Why Was Willie Hantz Expelled?

Player asked to leave Big Brother 14 house, but why?

Why Was Willie Hantz Expelled?

You've probably heard by now that Willie Hantz was removed from the Big Brother 14 house, but why?

During Sunday night's episode, CBS answered our questions, but also sparked a lot more. The episode shows the fast boil of Willie's emotions, starting after Frank won HOH and ending after Janelle picked him and his team as Have-Nots for the week. Add Britney's tough-love to the equation and you've got one pissed-off Willie.

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Willie declares that the house is filled with “pussies” and that he will get kicked out ahead of the Week 2 eviction. Joe calls Willie the “pussy” and that's when Willie's emotions reach the breaking point. He jumps from the table and charges at Joe in the bathroom. The two of them are butting chests and saying “hit me! hit me!” Then Willie does what's being called a “head-butt” to Joe. Ian's doing what he can to break up the near-fight, but he gives up and runs off.

Production breaks up the two and calls Willie to the back bedroom. On his way, he responds to Janelle's jeers by throwing a handful of pork rinds at her and calling her a “bitch.” Production soon calls Willie to the Diary Room and that's the last time the house guests see him. The HGs soon learn Willie has been expelled from the Big Brother house.

A Twitter war among fans has since sparked. There are people defending Willie and calling out Britney as the main instigator of all of this. Who do you think is to blame? Do you think what Willie did to Joe was worthy of a show expulsion? Let us know your thoughts on all of the drama!

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  • http://twitter.com/DramasNYC Kelvin

    Willie didnt deserve to be on the show!!!!! Maybe its just me, but his game play was terrible the first!

  • MyGettingLostBlog

    No, did not deserve to get kicked off BB. Jordan did much more to Russell and she was not kicked off.

    • Kc1918

      Are You serious?? No one could possibly take Little Jordan seriouslyThink about it..He was wanting to get his 15 min. fame before he left. He wasn’t man enough to hang in there….I bet Russel’s mad as heck……!

      • MyGettingLostBlog

        “Are You serious?? No one could possibly take Little Jordan seriouslyThink about it..”

        Okay, you’re right about little ole Jordan, really didn’t think that one all the through did I?

        • G 2

          No, you’re right. I don’t care if you’re 3 foot tall-female and never hurt a fly. Violence is violence however I don’t remember Jordan physically putting her hands or any part of her body on Russell.

      • cmahone

        BS “violence is Violence , then u would have to make an excuse for JOE , JOE STARTED THIS , HE SHOULD BE KICKED OUT

  • http://twitter.com/KeithRichards1 Samuel Clemmens

    Willie acted physically, that is against their rules. He deserved what he got for what he did.

    • cmahone


      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

        Take a chill pill, psycho. Joe is a loser, no doubt in my mind. But those arms were for defense because Willie charged him.

        • cmahone

          Charged him, Baloney . Joe was up with Boogie & Janelle & told them he was goiing downstairs to make Willie hit him

      • LatinoEnigma

        Hi cmahome….yeah, that douche bag Joe was a prick for lying. Willie did not headbutt him but with his shoulder. Yes, a real man will ending up doing something that may not be the correct way but he Willie was pushed, provoked and and in the ended was exiled. This show has always been about lying, being deceitful, playing the game but this group of people have quickly turned this game into something definitely not funny anymore for me….thanks to Joe for being the leader of this pack of liers and two faced bitched.

        • cmahone

          Thanks for the support!!

  • Gina

    Looked like a shoulder bump to me and Joe with more of his lies he said Willie headbutted him. If he headbutted him why did he still have his hat on. Yes Britney caused alot of this telling Willie about coaches coming back into the game she knew he would say something before she told him. Then telling him how to play the game when she sucks at it herself. She should have never been a coach. Willie was only looking out for the best interest of all the players revealing what Britney suspected but under her contract and him covering for her so that she wouldn’t get in trouble and switched it to His Opinion. If the House guests knew if came from her they might have listened and Willie wouldnt be gone because they would go after the coaches. I am so disappointed in BB for even bringing back past players. They had a good thing with the people they had and didn’t need the others Its not fair to them to play against people that have already played before. I think BB used Willie to get the ratings up and by allowing Joe & Frank to provoke Willie and sit and wait for him to explode. I think Ratings will go down after tonights show. Allison Grodner needs to go

    • Orchids67

      I vote to keep Allison Grodner. I think she has done a very good job.

      • TruthTeller

        I also vote to keep Allison Grodner. I do not vote to let the coaches come back into the game.

  • Kc1918

    Willie was a lit fuse….The whole Hantz Family has anger problems. It’s a shame they willingly put their family problems for the World to wittness. (Not once , but three times now , four if you count Russel twice.)It’s a shame grown people can not follow the rules. If he wanted out all he had to do was walk out the front door. But in true Hantz fashion, he wanted his TV time. Way to go ,……hummmm , I think I’ve already forgotten his name!

  • LilD

    Before that all during the week Joe had been pushing Willie too. Willie put up with a lot of manipulation in one week. He tried to do what he thought was best but at the same time you have your coach whispering in your ear about this or that and making the situation bigger than it is. But Willie had been trying to get in the DR earlier but was not allowed so I think that also plays an effect. Willie may not have done things the right way but its was not just him either. I believe there are 2 other people who should be out with him if that is the case.

  • Leesahmcgee

    Britney telling her teammates not to talk to Willie was terrible. Last time I checked Britney never one big brother. She’s not the brightest crayon in the box!

    • Sammy

      You call Britney not a bright crayon, yet you spelled ‘won’ as ‘one’ …hmmm

      • Robdyck19

        Hey Sammy. If your going to bug somebody about spelling, make sure you get your grammar right…
        Should have said, “your saying Britney isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but yet you spell the word ‘won’ as’one”
        Class dismissed…

        • Chili

          *your saying —> you’re saying

          • ernie

            There’s nothing quite as entertaining as people on these threads correcting the spelling / grammar of others with posts containing errors of their own, lots of potential “house guests” emerging…

    • Patworx

      At least she can spell ‘won’.

    • Patworx

      At least she can spell ‘won’.

  • Skiking226

    I didn’t see a head butt, Joe still had his hat on, but I put most of the blame on Brittany, she is not a nice person, Willie was going to be evicted any way any how so he got what he wanted

    • Mazey

      Everybody is talking about Brittany being the bad one for manipulation but if you watch the live feeds it seems so clear to me that it is Jonell that is stirring the pot all over. She started out with Brittany, gained her confidence, dumped her and took in all of the other with some slippery moves. Good game playing? Also, Willie ticked many of the women off way before his run-in with Frank by huffing and puffing at them, perhaps the most important among them; Jonell and Ashley because they have hurt him most since. I absolutely agree with you that Willie got just what he wanted.

  • Carpetbob

    I certainly hope more happened than they showed on tonights show because as far as I’m concerned Willie was not the only one that should have went…Joe had both fist up at him (to me that’s violence) and BB said they do not tolerated violence so why is Joe still there???

