Vote for the Best Hoff-O-Ween Costume!

Which reality star wore it best?

Vote for the Best Hoff-O-Ween Costume!

We’re live from Matt Hoffman’s Halloween party with over 150 costumed crazies! Matt has brought together a frightening horde of reality stars and friends and really gone over the top transforming his home into a blood splattered Halloween theme park, including a zombie prom, haunted ship, and graveyards. If you’re brave enough to watch, join us over on SuperPass and jump into the chat rooms to join the party.

But what’s a gathering of reality stars without a competition? We’ve got favorites from Big Brother, Survivor, MTV Challenges and Glass House facing off to win cash prizes for the best costume tonight! And they are bringing it with some of the most creative, funny, scary, sexy and downright freaky costumes you’ll see this year. But they’re up against some serious challengers from the fans here too!

Voting closes at 11:30 central time

#1 Hayden & Kat

 #2 Eric

#3 Howie

#4 Gene

#5 James

#6 Ian

#7 Wil

#8 Stacy

#9 Joe & Sarah

#10 Matt

#11 Wayne & Denise

#12 Stephanie (a mutton for punishment)




  • Cat van Zyl (in B&W)

    I loved Joe & Sarah. They are overall so awesome and always fun. Happy Hoff-A-Ween!

  • renee

    what about keith? his cream of wheat costume should win!

  • AnnieO

    When I first saw stephanie I though ahh Silence of the Lambs. They could have used that mouth thingy on her during GH LOL she does have a great sense of humor tho’.