brother for a second time – so it seems the perfect occasion to name Dan Gheesling our Villain of the Week. I swear on my parents, grandparents, pets, and nonexistent kids that I wish there was some other way, but he’s thoroughly earned it.

It’s not that Dan is a bad person, morally offensive, or has done anything wrong within the context of the game (I have a feeling I might be saying this a lot as we go forward with these villains). I think he’s very genuine about being religious and not wanting to hurt peoples’ feelings – and that’s the exact trait that makes him so effective. You can’t win Big Brother even once, let alone twice, without mastering the ability to have everyone else underestimate you, and that’s where Dan excels.

The reality villains who are also good players usually have one thing in common, and that’s the strange ability to lie to everybody, but somehow make every individual he schemes with believe that he’s telling them and only them the truth. Ever since the coaches officially entered the game this season, almost everyone who has been sent home assumed they were in an alliance with Dan at one time or another. A couple of them didn’t fully realize that Dan’s pact with them might be null and void until the second Julie called their name (hi there, Shane).

My suspicion is that one reason Dan decided to come back was that he felt he never fully got his due for winning Season 10, a truly underrated performance given that he began that game on the outside of the main alliance. Season 10 had a pretty colorful cast, headlined by the man Allison Grodner can’t seem to quit, Jessie, and Dan’s play got lost in the shuffle a little bit. Compared with the fan favorite Janelle, the gleefully evil Boogie, and the sarcastic charms of Britney, he was probably the returning coach people were least excited about seeing again.

Dan has played much the same way this time around, even though there’s no earthly reason it should have worked again (look how quickly the other coaches were booted). But his blindside with the last eviction might have been his signal that he knows he has little chance of talking a jury into giving him $500,000 a second time, and what he’s playing for now is the kind of immortality that goes with constant backstabbing. Part of the Will Kirby legend is that he came so close to winning all-stars when he should have been the first one they got rid of. Dan has gone even farther this season than Will did in his return trip, and so has made himself Will’s near-equal in game villainy.


  • bbnewbie

    I hope that Ian and Dan are final two, If Danielle even comes second I’ll puke. I hope Dan is serious about throwing the final comp so he doesn’t get blood on his hands cutting the psycho narcissicist. I want Ian to win but will have no problem if Dan wins. As for everyone crying that he played dirty… it’s a game! Dan is brilliant.

    • James Kimo Rosen

      The irony is Dan is a catholic school teacher. swearing on the bible and then going back on it? Dan karma is a bitch and hope Ian and Danielle are final two. Dan is the one house guest I would never care to meet.

      • Kathyann_58

        I think when Dan was in the HOH room with Frank he swore on the Bible that everything he was telling him about the Quack Pack was true. I do not see it that he was going back on anything.

        • holly m lehman

          he also swear on his wife life a final 2 with did so many of you miss that.

  • Caroline Rediske

    No one will ever compare to Dr. Will…..I would love to see Frank, Dr. Will and Boogie in another season.

    • Jennifer Peck

      YES PLEAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiff

    It’s a game where you leave your morals at the door. The fact that he’s had a hand in every one of the juror’s evictions says something. Plus the fact that poor Ian still thinks he’s a renegade is genius on Dan’s part. Hope he goes home with the title again!!!

  • Marty Huggins

    Dan probably learned to lie so well because he’s a motivational speaker. I’m pretty sure he has run across several people who would have had to have had absolutely no confidence whatsoever. So, while he’s busy blowing smoke up their keesters, by telling them pretty much what they want to hear, he’s also probably thinking “Wow, I wonder how much money these losers have.” A lot of house guests say they are not like this on the outside, but I don’t think this is the case with Dan. He didn’t just walk in off the street and then all of a sudden became an exceptionally great liar. He appears to have had years of practice.