    • Paige42986

      I still say Joe has a right to be there and Willie doesn’t his sole aim was to get expelled before he got evicted and he did just that. Joe never said anything of the kind and willie did touch him! And as far as I am concerned Willie got what he wanted a big exit and I say good riddance.

      • Joshbax2010

        Joe called Willie a pussy. He knew Willie was already on the edge and that would push him over. Joe got exactly what he wanted. If one should have been expelled, they both should have.

        This is shaping up as the worst season yet at this rate.

        • Paige42986

          Joe didn’t call willie a pussy I think you have it backwards I think it was willie that called Joe a pussy and Janelle a bitch! So no I don’t think Joe should have had anything done to him at all.

          • Lillie

            Oh yes Joe did call Willie that…I have it on tape and believe me I have watched it over and over…

          • Marzen

            Please folks, go watch the flashback on this whole thing. Willie was going around the whole house ever since the clash with Frank calling people names. He was clearly waiting for an excuse to go out of the game “on his terms”. He said he was not going to go out that way, (an eviction). He wanted to make a splash and he did. I really don’t get everyone defending poor little Willie. He stomped around the place like a but old bull ranting and raving. Brittney tried to get him to see where he was doing himself and his “team?” wrong, but he just wasn’t smart enough to get it. The mood of the game has changed for the better in my opinion.

          • Raka1205

            cant find it in the flashback they cut the fight but on other seasons they did not

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZKVIZJINQXUVGM5PLBBASA6GEY ValoV

            People, it does not matter who provoked who and who said what, there is a paper you sign before signing up for this, taunting, cussing and even provoking ,etc is NOT against the rules. VIOLENCE, threatening behaviour, threats, etc are against the rules you have accepted in the contract. REGARDLESS of who instigated what, when you sing up for the show you should know in advance what to expect, violence is a big no-no and not tolerated. What happened here is physical violence (assault). Besides, the guy did it intentionally he even admitted he would get expelled. I think the producers did the right thing and they have the contract to back them up regardless of all the gossip and what really happened and who started bla bla bla……. There’s a lot of times people talk down to me and I’d like to punch them in the face………And I’m sure a lot of people at some point in their lives went through this…….Would you do it ??? NO………at least for most people.

            You should not be bashing CBS or the show’s producers, read your contracts, physical violence is one of many violations….ALSO they can determine at any time if a person is unstable and represents a danger to other house guests.

          • Greeneyes7320

            Jordan did the same to Russell and didn’t get evicted!

          • TruthTeller

            The difference is; by the time Jordan broke that rule, she had already established herself as a “house favorite” by the viewing audience. Willie had not.

      • Robdyck19

        Your an idiot! Go watch The Glass House.

        • Kristintaeko


  • Sieara

    it was not that serious he should have a second chance. he could turn it back around at the veto comp

    • Robertdoanefreedom

      No doubt, Willie is a loose cannon. He went nuts… But let’s look at the whole picture here. The entire house ostracized him… Everyone labelled him a bully, and rather then find a resolve, they silently bullied the bully. In essence, it is an even more toxic form of bullying. psychologically, Willie was destroyed by his colleagues. The whole house should be ashamed. The tears and self righteousness of Brittney (passive bully) make me sick. There clearly were instigators throughout the house. Willie needs help… But even more disturbing is the behavior of the mob (remainder of the house) whom acted shocked by this mans behavior, although each had their fingers in it.

      • melis

        So well said. No one can defend Willie’s behavior, but the rest of the house did indeed provoke and instigate him into further action. Maybe it wasn’t Brittany’s “job” to calm him down, but she certainly worked hard to get him even more worked up. Had she not continued to push and make him feel further alienated, maybe he would not have exploded quite so intensely. If you see a bomb about to explode, shouldn’t you try to diffuse it rather than poke and prod?

      • ThinkB4USpeak

        I agree with you 100%. They acted as a mob. Karma will come back at Joe.He has shown America that he doesn’t wash his hands. Who would want to eat in his restaurant?

  • Edenwayne

    willie wanted to leave he was upset cause he put shane and jo jo up i think big mouth joe should be in trouble also he put his fists up to fight i know willy chest bunt joe first but joe deserved it he started it cant stand the man i seriously think willy thought if he got thrown out he would save jo jo and shane cause he left he really put up with alot and booger said that is what he wanted everyone to piss him off i heard he tried to get into dr to talk but they wouldnt let him in isnt that what they r there for to help calm them and talk to them shame on dr if that is true like they wanted a fight to boost ratings cause its boring now

  • 3dMatt

    Willie was on edge on if my children were around anyone like that I would feel very concerned. HOWEVER on the other foot … too much happened too fast .. makes me think of season 13 when Evel Dick walked in and it was time that second to make teams right then and there. Sadly to him leaving it changed that but season 14 is what season 13 could have become. I think Willie got caught up in that and his head was stuff with so much and it just over took him. I’m sad to see him go. I would have liked more out of him. However he was just too on the edge and it wasn’t the place for him.

    • gato

      nobody cares about your childcare issues, your on the wrong site “ma”

  • Carolyn Leigh

    I really think if Willie hadn’t been forced into week 1 HOH none of this would have happened! I would have LOVED to see his game played out over the coming weeks. Also, if he was smart and got out his biggest threat Frank week 1, this wouldn’t have happened either.

  • BBHOH14

    As we all know there is a major “Stop Bullying” campaign going all across this world. Absolutely he should have been kicked off the show and in my mind so should have Joe. No member of the Hantz family should ever be allowed on any show as Willie and Russell have both shown the disrespect they have for others. I hope he gets the help he needs

    • Robdyck19

      Willie wasn’t bullying! Don’t you twits know what game play is? He just played to hard too soon, plain and simple. Who cares if he was anyways? It’s a GAME people! Game, game game…
      You wanna join hands and campaign against bullying. Geeeeesh. Go watch dr. Phil or Ellen you pussy…

  • Paige42986

    I am so glad Willie left he was a cancer to his team and he was a cancer to everyone around him. He knew violence was not tolerated in the house yet he came to blows with Joe. Weather it was a headbutt or not he still laid his hands on Joe and he knew that he would be getting expelled. His comment was he would get expelled before he got evicted. So he got his wish and he is gone and I won’t miss him.

    • gato


  • AnnieO

    You seem to forget that the fight scene was heavily edited. I agree Brittany instigated it to a degree but if you can’t handle the game at least leave with your head up and not up your butt.

  • Bearyflygirl

    HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eyerishlass225

    I have the feeds and there was so much more to this than what was on tv. Britney was a huge part of Willie’s downfall. And while Willie was seething downstairs trying unsuccessfully to get Production to let him vent in the diary room,Frank and Janelle were in the HOH room goading Joe into going downstairs to push Willie’s buttons. That’s why Joe came downstairs. If you noticed on the show it was Joe who put up HIS fists. Willie was just yelling at him. If Willie wanted off the show he got his wish but the guy is not the devil.

