Wil Heuser’s BB14: The Trilogy Part 3

Wil wraps up his Big Brother 14 Trilogy!

Wil Heuser’s BB14: The Trilogy Part 3

Oh yes, my friends, Wil Heuser (my favorite BB14 houseguest!) has released Part 3 of his BB14 Trilogy, bringing an end to, well, the BB14 ‘Trilogy’.

I literally stayed up until midnight PST to catch the video (and drank a bottle of crappy wine) and it was well worth the wait. Trilogy Parts 1 & 2 were awesome, so I knew that Part 3 would be epic, and surely it did not disappoint.

The other night Wil tweeted, “Filming the final part of the #BB14trilogy tonight.. Good thing I have my pals Coffee and Whiskey to help out! #thewilshow”

Um, yeah. And I have had my vodka and wine to help me through the down time. But FINALLY (and it really hasn’t been that long) it’s time for Part 3 of Wil Heuser’sBB14 Trilogy! Because, face it. You might be a bitch, but you have nowhere near the snark that Wil has. He f*cking sparkles. (Thank Mya.)

Enjoy, bitches! TGIF!




  • http://twitter.com/spicypants Spicy

    I love him so much.

  • http://twitter.com/spicypants Spicy


  • http://twitter.com/isabenna6 lisa l raikes

    hes the best i hope to see him again in the bb house

  • Jimmyjam992

    Part 1 was the best. Part 2 wasnt very good and Part 3 was ok. The end

  • BEN

    Wil you are amazing. Only thing… when you do danielle, her eyebrows should be in a long upside down V shape and dont forget the zits.. especially the one that was in the center of her forehead like a cyclop and the one on her chin.

  • Schonna0831

    Wil made the show!