Big Brother Canada Live Feeds Refresher

We answer your BB Canada FAQs

Big Brother Canada Live Feeds Refresher

The Big Brother Canada cast has been announced and the show is set to premiere next week. That means questions about the show from our United States readers are pouring in. In case you missed the first announcement about the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds, hopefully our answers to some FAQs will clear up any of your confusion.

Big Brother Canada FAQs:

Can we watch Big Brother Canada in the United States?

Big Brother Canada airs on Canada’s Slice TV. That channel is not available in the United States. You can, however, track down some live-streaming websites and check YouTube after the episodes air. Also, check Twitter. Canadian fans are likely to offer ways to watch through streaming. Oh, and the official Twitter hashtag #BBCan

Can we watch the Live Feeds with our SuperPass accounts?

No. Big Brother Canada is NOT affiliated with SuperPass. But you can read all about the show right here on Reality Nation.

So how can we watch the BB Canada Live Feeds in the United States?

Producers have said they’re not sure of that yet. And the website for their Live Feeds hasn’t been published yet. Be sure to check out the details of the upcoming website below:

The robust website will empower fans to continually shock the houseguests and influence the course of the show.Big Brother Canada promises Canadians the opportunity to vote for major decisions throughout the season. What if Canadians are given the chance to determine houseguests’ rewards and punishments? Imagine they have the opportunity to influence the food in the house? And who will fans choose if given the power to save a life or the final say in an eviction? Canadians will have their say, but as to how much will be revealed as the series unfolds.

The site’s Big Brother Canada Power Play prediction game is the ultimate opportunity for the uber-fan. Power play will give Canadians the best interactive platform to play along while watching the show. Each week fans will be asked to lock in their predictions for who will win Head of Household and the Power of Veto competitions, who will be put up on the block and ultimately who will be evicted.  The more each fan participates in the game, the more points they accumulate, and the more potential they have to win prizes and power to shape what’s happening on air.

Where can I find out other information about Big Brother Canada?

We’ll keep you posted on BB Canada news and recaps, but for show details and information on their Live Feeds, check out Slice TV’s Big Brother site.


  • Trancutie

    where can i get the feeds for big brother canada

  • Lisag

    Big brother Canada: new host has nothing on Julie Chan. They definetly should have chosen someone with more style. She sounds too fake !!!!!

  • Jennifer

    BB Canada had a pretty good first episode. Of course ppl r going to make comparisons and parallels to the US version, and that’s ok. Every season we hear comments about how a season sucked or hate return h/g’s, never watching again BUT….none of that matters….WE all LOVE Big Brother, and we all LOVE to watch it anyways. BB Canada should fair out to be a pretty good season…give it time. It’s only their first go at it.
    I really hope our U.S. friends will have access. They should! You all should ask CBS to make a time slot for it.


  • Alicia

    Can we access the free live feeds in the U.S.?

  • disappointed fan

    Surprise Surprise Gary is in the final 2. He answered questions about the jury after spending time in the jury house with these people, Big advantage!! It is feels like slice thought, gee this guy is popular in the public, so lets give. him the answers, another chance and have him win. This is good for ratings. Never been so disappointed in a twist after being a fan since the beginning. This was very unfair to the other contestants. Took away from the game being played inside the house.