    • LatinoEnigma

      Hi Eyerishlass25….I have been reading comments including you where others have mentioned about Willie trying to go into the Diary Room but no one would let him in to vent?? Can you elaborate more on that. If that is the case then I am upset with the Producers for being dicks.

  • Porkpiejohnny

    Britney rocks! She handled herself very well with that MORONIC CRYBABY Willie……….he probably wears little girl panties………LOL! I love how she told him to be quiet when she was talking.

    Dingleberry Willie is an EXTREME manipulator and deserves to be off the show. He would knife us all,including our kids, to get ahead in life.

    He has little or no conscience.

    • Robdyck19

      It’s a game people! Geeeeesh… A GAME…

      And by the way, Britney sucked as a player, and sucked as a coach…

      Manipulators go far in these games, duh…

      • TruthTeller

        No one cares if Britney sucked as a player and no one cares if Britney sucks as a coach. This show is about ratings only and Britney is smart enough to understand that it’s the sucky people who get ‘air time’ hence it’s the sucky people who make the show. Therefore Britney was playing the game correctly. Willie was not. Therefore, Willie was no longer of any usage to the show.

    • G 2

      If he would “knife us to get ahead in life” then he would of knifed that idiot Brittany for telling him to shut up and all the other ‘girl bullying’ she was doing to him. You’re the moron because your opinion is based on an illusion.

  • Porkpiejohnny

    In the early stages Britney was defending idiot Willie tooth & nail. And, if she chooses not to be around a known bully who enjoys harassment of others then kudos to her.

    Also,she is not responsible for soothing Willies,headstrong, out of control emotions.

    He was stomping around the house looking for trouble………whining like a little girl because things weren’t going his way……..LOL!

    Seriously, the guys a moron who stuck a big knife in Franks back.

    • Mazey

      Yeah, everybody (including Willie) seems to forget the fact that it only took him a few days after promising to “have Frank’s back”, to put him on the block. Why is everybody defending this man. Unbelievable!

      • Dirjj

        Coach Britney coached Willie to put Frank up, even though Willie didn’t want to.


  • cindy

    I think that was wrong of brittainy to tell her players not to talk to willie. She is a witch. I want her gone. This is the WORST bb i have ever seen. They need to just have new players not old. If I was willie I would have snapped also. People being rude and mean to him. No cool. What a waste of big brother.

    • Paige42986

      I am sorry I don’t feel sorry for Willie at all. He made his bed he had to lay in it with the way he was acting. There was a reason no one liked him and that was because of his actions. He knew what would happen to him if he was violent in that house and he was violent anyway. Why put the blame on anyone but him he wanted to be expelled before he was evicted. Because he would have been evicted. He just took the cowards way out that is all.

      • Robdyck19

        Your an idiot… Go watch The Glass House…

        • Dirjjj

          I don’t know what the Glass House is/was, but I too disagree with some of Paige’s opinion. Willie wasn’t liked from day one . . .before he even opened his mouth. Everyone had already suspected that he was related to Russell. Why was that? In a nation of 300+ Million, you’re going to have a couple dopplegangers. They knew.

  • Joshbax2010

    Why is Britney even a coach? She’s the only one of the veterans who never won anything? Instead of trying to “coach” her player out of his grave, she only buried him further in it. I am sick of the veterans being recycled back into the show. This season would have been so much more interesting without the veterans and with a few more interesting characters like Willie.

    Joe was also an instigator, calling Willie a pussy. I don’t know where you all grew up, but if a man calls another man a pussy, he should expect to get hit. Those are, as the old saying goes, “fighting words.”

    • Tinarawson6688

      it was will that called jo a pussy

    • LatinoEnigma

      Your right Joshbax2010, Willies said the house if full of pussies and Joe turns around and directly call him one. Try doing that to any of my 3 brothers and they would of handled it exactly like Willie did. And I am fucking pissed Joe even lied and said Willie head butted him. That bitch would of been feeling it if he did Willie shoulder pushed him!



    • Tinarawson6688

      will has tryed to tell vereyone in the house what to do and he could not thats why he lost it he a bully like his brother he should not have been on the should ever i hope we do not have to see anyone from that family again now big brother will be better

      • G 2

        You think exactly how they want you to think. Willie was not a/the bad guy.

        • Trch111

          if ya all have been watching the feeds like ya say you have you would see that last week Britney tried to direct him down the right path but he was to rock headed to listen.

    • G 2

      Do you know what day and time this took place so I can check it out on superpass/flashback? I really wanna see the whole thing go down.

      I think BRITTANY as a coach handled it poor and was the blame. It was her job to calm him down-but even before all this took place, she should have helped Willie restructured his whole game by giving him positive reinforcements and showing him a game plan which basically included a lot of ass kissing in the social game part and just pulling back and chilling. Instead she gassed him up, blamed him and caused this. Willie felt defeated and humiliated and even though he’s a grown man and should of held his head better, still, Brittany, b*tch, you were the blame and for the second season you’ve been involved with BB, I still hate you!

      • nhh

        Ummmm…..first of all superpass/flashback you cannot see any of that because they did the FISH for hours so WTF why am I paying all this $$$ for 24 x7 behind the scenes?????? I think I was robbed of my $$$. Second, Ummmm GQ did you not see Brittney rip Willie a new one on a few separate occasions. Really do you think this 92 lb woman should place herself in the path of a full on pissed off Rhino. Duh, she may be blond but NOT stupid. I blame CBS they did not do anything to diffuse and just sat back and watched bullying taken to a whole new level. BB style.. Honestly Watched for 14 seasons and will stay at 14 seasons lost all respect for CBS.

      • LatinoEnigma

        Hi G2, you can see the episode by logging onto CBS.com. I missed Sunday’s night when all this happed and I saw it last night on their website.

      • RickJ

        You meant “should have” or “should’ve.” There is no such thing as “should of.” Please write this down on a sticky note and stick it to your computer monitor. Also, please tell everyone you know. Thanks!

    • http://www.facebook.com/slwall8 Susan Clough Wall

      I agree with you. I have the live feeds and if some of these people that hate on Willie had seen all that I have seen they would not feel the same way.Joe started most of this, just like in the house meeting all Willie was saying was that they needed to play their own game and not the coaches game and that the coaches needed them more then they needed the coaches. That’s when Joe went running to Janell and telling her that Willie was trying to get everyone to turn against their coach. and that is not what was said. And Willie did not make a slur about Will another lie I saw it for myself. This may be the last year for the live feeds for me as well as the whole game. I have watched BB from the first season and have had the live feeds for 4 years now and this is the worst one yet

    • DDD


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

      I’m not reading this just because you wrote in all caps…

    • Mrebey27

      You should get a penilty for knot noing how to spell and using ALL CAPS.

      • Lrn2Spell

        You should know how to spell “not” without a “k” when telling other people they need to learn how to spell. Duh!

        • Chuck

          Talk about spelling. I am amazed by how poor we are at spelling. If I can’t spell a word, I go to spell check. I guess some people to not mind looking stupid.

          • TruthTeller

            ” I guess some people to not mind looking stupid.” .. you would know!

