Week In Review: Big Brother Spoilers Edition

Find out what has happened so far during BB14 Week 2

Week In Review: Big Brother Spoilers Edition

A lot has happened in the Big Brother 14 house since Frank won the second Head of Household of the season last Thursday. There have been blow-ups, an expulsion, some alliance shifting and of course some competitions. Let's take a look back, and as always, there are spoilers ahead:

Goodbye Willie: As you've probably already read, Willie was expelled from the Big Brother house. He was doing everything he could to get kicked out of the house and it worked. It's sad that he had to do that because that not only lessens the game excitement, it means someone who wouldn't have been going home this week now will be.

Life Inside The House: This have definitely calmed down since Willie was expelled from the game. Britney's team has been a bit pathetic and the Britney and Janelle alliance is basically no more. Janelle removed herself from that side of the house when Willie started acting crazy.

The Nominations and POV: Since Willie is out of the house, Frank (and Boogie) decided to go ahead and target the rest of his team. He nominated JoJo and Shane (and you can see that go down on tonight's Big Brother episode). What you won't see, of course, is the Veto Competition. The Veto players were Frank, JoJo, Shane, Ian, Wil and Ashley. Shane won the POV for the second week in a row. So it's a pretty safe bet he'll be using the veto on himself during the ceremony on Monday. But who will go up in his place? At this point, that's most likely going to be Danielle. And if she goes home, Dan will be out of the game. For now.

Live Feed Highlight of the Week:

BB14 Boogie chats with Ted

Boogie and Ted: Mike Boogie sits down and has a talk with Ted, the house t

ddy bear.



  • Porkpiejohnny

    Britney rocks! She handled herself very well with that MORONIC CRYBABY Willie……….he probably wears little girl panties……..LOL! I love how she told him to be quiet when she was talking.

    Dingleberry Willie is an EXTREME manipulator and deserves to be off the show. He would knife us all,including our kids, to get ahead in life.

    He has little or no conscience.

    I hope both Frank and Britney make it to the end……….Ian is cool too!

  • DLeigh626

    IMO—–>I think it makes BB a little boring when the vets return. Boogie, Janelle, and Britney are a few of the most entertaining house guests to ever play the game. Try watching live feeds now that Willie is gone and you might as well get your pillow ready. I also think Big Brother needs to focus more on finding interesting people to play the game instead of just focusing on finding the stereotypes and the pretty people. This was my first year to buy the live feeds and I really thought I got my money’s worth that first week. Every single time I tuned in, the house had changed who they were voting for. Now, with Willie out (as he should be), I find it so boring that I don’t really even bother. I will just wait for the shows to air on TV and let Big Brother producers make it more exciting than it really is. I won’t buy the live feeds again until after I have had the chance to see if any of the players are actually going to play the game instead of floating. It really seems to me that is all the players do anymore is sit around and hope no one notices them.