    • Marty Huggins

      I forgot all about Dan’s scheming. Just like lying, he didn’t learn how to do this overnight either. Everybody lies and schemes, but not everybody does this with the intentions of screwing someone over. Now either the DR God is planting seeds in his head or he’s a natural. But either way, Dan knows what it takes to earn someone’s trust even while they’re trying to pull the knife out of their back.

  • James Kimo Rosen

    The irony is Dan is a catholic school teacher. swearing on the bible and then going back on it? Dan karma is a bitch and hope Ian and Danielle are final two. Dan is the one house guest I would never care to meet.

  • sue

    How odd that you don’t find Dan’s game play morally offensive.”Genuine about being religious?I’m sorry people that are sincere in their beliefs don’t lie,and use religion as a shield to hide behind.Religion has no place on reality shows.Coach was vilified for his Bible thumping,and praying.I could except Dan’s game play if he had not of used his religion to further him self in the game.If you say you are religious,then do unto others,and stay home and watch on tv.Religion has no place in back stabbing,and swearing on others.I feel for his parents,because they raised him.Go Ian.

  • Lynda Perky

    Who thinks to throw a funeral, flatter everyone, and get the HOH to take you down when you have one foot in the grave? Who else would even try it on the chance that it might work. Dan the brilliant BB villan. We saw Dan’s reaction and he did NOT think it would work but he tried. The rest of us accept our fate, climb into the grave, and cry.

    Dan deserves this win no matter what. The past few days he has been grinning and laughing around both of them and they refuse to admit to themselves that he is laughing AT them because Dan can’t believe he was able to talk them both into throwing a Final Comp. To top it off they both still worship him. I understand it with Ian, who I think may have Asburgers. A condition that can affect how the person judges and interacts in situations. Once they set their mind on a “rule” they can’t help but follow the rule.

    Ian’s “rules” Must get QP to F5, F4
    F2 with Dan

    These rules may have kept Ian from admitting Dan’s motives behind his moves. Most AS people can be so stuck in rules that it can be debilitating. For example if they fixate on germs and people touching their food, the Rule may become no one should touch or share their food even if it’s a spouse or a child.

    Dan has been told by Ian that his condition “is more like ADDHD” and Dan does not realize that Ian is not just an idiot but paralized by his limitations. It would be great if Dan and Ian get together after the show and talk about his because I feel Dan really cared about Ian when he asked him if he had OCD like Dan’s brother.

    • Chuck

      Lynda, Thanks so much for taking the time to explain this to us. I really appreciate it.

  • JO

    ok, tell me if I am wrong, because I can be with my memory but Dan has won competitions even if he told them to take the fall or promise something he did get competitions. I can’t remember Kirby ever winning that many comps. I did not watch the first season he was on but did watch the second season and yeah how he works works but I don’t like it. lol. Meaning I like people who can actually win competitions. Maybe that is why my faves are janelle and rachel because they tried like anything to get them out and they fought to win all the contests so they couldn’t. I am hoping Ian can win the final 3 comp to get hoh or he is out of any money. dan should at least take Ian he was better then danielle

  • joyusangel

    People with an holier than thou attitude about how the game should be played by someone who has a Catholic background, should not even be watching Reality TV…especially BB. It is a game that is won by the person who has lied, cheated,and back-stabbed the best and is for entertainment purposes only. There are a lot of players from previous seasons who have behaved in the same manner, and who were just as hated by other house guests and viewers, who now are totally loved for their ability to play others and win the game. There isn’t a winner out there who can honestly say they never hurt someones feelings, or lied, or back-stabbed, all in the name of winning a GAME for $500,000.00. Most of those same people are now close friends outside the house. Even our lovely and beloved Jordan had to tell some lies in the end. It’s a game…not real life!!!

    • Kathyann_58

      Well said!

  • holly m lehman

    religion should not be used as a weapon in any form.thats why on evil dick’s season i rooted for him.the other hg were hypocrites using religion in a game like bb same as dan.

  • Itsa Cheshire

    Not even close to Dr Will status…. Dr Will came so close in a season of all-stars. Have him beat a house full of former winners and THEN maybe