          • spellchecker

            um ya… are u alll tat sillie knot too noticess da misspellings bie Mrebey27 wazz a dig! lmao

      • Rachael

        LOL noing….you’re one to talk!

        • Unbelievable

          Oh my…, there are some very illiterate people on this site. Rachael, I believe Mrebey27 is trying to make a point and the spelling errors are intentional. Sorry to have to state the obvious.

    • Sngyi

      dude. relax. TAKE OFF THE CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mo

      Speak louder, I don’t think what you have to say is important at all if you cant speak up.

    • LatinoEnigma

      You are soooo right in regards to me as a viewer only seeing what the BB Producers want us to see. I liked Willie. But I did notice that he was a man that was being backed up into a corner. I lost respect for Britney. I forgot how crude and a totally bitch she can be with that mouth of her in insulting peoeple. So many times Willie would sit with Britney and she would demean and be little him and he didn’t lose his cool…yet. This game was not a “Group” win. Britney was selfish and use the excuse and say Willie was help the team but Wilie yelled back saying that this was a solo game for everyone. I agree with you, this season is different from the others and not in a good way. Anyone would crack under the presure if people were to ignore you and walk out of a room when you would. That house turned against him as if he murdered someone. Do like all past seasons would, be fake and backdoor him but to do what they did….I honestly don’t blame him exploding like that.

      • Jenni_441

        Right on. I totally agree with you. The player I respect the most so far this season is Willie. The rest of them look like a bunch of sheep, all sticking together and “blah-blah-baaaaahhhhh”. At least Willie was his own man with a mind of his own too.

      • Bluiis4269

        I have to say that I did not like Willie from the begining, I thought he seemed like a know it all. However what happened to him was SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG!! That is so NOT how this game is played!! being singled out, plotted against (shame on you Brittany) and verbally attacked at EVERY turn would make anyone lose thier cool. The choice to get physical was a mistake on his part, but I cant blame him, we all have our breaking point……

    • Jenni_441

      Thanks for all that information about what Janelle, Joe and Boogie did to Willie. I used to have a lot of respect for Janelle as a player in the past, but I sure don’t now. And I can’t stand Joe or Boogie. What you wrote makes me wonder if the show is ‘fixed’ and the players are told what to do at times in order to make stuff happen. I’ll keep watching because I want to see who wins in the end. Although I don’t think there ever has been a season where I agreed with who the eventual winner was.

      • ByeBB!

        The show is fixed! I have been friends with Zach from BB8 and he has said several times that it is fixed. When you go to the diary room they tell you to switch your votes and really tell you what to do. I hate Joe for the fake ass “OH he head butted me” it was like when basketball players threw their heads back when they “got it in the head” lol! Bring Willie Back, these other players are lame. Sorry CBS I may have to head to ABC to see The Glass House…..

    • TruthTeller

      No one cares if Britney sucked as a player and no one cares if Britney sucks as a coach. This show is about ratings only and Britney is smart enough to understand that it’s the sucky people who get ‘air time’ hence it’s the sucky people who make the show. Therefore Britney was playing the game correctly. Willie was not. Therefore, Willie was no longer of any usage to the show.

  • Ian

    Jo is a total hot head also and he should have been expelled too

  • NessaTex

    Post some truth and honesty people! I didn’t much like Willie or his brother (Russell) or his nephew (Brandon), but CBS made the decision to have these guys on their shows. They (Hantz’s) made for some memorable moments on TV. Willie should have held his temper, but I also see where he was mentally and emotionally pushed. Joe was guilty too and should have been ejected. Brittany knew what buttons she was pushing and now has to live with the consequences she herself started. Slurs (Gay or racial) should never be permitted and neither should a player (Frank) be allowed to spread a falsehood that someone (Willie) used a slur, when they really didn’t. What Willie did or said about Wil was not intended in the way Frank said it was. I am fully aware that lies are a part of the game, but sexual and racial slurs should not ever be allowed to be a part of ANY game.
    Why Brittany was brought back is a good question. As far as I can see, she has failed miserably! Frank is the one who started the “gay” crap by making his own personal judgement on Willie and then pretending to be upset in front of everyone else. Joe is this years Shelly. Lie to all and then sit back and watch the wars. If the “Houseguests” are too ignorant to see what he (Frank) is up to, then shame on them for being too self involved.

    • gma

      Joe is not Shelley, he is trying to be Shelley, but not even close. I agree Joe should be gone. Instead he is getting the sympathy card. At dinner tonight Janelle even said that Joe followed Willie downstairs.

    • LatinoEnigma

      Hi NessaTex…you are soooo on the money. There was that part where Willie was talking up in his room with his team and he was talking about Wil and he made his voice like Wil (which is feminine) and I tell you, I as a gay man was not in any way a gay hate on Wil. I was shocked that Joe would go and lie and turn what was said into a gay attack. By no means is Willie a bad guy. He was cornered and attacked slowly by the house and Britney is such a fucking mess, she should not have come back. Coaches should be the ones who either one or was close to it and Britney did neither, she was booted out.

  • Pynedeb

    If the DR had not locked Willie out, he would have gone in and cooled down , or , he would have left on his own. then NONE of this would have ever happened.
    But production chose to put ratings ahead of a persons mental health. Instead of laughing at the guy with anger issues they should have been on the job , and talking him down just a tad!

    • LatinoEnigma

      Hey Pynedeb….why was the DR locked???????? Isn’t that room a place to vent, cry, share thoughts?? I am a fan of BB but this season is not the same. I honestly got a vibe from the very first episode that this batch of people was just not the ones.

  • BBlover#notsomuchanymore

    I think all the other house guest were taunting Willie, they are the bullies, starting with Joe, Janelle and Boogie, yeah Britney was telling him to chill out and all but the rest of them have been treating Britney and team bad since last week.You have like 8 people going against Britney and her team, not fair at all, they had been saying crap all week, CBS and Big Brother need to make this right. Like I seen someone else post, “it’s no different then when Jordon body slammed Russell, is it because she is a girl that nothing was done??

    • BBUsedToBeGood

      I agree, there are a lot of bullies in this year’s BB. I will miss Willie, ratings will decline fast now. BB needs to wake up and stop bringing back these so-called vets and bring the game back to how it was when it first started.
      I can’t tolerate looking at boogie, Brit is a pain, Janelle needs to grow up…
      I used to like BB back in the day.

  • Janice50nks

    they should have taken all the players in and talked to them,no willie should not have been kicked out.not until they spoke to him about his behavior,and gave him a choice to calm down,talk one on one with joe.bb lets things escalate like this,so they are to blame also.when the others were hiding willies smoking patches,taunting him.pushing him.bb has got to intervene more to keep the house under control.and not sit back and let it get so far.

  • Mo

    It seems that Willie lost all self control when things started to not go his way. It would have not mattered what ‘game play’ was suggested – the point being in Fact, that if Brittney would have suggested these same game plans to Anyone in the house — it simply would never provoked the insane rampaging that ensued. Losing control to the point you are Name calling (Any 4 year can do that!) Headbutting other players (Are You Kidding Me?!) Good Riddance!

