Wil Heuser’s BB14 Trilogy: Part One

BB14's Wil Parodies the Big Brother House!

Wil Heuser’s BB14 Trilogy: Part One

Wil Heuser has been out of the Big Brother 14 house for a few weeks now and he’s had some time to get back to work doing what he does best, hamming it up for the cameras!

As you might already know, Wil has his own YouTube channel where he creates parodies of everything from reality shows to movies. So of course he just HAD to poke fun of Big Brother, right? Well he has, and it’s fricking hysterical. We’ve got the video below.

Big Brother 14: The Trilogy, Part 1 starts off with Wil as the Chenbot in front of the BB14 house. Notice how he has the side ponytail going on?

But first… Danielle bounces around awkwardly in a bra that lacks support while Janelle poses like a supermodel.

Wil begins the BB14 Trilogy mimicking Frank, playing up the fact that he never held a job down for any length of time. His hat reads, “HPBL, Ladies Invited!”

BB14 Wil Heuser as Frank Eudy

Wil then moves onto Joe, so of course he screams in the DR and tells the tall tale (or..?) of his family owning the land that the White House sits on, and how they sold it for a mule and a fifth of whisky. We’ll have to ask Joe about that one later. Remind me.

BB14 Wil As Joe

Wil then portrays himself, but still pokes fun at Joe by saying his own family owned the land that Mount Rushmore was on. He says they traded it for a jackrabbit and a shot of tequila. Way to go, Wil. One upping the one upper.

For Jenn, Wil simply says, “Yo, this house is bones!”

BB14 Wil As Jenn

And Britney. Oh my gawd, this one made me laugh. She says nothing, simply munches frantically (with her mouth open) on a bowl of something crunchy. Oh Wil, I freaking love you.

BB14 Britney Wil

BB14 Danielle

Onto Danielle, who Wil actually went pretty easy on considering the amount of material he had to work with. He was being kind when he simply chided her for the massive (sarcasm) “nurse vs. kindergarten teacher” scandal. I’m sure she’ll be devastated when she sees it though.

Then Wil takes a pretty good stab at Janelle for pressing the reset button, then lying about it. Oh, those Mary Kay lips!

BB14 Wil As Janelle

Wil then wraps the BB14 Trilogy Part 1 with more on “Eagle Eye Joe”.  But first….

YouTube Preview Image

Check out Wil’s site at TheWilShow.com!


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lynda-Perky/100002711535427 Lynda Perky

    So funny, loved each HG so far. The attention Wil gave to Daniel’s UNUSUALLY high eyebrows was great and Britany’s loud eating is one of my biggest pet peeves. Can’t wait for Part II of the BB14 Trilogy.

    • Jjason3

      I sooo agree with you about Britney’s ‘loud eating’….but what about her always picking at her lips and face. Wil’s depiction of Danielle’s high eyebrows was friggin hilarious. Miss you Wil.

      • victoria

        laughing so hard watching this…the joe impersonation is freakin funny ….and danielle and those scary eyebrows…haha…love you wil!!

  • Lainey Wilson

    hahahah amazing.

  • Lori

    Love you Wil! Hilariously perfect!

  • Rcaste39

    I Love Wil!!!!!!!! I am a fan

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003185450535 Ka Ri Ma Karima

    Wil, you’re very talented and funny! We miss watching you on the feeds. BBAD will never be the same now that you’re gone.

    What does “HPBL, Ladies Invited!” on Frank’s hat mean?

  • AnnieO

    omg Wil is hilarious.

  • fredtheturtle

    that was hilarious!

  • Bogmire

    U rock Wil !!!

  • Karmeow

    way to go Wil…got some funny crap going on there

  • Ms_Urethra_Franklin

    OMG that is sooooo darn funny….

  • Sandy K 3cats

    Wil is ready for Leno or Letterman..love his stuff all of it.

  • Snoods

    Wil is hilarious!! I hated to see him leave the house, but he is destined for bigger and better things.

  • Diannaaguilo

    He is good. Hilarious!!!

  • Donna R

    Wil that was so funny, i was cracking up!!! Great job

  • JC

    Absolutely hilarious!! I love the imitation of Joe. Great talent… Wil was my favorite HG.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mehus Jordan Mehus

    love Wil hope he gets invited back with frank

  • Slyderule

    I;m laughing out loouod Wil. I didn’t know you had it in you, but you will go far in the future.!