Willie Blows Up At Frank

First fight of the season on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Willie Blows Up At Frank

At about 10:25 PM  (Big Brother Time), all hell broke loose in the Big Brother 14 house. To be exact, all hell broke loose in the back yard.

Things have been festering in the house all week. Tensions have been high because newbies feel threatened by coaches and Frank and Willie are both telling lies. Then you throw in Joe, who might be playing the best game so far, to mix in some trouble and what happened last night was certain to go down.

Let's start from the beginning. Earlier in the day, Willie did an imitation of Wil. He didn't say anything homophobic, he just imitated him (2:13 PM BBT). Frank tells the story and it gets to Wil and Wil gets upset and is calling Willie homophobic. Frank didn't exactly stretch the truth, but he amped it up a bit. Willie finds out that Frank told this and suddenly their alliance is out the door. Willie gets very angry and says he'll “Knock a N—- out.” Using a term that's considered racist by most of the world, is probably not the best move after just being accused of homophobia. Just a thought.

Anyway, Willie lets Frank have it in the backyard. It all goes down on the Live Feeds at around 10:25 PM BBT. Willie is screaming and pointing and Frank is just kind of laid back taking it in. Frank defends himself, but he keeps his cool, unlike Willie.

Boogie steps in when Willie sort of demands his team to vote Frank out. Boogie wants to know if Willie is the boss of everyone. Boogie makes some strong points and Willie's hole gets deeper and deeper.

Yesterday we told you Janelle wanted drama in the house. She got it.

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  • http://twitter.com/spicypants Spicy

    Willie was trending on Twitter last night as well. :)

  • CarterMorgan

    This was a very interesting twist in the house. Willie seemed like less of a hot-head than his brother, but I guess that was wrong. This is my first season of Big Brother, thanks to my coworker at Dish recommending it, and it is very interesting so far.I also haven’t watched the live feeds, but it seems I might have to after this!

  • danielsherriff

    So what’s the majority leaning towards? Frank or Kara?

  • Wildinvegas

    after over a dozen years, i cant believe i’m saying this… Boogie is one of the most mature players in the BB house!

  • Gwrey62

    willie need to address saying he will knock a ni**er out. and beg apology of people that finds that as bad as saying f**.

  • Mo

    Russell, I mean Willie should be ashamed of his bad behavior, owes the women an apology for being a pig, and ashamed for carrying on with his blathering nonsensical reasoning and self indulgent ego.
    I hope he not only gets nominated for the boot, but ends up eating slop and sleep on those horrid beds, only to leave the house once an for all. Good riddance.