    • Greeneyes7320

      the beloved Jordan did the same thing to Russell and didn’t get booted

  • Mo

    It seems that Willie lost all self control when things started to not go his way. It would have not mattered what ‘game play’ was suggested – the point being in Fact, that if Brittney would have suggested these same game plans to Anyone in the house — it simply would never provoked the insane rampaging that ensued. Losing control to the point you are Name calling (Any 4 year can do that!) Headbutting other players (Are You Kidding Me?!) Good Riddance!

  • Tinarawson6688

    i have big brother on my computer and knew will was going to do something wrong its in his family look whos his brother is i for one is happy he off the show he should be in jail for what he did he done nothing good for the show he made the house feel like a war zone i hope to never see anyone one from his family again

    • Robdyck19

      Lol. JAIL?? Your an idiot…
      He brought good gameplay, but too much too soon. And his paranoia was his downfall…

      He was a fan favorite and it all made for good tv.

  • a.b.

    I think willie was left out , sometimes when no one has got your back you just act out. I feel bad for him and I hope big brother changes their mind and let him back in the game. I think britney is a horrible player and I hope she looses her other two players. How is she gonna tell the other team members not to talk to willie how rude. He wasnt even yelling at britney he was talking and trying to apologize. I hope they all lose now………………………….Jerks

    • Mo

      Willie has No One to Blame but himself on that one — Willie is socially inept to say the very least– cant expect to act like an ass and get respected for it. For crying out loud, the guy is a Moron!

  • Tinarawson6688

    come on will is a nut just like his brother i am very happy he off the show the only show him and his brother should be on is a jail show

    • Mo

      Hahahaha — I was thinking they all three should be on one of those alligator wrestling shows – eyeroll – just what mainstream America wants to see lmaoooo!!

    • cmahone

      You are out of your mind. Try going to school and learn some english & grammar. I have a right to my opinion, just like you do. Joe is a bully as is Frank, they are just more insidious about it . Shane needs to win HOH & take out Frank Or Joe

  • Tinarawson6688

    i watched the part where will call jo a pussy six times as i taped it and it was will calling jo a pussy

    • cmahone

      wrong they didn’t SHOW THAT ON CBS

      • Tinarawson6688

        on the computer and yes it was on the tv you missed it

        • Tinarawson6688

          will was sitting down and jo was walking by and will called him a pussy then joe called it back to him and thats when all hell brock out

      • Patworx

        They DID show it on CBS. They just censored the word ‘pussy’.

    • Chrsmil16747

      can you try typing better than a 4 year old?

  • Mo

    Just out of curiosity, went over and read Willie’s tweets while watching the BB show tonight. Willie, Russell, and Brandon are Twisted!! The negativity, anger, boasting is insane!! Talk about showing your true colors, it was Ugly!!
    Might be a good idea for the current house Guests to get restraining orders from these people, especially Willie – Wow, they on the Warpath. Creepy and Scary!
    Thank God he got dragged out of there — Good Riddance!

  • G 2

    I think BRITTANY as a coach handled it poor and was the blame. It was her job to calm him down-but even before all this took place, she should have helped Willie restructured his whole game by giving him positive reinforcements and showing him a game plan which basically included a lot of ass kissing in the social game part and just pulling back and chilling. Instead she gassed him up, blamed him and caused this. Willie felt defeated and humiliated and even though he’s a grown man and should of held his head better, still, Brittany, b*tch, you were the blame and for the second season you’ve been involved with BB, I still hate you!

    Im glad that people saw Brittany’s true ways on tv. She’s a little rotten spoiled B and I believe people will be against her more then with her after seeing this. But Im sad on WIllies part. At first I didn’t like the guy but he quickly became one of my favorites. Too bad Brittany didn’t win the coaches challenge and trade him off to Mike Boogie-Boogie would have hated it but then would have dealt with it by helping Willie re-strategize his whole game and he’d still be there. Im so pissed!

    • Mo

      Not much coaching can be done with someone who made it clear he was gonna do his own thing — oh, and it’s not Brittney’s JOB to calm anyone down — he is a ‘grown ass man’, remember? Eeeesh – Willie just doesn’t play well with people – neither does his silly brother and nephew for the same reasons. Not only Losers, but Sore Losers.

      • G 2

        Yea he’s a grown ass man, but the best of us at some point in our lives can use council from another and yes, it was Brittney’s JOB to calm HIM down and her team. She’s there because of her team-when or if they’re picked off-she’s gone! So of course its in her best interest to keep Willie, thus, her job! -Which btw, she’ll be paid handsomely for keeping them till the end! (actually, she gets a pay check every week for being on the show, Id call that a JOB)

        • Mo

          I don’t think it’s fair to accuse Brittney for failing to control Hantz – is she equipped with psychology, psychiatric tools, I think not. Hantz’s behavior is Hantz’s – he is/was completely out of control. I don’t think it’s fair to ask a 5’1 petite woman to try and control a manic bull charging. Furthermore, nor should anyone is the house be subjected or responsible for ‘controlling’ anyone. Brittney tried to calm him, but essentially it is Big Brother’s responsibility for admitting psycho’s to the game – Errmmm.. don’t they have tests they have to pass before admitting them to the game?! All I can say is thank God he is gone, good riddance.

          • Mo

            Clearly you are not clear on why the house guests are there – and it is Clearly not to babysit.

          • cmahone

            just who do you think you are to slam anyones & everyones opinions . just like you have your own (crazy) opinion others are allowed theirs, & you are calling Willie & the Hantz family bullies YOU ARE THE BIGGEST BULLY ON THIS BOARD.

      • Jenni_441

        Maybe it’s not her JOB but if she wants to WIN then she should be doing a better JOB of working at uniting the players she’s supposed to be coaching. And if coaching isn’t a JOB I’d really like to know what it is.

        • Mo

          Please know what you are talking about Before you make an ass of yourself lol Willie Told Brit he was playing his own game Multiple times, and if you recall, had a House Meeting telling All the players to ignore their coaches to play this game – Either keep up, or keep your opinions that are asinine opinions to yourself – thanks. In Other Words – Willie Did Not Want Brit’s Help – Capice?!

          It seems that Willie lost all self control when things started to not go his way. It would have not mattered what ‘game play’ was suggested – the point being in Fact, that if Brittney would have suggested these same game plans to Anyone in the house — it simply would never provoked the insane rampaging that ensued. Losing control to the point you are Name calling (Any 4 year can do that!) Headbutting other players (Are You Kidding Me?!)

          • cmahone

            what is your deal with Willie , you sound a little to much like a DUMPED EX…NAME CALLING ? JOE WAS THE ONE THAT WENT SKIPPING BY THE ROOOM CALLING WILLIE A NAME . & A SHOULDER BUMP IS NOT A HEADBUMP

    • Porkpiejohnny

      Seriously,you are dumber than a bucket of rocks. Britney IS NOT responsible for idiot Willies out of control emotions………..she even defended the coward! Appeasement never works with bullies; just like it didn’t work when Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler………his weakness cost millions of lives JACKASS!!!!!!

