Willie Hantz Arrested!

Expelled Big Brother 14 contestant still in custody for DUI suspicions

Willie Hantz Arrested!

This has not Willie’ Hantz’s week. Less than a week after getting expelled from the Big Brother 14 house, the season’s villain has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

According to TMZ, Willie, 34, was pulled over in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM Thursday morning for OWI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated). Police said they were responding to a call about a fight at a bar when they saw a 2012 Chevrolet Camaro driving near the bar. As they approached the car, it stopped, and Willie got out and attempted to run, Police said. They said there was a short pursuit but Willie was caught and arrested.

Law enforcement officials said Willie refused a breathalyzer and blood test. He is still in police custody, according to TMZ.

Willie was ejected from the Big Brother house last Friday after an altercation with fellow house guest Joe Arvin. Willie, was the first head of household this season. His fight with Joe occurred after a series of meltdowns following the end of his HOH reign. Since his eviction, Willie has been tweeting about the show and his fellow contestants.

We’ll keep you updated as this is a developing story. Are you shocked that Willie has already landed in trouble after leaving the Big Brother house? Oh, and is that a smile in his mug shot?

Big Brother 14 Willie Hantz Arrested for DUI Mugshot



  • raptorlover

    Not shocked at all.

  • AnnieO

    kinda sad really.

  • Faceones

    did say he did just said arrest on sup i dont believe anything tmz says

  • Rawsome1s

    Just stretchin out his 15 minutes of fame…

  • Faceones

    i heard 2 stories which is true?

  • sg

    He’s a mess.

  • http://www.realitynation.com/author/charlie-toft/ Charlie Toft

    He’s smiling because he’s spent the last week upholding the family traditions: losing a reality show, being a public embarrassment, and getting arrested.

    • Ckaraks

      Totally agree. I almost stopped watching Survivor because I couldn’t stand to listen to Russell or his loser nephew. Then when I saw Willie on BB, I couldn’t believe it. I think they scoop up the pond scum just for ratings. I wish they’d find another way to achieve this because watching the Hantz family is definitely no picnic! They’re a bunch of self-absorbed, arrogant little trolls.

      • http://twitter.com/cool4ever18 Daniel Bond

        I know

      • Thisthingisdumb

        You guys cry

      • Thisthingisdumb

        You need to stop whinning about the hantz family. your watching a show thats about playing people to get to the end. if you dont like people who do that kind of stuff dont watch any reality TV. And why go even look it up online if you hate them so much. your soooooo dumb

  • http://twitter.com/jordguitar jordguitar

    Next on Hantz: The Family,

    The Intervention

  • NessaTex

    As Gomer Pyle would say…SURPRISE…SURPRISE…SURPRISE!

  • http://twitter.com/spicypants Spicy

    He has a Paris Hilton WONK eye!

  • twinsmom

    very sad

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001252913955 Jamie Flynn

    Gawd I was hoping for the best for ya Willie damn I wish they wouldn’t have started n messed with you from the gecko this isn’t fair to you hope things start getting better for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BriittanyAbbs Briittany Amanda Abbs-Holtby


  • BB Fan

    He and his whole family is a joke. Even his nephew tried for 15 minutes of fame with his videos after Willie was tossed out of Big Brother. Just go away…….

  • Warden Bob

    Forget the smile, check out those eyes. Those are I-just-met-Bubba-in-the-drunk-tank eyes. So maybe his “Wil” slur was actually emotions bubbling to get out. Go get ‘em, Tiger.

  • CPW

    When are these reality shows going to learn NOT to pick contestants from the Hantz family?? Shitty gene pool.

  • hockeynut

    Sorry. used wrong e-mail.

  • Hantzs are losers!

    Willie Hantz managed, somehow, to make the Hantz name a bigger loser than it was before!

  • Porkpiejohnny

    It genuinely astonishes me how idiots on here actually feel sorry for moron Willie. These same snapper-heads probably feel sorry for Hitler too.

    Wonder what pathetic & convenient excuses they’ll invent for him this time…….LOL!!!


    Damn Willie!!! I love the Hantz Bro’s… I was hoping after this you would join them in another Hantz reality show. You F’d up,..very disapporinted but I wish you well. You believed in the reality of it all. Bottom line, the mistatke you made that caused the S%&t to roll down hill was making a deal with Frank, changing the deal and forgeting to tell him that he was only a pawn and that you would fight for him. Betrayal, the worst emotion ever and everyone felt it. I’ll miss you.

    • BlahBlahBlah

      Seriously? The “Hantz Bro’s” ruin every reality show they touch. They’re the Kardashians of reality TV game shows, and they need to crawl back to their trailer park and stay the hell off of TV.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002403546929 Fran Studdard


  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mehus Jordan Mehus


  • nykia71

    He was on BBAD live radio last night, The reason it says suspicion is because,He was told to move his car from where it was parked, it was not in a parking place, sitting to the side, by one cop and when he step out of the car arrested by another, he also did not run like they said, that’s why they won’t be able to make this stick. His eyes look exactly the same as in is picture he took for the BB house. He doesn’t even look drunk. Just a lot of people out there who feels better about them selves if they can down grade some one else. takes the heat off their pathetic lives. TMZ must jump on any thing and make it sound worse that it is, other wise who would read it.


      what you are saying is NOT TRUE!

  • Spruce

    Willie could have made the show exciting. Sorry, but it is the worst season of them all and I don’t have a favorite. BB has to get things more interesting or they are going to loose a lot of loyal fans.

  • Betty F

    The Hantz nephew that came on survivor and tried to prove his family was not as rotten and really tried but his name and up bringing hurt him and that was his downfall and then his family boo’d him, So they aren’t all bad. That brother should move far away and change his name. I wouldn’t want to be related to Russell or Willie.

  • MsMels

    What a looser! He was a hot-heat before he walked in the door so this doesn’t surprise me at all…after all Russell IS his brother!..I think the whole family is whacked out!

  • Schonna0831

    This guy needs some serious psychological help….

  • Digress

    TMZ is nothing but shit and a waste more then this guy is.

  • Don’tTellAnyoneI’mWatching

    I don’t think a breath-a-loser or blood test would have show alcohol — look at the size of those pupils in his mug shot! Can you say doobie, doobie do? Baked!