      And,if its just a game as some claim, then Willie sure took it awfully seriously with his headbutt. Willie could have tried to be a little nicer too……..he played very hard,very fast,like Ive never seen before. And, when he lost control after Frank won HOH he pouted like a little girl instead of using good psychology tactics.

      Willie is a big fat COWARD,CRYBABY, and PUSSSSSSSSSSSY…….LOL!!!!!!!!

      • Brittany’s Mom

        In hindsight, Britney might have made a mistake when she made Willie HOH The power went straight to his head and he started telling everyone what to do. Oh well, live and learn.

        • Kodibear

          Willie told the the group he was worried the coaches were coming into the game so they should look to their own self interests and play as individuals.

          guess what joe and wil were talking about yesterday- yup. They are worried the coaches were going to come into the game so they needed to stop telling janelle so much and play their own game.

  • Raptorlover

    Willie is totally to blame for this. He had an attitude from day 1. CBS, you need to forget there is a Hantz family and quit casting them on your shows. Along with the stupid “Coach” twist, Willie just about ruined this season for me.

    • cmahone

      Willie MADE the season for me Boogie & Joe wrecked it I am boycotting all of Big Brothers sponsors …think Froot Loops , Kelloggs, Keebler. letting them know that Joe should have gone too, he put his fists up FIRST ,

      • Tinarawson6688

        will head butted joe frist get it right

        • cmahone

          as usual u r wrong, Joe had his fists UP, pushed Willie & being a MAN Williee finished it with a SHOULDER BUMP

          • Mo

            Joe had his hand up for self defense — Joe Never hit Willie, or he would have dragged out of the game as well — he was egging Joe to hit him Multiple times, but never did — Clearly the Camera Showed this — eyeroll- get your facts straight before embarrassing yourself lol

  • Brittany’s Mom

    When Joe called Willie a pussy, why did Willie run all the way into the bathroom and then stop and yell “hit me” over and over again? I thought Willie was supposed to be a badass, but I guess Joe was right. Willie’s a pussy.

  • Kodibear

    The episode did not show Willie tried to get into the diary room over an extended period of time before he lost his temper. If The DR had let him blow off some steam or get some counseling the bumps could have been avoided.

    The episode did not show the other side of the coin. when frank won HOH the group taunted willie about fruit loops and made group cat calls at him or in his hearing.

    It was so bad Boogie told skippy “It’s a lynch mob in here” If Boogie saw it and others commented on it production should have gotten willie some counseling when he asked for it to help diffuse the situation.

    There have been other bumps in BB history. Jordan won the season she lost her temper and charged Russell with a number of chest bumps. That same season Kevin earlier lost his temper and chest bumped Ronnie.

    I think production wanted willie to blow up so they did not give him access to the diary room and I would not be surprised if production was also egging joe on to incite willie to temper along with his alliance.

  • G 2

    Well its official. This will be the last time I ever purchase a Superpass. They completely cut this whole scene out of Flashback-which allows paid users to watch past footage of this season as well as others. What good is it if they’re going to cut out parts of the show? Superpass sucks! Its like yea, “I just want to watch people eat and sleep all day…” Worst money Iv spent in a long time..

    • Tinarawson6688

      u can see it on flas back i know because i have it

      • Mcbadfish

        what time did it happen? It seems to have been cut from my superpass

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lorielle-Sisson/1489985926 Lorielle Sisson

    Personally, I think that both Joe and Willie should have been removed. I think Joe was responsible for escalating this. He even said something about driving Willie over the edge when he was up in the HOH. Also, I think that CBS is also responsible for this getting to the point that it did. The feeds showed Willie trying to get into the DR several times. They knew he was riled up and yet, by refusing him entry all they did was allow this to fester.

  • CarterMorgan

    This is my first season watching Big Brother, and I love it. I don’t hate Willie or Joe; I just like all the drama. My coworker, at Dish, recommended this show to me before it started this season, and I’m glad she did. I did not get to watch last night’s episode live, but this morning I was able to watch what transpired between Willie and the rest of the house without any commercials. My Hopper recorded it with PrimeTime Anytime, and thanks to the Auto Hop feature I got to skip all of the ads. I can’t wait to see how the house will be without Willie, especially since everyone in the house wants to make somebody a villain.

  • Fizzeh

    The other house guests were bullying him which lead him to his breaking point! Which they didn’t show on TV, he tried to go into the Diary Room TWICE but was DENIED access! Like come on Big Brother. Joe, Frank, Boogie, Janelle, Wil, Ashley, JoJo, Shane, and 100% BRITNEY are to blame for this.

    • Tinarawson6688

      you are a nut it was will doing the bulling frist then they stared to stand up for their selfs that not bulling

  • HC

    Regardless of what anyone else may or may not have done to Willie, Willie is responsible for his actions, and he made the incorrect choices. A better choice would have been to remember who he is, who all the other players really are, and what life is really all about.

  • Strawbery

    In my opinion Britney started the whole thing with saying the coaches may enter the game! I Willie did no more than Evil Dick did in his season. I think CBS is a Joke! They need to bring Willie back or this season is a “Bust”. I have already canceled my feeds!

  • Shannon Jordan

    Because of the fact that Willie is now out of the house stinks i think, i was looking forward to see the drama unfold while Frank is HOH it would have made for some great T.V.

  • Shannon Jordan

    Because of the fact that Willie is now out of the house stinks i think, i was looking forward to see the drama unfold while Frank is HOH it would have made for some great T.V.

  • Gran

    Ratings people, ratings…production held off with interrupting the HG during the “drama” for ratings.Believe it or not, they are up against it with 14 seasons under their belt and needed
    ratings to climb. This has been the entire idea from the very beginning..otherwise why pick Russell’s
    brother to join the cast??? Really.

  • Niki_belle75

    I think all involved are the reason. Mostly Willy’s fault, no doubt, but i agree it could have all gone so differently if the production team and his team had of handled him differently. Not to take away Willy’s responsibility, because it is obvious he should have handled it differently as well. He is hot tempered and that temper was his downfall.

    I am a huge fan of Brit, but i think she failed in this situation. She was stirring the pot at the beginning of this mess and continued to do so. Willy was blamed for a lot of what Brit started.

    To me, this whole situation is a lesson on bully’s. I believe Willy is indeed a bully. But, the whole house turned against them and in the end he was bullied. Turn about is fair play? Maybe but in the end it was just all sad and not so entertaining. It sorta gave me a sick feeling really.

    He should not have lost his cool. Has he not watched this game before? He could have won Veto and, as we’ve all seen a hundred plus times, next week the house could have totally flipped if someone on Brit’s team won HOH. I will garentee that if Brit’s team wins HOH next week, Janelle will be back as her best friend.

    Even if Willy had of been evicted, they’ve all talked about the numbers of players vs. the amount of weeks left, he could have come back in the end. That was clear.

    BIG mistake. His loss.

  • Tinakeheley@charter.net

    Willie is a bully, plain and simple; he needed to go. I have the feeds and BBAD, etc too and he crossed the line. And it came out of his own mouth he wanted to cross the line and get evicted

  • lenoir fan


  • lenoirfan

    And get rid of the coaches…they have had their time. Let the players play THEIR game!

  • Jdvillains

    I have to agree with everything stated by Guest so far. The House Guests had gone way out of their way to pick on Willie! What I do not think is fair…is that Willie got Expelled and NOTHING happened to JOE!!!! WHY? He was tainting Willie hard core! I do not think it was fair at all!! I think there should be some punishment towards Joe!

    • Chrsmil16747

      exactly & the punishment should be , Joe gets kicked out to

  • Rrengr79

    I think Brittany was wrong when she stopped Willie from talking to Jojo and Shane. I really believe he was going to apologize to them. He even told the HOH people that they shouldn’t blame Jojo and Shane for his behavior.

    • Brittany’s Mom

      When you fall off a boat with a bunch of expensive jewelry around your neck — or in this case cheap costume jewelry — do you leave it on and sink to the bottom or do you quickly take it off to save yourself. Willie’s homophobic slur is what made him an anchor for Team Britney so she was only trying to help her other two players from sinking too. JoJo will probably go next week, thanks to Willie, and she didn’t even say a homophobic slur. Go figure…

      • Greeneyes7320

        do you even watch this show?

        • Brittany’s Mom

          Let’s see, I wrote my comment on Monday and JoJo was evicted 3 days later–does that answer your question?

  • Niki75

    Willie is a hot headed bully. BUT if you watch the feeds and really pay attention, Brit put almost all of that stuff in Willie’s head…who to put up and why, stirring the pot about the remark about Wil, etc… Now, i’m a Brit fan, but she did not play smart in this situation.

    Has Willie never seen this game before? How fast it gets turned around? The house splits, one team gets HoH and the rest are depressed and know they are going home. A twist or PoV happens and a new HoH and bam the “underdogs” are on top. Back and forth. That is what keeps this game so interesting.

    Also, Willie knew, because Brit told him that there were not enough players to finish the weeks of BB. He should have laid low, won the PoV and turned things around. OR got evicted and most likely had a chance to come back.

    I don’t think he totally caused all of that. He is a bully and in turn got bullied right back in the end.

    I also don’t think he is smart, at least not in BB.

    Too bad. His loss.

    On with the game….

  • Raka1205

    other people had some terribly fights and they showed them on live feed and they were not kicked off . just warned they could of brought willie into the diary room and warned him now we watch them sleep and eat .

  • Guest

    Willie didn’t have to “head-butt” Joe for it to be an assault. Him charging after Joe (after Joe called him what he was calling everyone else including Joe) to the point where he invaded Joe’s personal space was enough to be considered apprehension on Joe’s part, of being subject to serious bodily harm. Joe’s reaction of putting his hands up to fight was a reasonable reaction. So Willie was obviously wrong in that regard.

    In addition, Willie is supposedly a reality tv fan. He was, or should have been aware of what the game entails and he made very bad choices that led to him ending up on the wrong side of the house. Quite frankly, his ignorance and lack of self control was made evident repeatedly and his true colors came to light, amidst repeated warnings to calm down and to quit playing “too hard and too fast”. This is what I’m sure everyone would agree led to the mishap we saw transpire.

    As Joe said in the D.R. Willie needs to find peace. What was unfortunate, is that Willie replaced his brother as arguably the most hated reality tv star of all time. It’s a shame that the two came from the same family. It’s also very telling.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

      AMEN! I 100% agree

  • Chelle

    Willie was not all to blame for everything that happened. There is always 2 SIDES to every story.
    Yes Willie did try to play the game too hard too fast and his pride did get in the way of seeing things clearly.
    Also There was other certain HG’s that pushed Willie to this point. Granted this is somewhat part of the game , but then there are smarter ways to play BB! Other than pushing someone over the edge as what happened to Willie.

    I also would comment on Britney ..She should take blame as a coach…for example: she would tell Willie not to listen to people and what they say..it’s just a game blah blah blah…etc. But then on the day Willie was expelled she told him to go up to the HoH …..just to only make the situation worse…and adding insult to injury isolating him from his team because he made them look bad. All in all it was a recipe for his expulsion .
    I so agree with the comment below made by “Guest”.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000175635622 Andrew Sloan

    Some people are honestly a joke. Put the blame where the blame goes. Willie is a douchebag who “head-butted” Joe, the egotistical creep, and deserved to be ejected. Willie’s a wittle baby who didn’t get his way and needs to grow up.

    • cmahone

      my, my, my when did a SHOULDER BUMP BECOME A HEAD BUTT, & Joe didn’t put his fists UP first?Joee didn’t charge willie??? BS

  • Needsmartercontestants

    People make threats all the time in BB…This was not like smashing up the set/throwing the mic in the pool or taking a swing, it was simply Willie trying to reassert himself vocally (which happens all the time in BB)…He listened to production’s orders but they did not listen to him. This is the first time BB “drama” has enticed me NOT to watch…I used to love BB, especially with the hothead drama, but they failed to see the absurdity of the game with the “coaches” involved since they have a HUGE advantage treating the players like pawns…just put the coaches in as players and call it a day!

  • Mo

    The Hantz family needs help – socially inept, violent and egotistical. Not what mainstream America wants or needs to see on National Television, Especially a game show lol – unless it’s alligator wrestling preface away from people on a nondescript channel – or anger management intercession program, but then they’d be a liability – Good Riddance to the Hantz’s.

    • cmahone

      once again you are hating on the Hantz family, you show yourself to be a BIGOT,

  • ENE

    I was so sad to see Willie go…I think it was ridiculous the way they treated him. I think this is the worst season yet of fake people. The same ones who were all on Willie’s bandwagon are the same ones who threw him under the bus. Especially Brittney. I didn’t have an issue with her until the way she treated him. I understand it is a game and there are going to be liars and people have to change up their game plan but as I sat and listened to the same people who were kissing his ass one week, dog him out a few days later, it made me sick. Yes, he made mistakes…and might have sealed his own fate, but he didn’t do any worse than anybody on there. And it was ridiculous that they treated him the way they did. I am disgusted at Brittney. She talked to him like he was dirt. I thought he was a pretty decent guy who just got caught up a little…but that was his issue to deal with. And Brittney has a lot of nerve talking about him when she and Janelle were up talking and toasting each other about how they were “running” their groups and making them do what they wanted. And this group of people this time around are flip flopping right and left and it has only been 2 weeks…smh…never seen so much ass kissing and lying in any season…when it is convenient…they treated him wrong, didn’t have his back…I will miss Willie…I hope somebody uses the hell out of Brittney…karma happens…

  • Jenni_441

    I think Brittney played it all wrong with Willie. As coach she should have backed him up, putting an arm around him and calming him down after his argument with Frank. It would have showed a unified group rather than making her people targets and perhaps Willie’s meltdown could have been avoided. Personally, I liked Willie a lot although I thought he should have played it cooler. Being the first HOH is really tough. You’re automatically going to be a target the next time there’s a new HOH, except this season with the different ‘teams’ and Dan’s team down to one player, the household could have had the opportunity to get rid of one of the teams altogether, and they should be focusing on getting rid of Boogie’s players next. Instead, the attention has been drawn to Brit’s team. She played all of this very stupidly, in my opinion. Willie was right about it being an individual’s game as well. There’s only one winner after all and each person in the house is thinking only of himself/herself. I think Willie is well out of it. I hope he makes lots of money – more than what Big Brother would have paid him – by doing interviews and so on and perhaps getting on a show of his own. He was probably the most interesting player on Big Brother 14.

  • Ogie7767

    I don’t think it is fair the way BB expelled Willie and did nothing to all those who started the crap. Joe started it, and the rest of his crew pushed and pushed. There is no way anyone should be allowed on the show if they show any violence however there should have been action taken against the rest of them as well. Expelling one and doing nothing to the rest is just WRONG!!!! Why did the show take down the fight????

  • srougee

    britney is the worst and biggest bitch player ever on big brother she failed last year and was used and thrown out when the guys were done with her, then she gets a chance to come back as one of the best players ever huh r u kidding me, she’s supposed to be a coach, I have played sports all my life and your coach is to fix your mistakes, teach you when you don’t know how all britney did was turn her back on her player and treat him like crap, an absolutley pathetic display of leadeship and I really hope she is the first coach to get kicked out. Also the producers of this show are just as pathetic and should of handled the events that led up to willie getting kicked out, you had the guy on the show for exactly this reason and he gave you exactly what you wanted and you threw him out for it, I’ve been watching big brother for 14seasons and this one is by far the worst season ever.

  • Carlawalters

    I admit Willie is rough around the edges, but as an educator, I see school yard fights all the time. Britney spoke down to Willie on more than one occasion as if he was a child. I quote ” You need to listen to what I have to say and do what I tell you”. You can get your point across without making someone into an infant. Janelle: “Britney can’t control her people”. Why are the coaches trying to CONTROL anyone. It’s all fun and games to laugh at folks until someone gets hurt. Also, bullies pick on other people, and from what I could see, all the house guests left Willie in a corner. He couldn’t leave the house and every room was filled with someone. So…you pick on someone long enough, don’t acknowledge them, don’t offer a friendly word to assist them in whatever inner turmoil then he or she will eventually explode.

    • cmahone

      I agree with you 100% Joe was the bully in this situation aided by Boogie & Janelle egging him on..If Willie was to be kicked out, Joe should have gone too

  • hernandayoleary

    On the oner hand, Brittany was a shit coach, but what else can you expect, she was a shit player who took 3 playes of an alliance to a final four without figuring it out. She is a dumb white trash imbred hick, so how can she help her cousin willie? Willie has no one to blame but himself. I don’t care about his behaviour, but once he went head butting and pushing, he should’a knew he was gonna be gone. The problem is he is mentally weak. Being a hated player can work well in your favour, did for evel dick. In fact if it was Shane and Willie or Willie and Dani, or Willie and JoJo, he had a decent chance because everyone knows he cannot win the game, because he is so hated. If he spun it properly he could’a stayed. Could have pointed out to frank, he’d (willie) be target number one as long as Willie is still there. Could have pitched that to everyone. But instead he decided to act like a little cunt, and go start physical fights. It was all cool til he got himself kicked out the house.

    Sure Joe and Janelle might have egged him on and pushed him to that limit, but that makes for good TV, if Willie just got up in Joe’s faces and yelled at him at 200 decibels, then we’d all be laughin, but he lost it cause he comes from a hillbilly family, who cheats taxes and can’t hold it down.

    Let me step back, maybe, my standards were too high, but he needed to just step back, cool down, and take a few days off, and then try to reintergrate into the game. He should’a stayed cool, should’a just said yeah, I am going home whatever, while behind the scenes trying to do what he could to save his ass by pointing out why it would be good to keep him.

  • Sulaw

    Sorry but Joe assulted Willie. It was Joe who moved forward first in a threatening manner with his fists raised Whit is that about? CBS has vilolated the contract with Willie

  • Mo

    Willie Hantz was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving this morning … just DAYS after he was kicked out of the “BB” house for attacking one of his co-stars.

    According to law enforcement, Hantz was arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM for OWI — operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Hantz is from Louisiana.

    Hantz was kicked out of the BB house on July 20 after attempting to headbutt Joe during a heated exchange.

    In his mug shot, 34-year-old Hantz is still sporting the mohawk haircut he gave himself while inside the “Big Brother” house.

    Hantz is the younger brother of “Survivor” villain Russell Hantz.

    Hantz is still in custody.

    Go Figure ..

    • cmahone

      you are in idiot he is NOT still in custody like any other person picked up for alledged drunk driving, (he was sitting in a car with the engine running, thats all) he was booked & released after paying a $75.00 bond, yeah, a big time criminal. Yes, WE ALL KNOW HE IS RUSSELLS BROTHER & KNEW THAT LONG BEFORE HE WAS SHOWN ON BIG BROTHER. What is your deal? why are YOU such a hater?, you ought to get that looked at..

  • Legirons

    Is there anyone in that family that is anywhere near normal? Each one of them is either a bully, an idiot, a flake or all of the above. Getting tired of seeing anyone of them on the tube. Find a different dysfunctional family will ya producers

  • Dexsdarkpassenger01

    This is unfair both should have been expelled.

  • Bennettator9

    Willie shouldn’t have been kicked off the show, so unfair! His teammates didn’t even have his back, they sort of screwed themselves out of a teammate, not smart. Brittany should have pulled Willie aside and talked to him instead of just sitting there and doing nothing about, why is she even a coach?

  • mel

    I agree with the first commenter 100 percent…it was sooooo wrong how willie got evicted…I too have watched every season..from throwing drinks and having pots getting banged over someones head. BB could have let him get a time out from the rest of them. I wish he would have stayed and won it all. I guess u have to be a really good snake in the grass like mike and janelle.

  • MarieOylwe

    I think Willie got a raw deal I think everyone in the house kept at him and at him he kept trying to go to the diary room and they wouldn’t let him in . A person can only take so much and what Joe by calling him that name just put the icing on the cake. I don’t think he should have been kicked out of the game! And Joe didn’t get anything for what he did how is that FAIR !!! Joe should have been kicked out of the game too !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colioli

    I hated him from the moment I found out he was Russell’s Bro!

  • Colioli

    I hated him from the moment I found out he was Russell’s Bro!

  • Chicagosherry

    Like I said before – there is obviously a lot of inner breeding going on the Hantz family, as they all seem goofy.

  • Yyoung Joey

    Big Brother didn’t seem to have a problem when Evil Dick poured a drink onto Rache’s head. I love him as a player, but he got to remain in the game.

  • SonnySky

    Willie head butted Joe 5 times.
    Jordan chest bumped whats his name –hardly the same thing.